I'm an Organizing *beep*

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I got an e-mail yesterday from a company claiming I'm infringing on their trademark.

On my about page I call(ed) myself an organizing maniac. Apparently "the continued use may lead to confusion between yourself and Name Withheld, who is the owner of the registered trademark, *beep*, we request that you cease and desist in the whole or partial use of *beep* trademark in all of your current and future communications and materials, including but not limited to blogs and promotional/ marketing materials."

Say what?!

I wouldn't want to step on somebody's organized toes so I changed the wording from maniac to fanatic. Same, same but different, you know.


Then this came from Yvonne :)


Crazy indeed.

The vs an...

Haha, hihilarious! (Later Martin told me that someone had actually claimed the moon!)

End of story. Couldn't resist sharing. Gosh, I probably stepped on that toe again. Ouch.