Monica, you won!


In my post about the renovation of our wooden boat I asked you for some name suggestions.

We got some great ones and narrowed them down to our two favourites. We're not actually going to name the boat any of those exact suggestions, but she will be named based on either of them.

There was one suggestion all three of us really liked; BMW ( Benita, Martin Wille...) which is both funny, our boat looks nothing like a BMW, and cute, incorporating our initials. If we do choose this one we'll call her "Beamer" :)

The other suggestion we really liked was "Yay, she floats!" which was actually what I wrote in my post. If we choose this one she'll be "Yay!".

So how did we decide on who gets the prize? Easy! Monica suggested both of the above names so I'll be sending her (I happen to know she likes cats) a cat pillow cover from my Etsy shop.

Monica, enjoy! Thanks to all the rest of you who took time to leave a name suggestion!

Yay, she floats!


Two years ago we got a boat on a whim. Not the best decision I ever made. She hadn't been in the water for a couple of years and was in pretty bad shape. I thought she'd make a fun birthday present for Martin. Like I said, not the best decision ever.


Arrival day. June 2006. Shock horror.


June 2007. Stripped bare.


June 2008. Repaired, linseed oiled, varnished and ready to go.


Yay, she floats!

Any ideas for a name, anyone?  Either e-mail me or leave a comment, all suggestions are welcome and I'll send a gift to whoever suggests the one we like best!