One Year!


A year ago today we moved into this house!



Wille went ahead with Mini and Bonus in their travel crates and I stayed at the old house to make sure the movers got everything.



Our contractors were still in the house and were busy installing the final bits in the bathroom and kitchen when our movers arrived with their load so it was all a pretty big mess.



The first post I wrote after the move I wrote in my makeshift office while stuff was piled high around me.



I have a hard time believing it’s been only a year. It feels like we’ve lived here forever. I’m so happy here and I know Wille is too. Mini adjusted quickly and a year later luckily Bonus also finally seems to have accepted his new home. Phew!

Number of Boxes


So I guess you’ve all been holding your breaths ever since I moved and are dying to know how many boxes I ended up using?

Before starting to pack my own guess would have been around 40 but my friend Anne urged me to get a hundred. I was like, “No way I’m going to use one hundred boxes!”.

Um. I packed. Packed. Packed. And then packed some more.


The three I didn’t have to begin with but our movers got them from their van to protect the microwave, a large lamp shade and something else which I’m not sure about.

I still can’t believe I used that many but I’m blaming it ALL on the movers wanting EVERYTHING boxed in uniform boxes so I packed my plastic bins in their boxes kind of thing  So they weren’t really filled to the brim. Excuses, excuses. Anyway, I urge you to get twice as many boxes than you think you’ll need when moving. AT LEAST!

So who won? Remember I said I’d send a little something to whoever guessed the correct amount.

We have three winners!

Meghan who said: 103 is the number that keeps coming to mind... good luck... we packed up our life a year ago and i swear no matter how many boxes we had we always needed more!

Notablogger who wrote: We packed our house for storage last year - 103 boxes inventoried and color-coded for rooms should we ever get to unpack them. So... 103 for you, too!

Stephanie in Seattle who guessed: 103 boxes :D Congratulations on your new house, by the way!

Congratulations! I’ll be in touch to get your snail mail addresses!


Ps. Where those boxes are is where the Expedit stands now.

We're Here!


We made it! We’ve moved!

It’s been a fairly stressful week but at the same time so much fun!

On moving day Wille took a cab with Mini and Bonus and brought them to our new place before the movers arrived and set them up in his rooms. I stayed at the old house and made sure the guys knew what to bring and then I went over to the new place too.

As you can see in the photo above our contractors weren’t ready yet so they continued working the kitchen and bathroom while the movers moved stuff in and stashed it along the few empty walls. Not an ideal situation but it worked well as everyone cooperated really nicely and it was a super friendly atmosphere.

Mini and Bonus are fine after the big move and as always Mini was the curious one who started nosing around immediately while Bonus stayed in a blanket inside a closet for the first day and didn’t make his appearance until late at night and protested by making No.2 on my freshly made bed. All is well now though and they both love exploring the nooks and crannies of their new abode. We’re keeping them inside a few more days but I think they will be ok with that. I can’t wait to be able to open the doors to the garden though and look forward to being able to let them out.

There are still some boxes to unpack and stuff to move around so I’ll leave you now and will be back again tomorrow.