Dublin, here he comes!


Wille’s going to Dublin! And actually it’s a little further away than 20km for us.

After Wille graduated back in June he’s been working at my office and has also had a little bit of time off and as he’s still not sure what he wants to do in the future and is taking a leap year he’ll be going to Dublin for a month leaving September 1st. He’s enrolled in a bartending course which he hopes will help land him jobs while traveling further away (Australia possibly!) after new year. I’m so excited for him!

So, if you have any Dublin tips, Wille and I are all ears! Wille LOVES Irish folk music so if you have any recommendations on where to go for that you get a gold star! We did a bit of Googling and guide book reading and found out about a place called the Cobblestone Pub but we’re not sure if that’s an Irish music tourist trap or the real deal. Anyone know? All other tips are also very welcome! Thanks guys!


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New York Shopping Part 2




So yesterday was all about Wille’s shopping but I also had a short list of some stores I wanted to visit in New York. One being Jonathan Adler. I love his stuff when he does it in his house but once in the store I couldn’t really find anything reasonably priced or packable to bring home. I had hoped to get the zebra dish but it was out of stock in navy so I ended up getting this instead. Kind of a boring purchase in retrospect and I should just have left empty handed.



While Wille’s mission on this trip was to get some sunglasses mine was to get a new bag. I didn’t. I did look and for a moment considered this one by Diane von Furstenberg but it didn’t really tick that many of my boxes so I left it. This btw is the only photo of me in New York. Me in Soho, the proof I was there! Oh and that’s not me being dusty or the bag being dirty, it’s a smudged mirror at Bloomingdales.



One purchase that was on my list I did make was this set of Philosophy scents. I’m trying to find “my” scent and have wanted to try these for a while. The link goes to Amazon but I got my set at Sephora for less.




I love American bookstores. The ones over here are nothing like them. For these past two trips to New York a very sweet reader, Donna, has insisted on sending me gift cards at Barnes & Noble. How kind is that? This time I got the new Kate Spade book and some magazines. All very inspiring! Thank you SO much Donna!




The reason for our visit to Williamsburg was actually to check out Beacon’s Closet, a large vintage store there. As we realized we didn’t have much time in Williamsburg we kind of browsed really quickly and didn’t get anything but if you go there and have more time on your hands it’s well worth a visit!



Clothing wise I didn’t get a whole lot in New York but I did get a new pair of navy sneakers.



My best purchase though was this blanket at Church Street Surplus. It’s itchy and wooly and I LOVE its military history. I did some googeling and found out that the Peekskill Military Academy closed in 1968 so this blanket’s probably around my age or older.



Bonus loves it too.

New York Shopping Part 1


I’ve decided to split our New York shopping into two posts. Today I’ll show you what we got for Wille and tomorrow what I got. On our two previous trips when he was 14 and 16 Wille didn’t really have an interest in shopping, other than gadgets and New York souvenirs. This time around at 19 he wanted to hit the second hand and army/navy surplus stores + get a pair of sunglasses.

We started our surplus hunt out at Kaufman which turned out to be closed. Bummer. Then we went on to Galaxy. Also closed. Double bummer and we were worried that we wouldn’t find any stores in that category open the week after Easter.




Our third stop was Uncle Sam’s and yay they were open! We rummaged around for a while and Wille decided on a nice warm sweater and a bomber jacket.







Our luckiest find in the army navy department though was when on the last day as we were making our way back to the hotel from Brooklyn and we stumbled across Church Street Surplus. Oh my, what a store! Wille and I just had time for a quick look but we could have stayed in there for hours. The owner is the sweetest guy, an ex military man himself. That’s him in his army gear in the photo next to the framed shop license. And in person. While Uncle Sam was more of an army fashion store with young rasta guys running it this felt more like the real deal.

I found this Wrangler jacket for Wille. It was manufactured by Big Ben, unused and still had the original paper label sewn in (unfortunately it fell off and got lost in the store). The size says 40 and I was hoping it was a woman’s European size 40 but it turned it that it was a man’s size 40 and that happens to be Wille’s size. I’m very jealous. I did got something for myself in there as well though. Will show you tomorrow!






Another mission of ours on this trip was to find some cool sunglasses for Wille. He’s always felt that he doesn’t look good in any and while he has some Wayfarers (my now vintage tortoise ones from the 80’s) and some other styles as well he wanted find the perfect ones and preferably vintage on this trip.

We started out by looking in regular vintage and second hand stores in our Chelsea neighborhood but couldn’t find anything. At Family Jewels (amazing store btw. Sarah, if you go to New York you HAVE to go there!) they recommended Fabuolus Fanny’s which is a vintage store mostly dedicated to eyewear although they do have clothing too. We didn’t find THE sunglasses there but it was a very cool shop.







I knew of Moscot before we left for New York and was telling Wille we should go there for his sunglasses but he was unsure because he’d never heard of them. When we saw the Rolling Stone cover of John Hamm at Barnes & Noble and we were both going “Those are the ones"!”. We looked in the magazine to see if they mentioned the source but they didn’t. I said lets go to Moscot to see if we can find anything similar there. Guess what we found? Not the exact same but close enough! Wille is now the lucky and good looking owner of a pair of sunglass Izzys (third from the top two photos up). Look at the happy grin on his face. And again, what a shop! Amazing!



Another purchase we did for Wille was a pair of new running shoes. Wille had heard of the Adidas Energy Boost ones and tried them out at the Adidas Store on Broadway. Very bouncy. Trainers and such are about two thirds of the price in the US compared to here in Sweden and a good buy in the US for us so we got them.



When we were at Barnes & Noble to look for something for me (more about that tomorrow) Wille went to look for Game of Thrones which he loves on HBO. The first four books came in a boxed set so we got that.

Together with the wand, all in all not a bad New York city loot for my boy.