A Question From Deb


I got an e-mail from reader Deb last week:

Dear Benita.

On one of your posts you mentioned that you were tossing a lot of stuff this year in order to make your life simpler. Will you be doing some posts showing the results of your de-cluttering?

Thank you. Deb

I don’t think I will. No more than this one that is.

The reason being that the before and afters aren’t very dramatic. The de-cluttering is an ongoing thing in my house and most people probably think I don't have a lot of clutter or stuff to begin with.

What I do is more like opening cabinets that are already organized and fairly paired down and just consider everything that's in them. I ask myself if I use it now, if I see myself using it in the near or far future or if it's something I don't see myself using if it's something Wille might want a little later. After answering those questions I've removed the odd cups and glasses here and there and pared my belongings down even further by donating them to the local charity shop.

For instance, this cabinet contains all my glasses and cups. All of them. Plus a few other things. I guess I  could do with some nice taller stemware but apart from that I have more than enough and it all fits in this small cabinet. We used to have so much more but never ever got around to using it so over the course of the last few years I’ve narrowed it all down to this. When Martin and I split up I had him take the bulk part but ever since then I’ve narrowed it down further and further to the things I know I’ll use and love. If I ever throw a party for 50 I can rent the dishes, no need for me to stock all that in my kitchen.

So alas, no juicy befores and afters I’m afraid, Deb.

Bathroom Update

IMG_6310-tile 1

I’ve updated the bathroom a little bit. I grew tired of the yellow chevron and wanted something different. I made a new shower curtain from a fabric that resembles denim and added new art. Haha, loose one sailor, get another!



The biggest update is this though. A fancy new skylight! Yay!



And here’s a reminder why the old ones (in here and in Wille’s room) needed to be switched out. Major relief.

The Painted Foundation


So the foundation at the back of the house has finally been painted. I know several of you like the green color but it was so dark and dingy so I’m afraid it had to go.



And here’s the result. The same grey (called duva/dove) as at the front of the house. I like it because it’s grey but it’s light. It gives the house a base to stand of without feeling heavy.

Oh, in this shot you can see how the deck rests on the top of the stairs. A couple of you were wondering if the step down would be hazardous but on the contrary it’s safer as it’s now down as opposed to over and down before.



And here’s the before from afar. Or actually more like the during…


023 besk

… since this is the real proper ghetto before.



And here’s the “kind of after” which still isn’t 100% complete. Will keep you updated with the flower bed process a little later on when the plants I ordered arrive. So excited!