One in One Out


I have this thing about not wanting to accumulate more stuff. I’m constantly looking through my belongings to see if there’s something I can get rid of and donate. To me paring down is therapy. It’s the best feeling ever, letting stuff go.



I have a system going that really works for me and that is generally speaking, one on one out. It basically means that if I get something new I must get rid of something old. It’s not always ONE in and ONE out but that’s the general rule. Another way to interpret it is not having more than can fit in a certain space. Not getting more clothes than you have hangers for or not getting more dishes than you have space for in your existing cabinets.



In this case it was a matter of fitting these five books in that narrow space left over in that section of the bookcase. Obviously there was no way five would fit but if I removed a couple they would so…



…I looked through the books that were in there and found a couple that I’ve read and probably won’t re-read so I got those out and into the donation basket



… and was able to fit all five I did want to keep in there. So in this case, five in two out!

This is a system that works really well for me and which automatically keeps what I have in check. It really makes me think twice about getting more stuff that I probably won’t need and if I do get something it means letting go of something else.

Not Pretty Organizing


I always strive for pretty organizing. I like to have uniform storage containers and for things to match. At home I can usually achieve it but when I organize for others I need to use what’s on hand. In this case I did a quick fix to my mom’s recycling cabinet. In there she keeps her newspapers, bottles, bulbs and batteries that will eventually go to the recycling station in her area. It was a bit of a mess (sorry mom) so I gave it the quick once over.



That meant I just cleaned the space and used the bins that were already there or ones I could find around the house to sort things out. I took a bunch of stuff to the recycling area right away and reorganized the rest. It’s not very pretty but it is practical. Mom doesn’t know I’ve reorganized it (it sort of became part of the yard work I did) so hopefully it will be a nice surprise for her next time she opens that door.

Stay in Place


This is the little closet door in Wille’s bedroom. The one I wallpapered with the vintage wallpaper we found in the attic.



Inside it was one of few areas till in need of organization. We keep an extra folding bed, bedding for said bed, camping sleeping equipment, a guitar case, a massage seat and some blankets in there. It’s all been a bit of a jumble. 



The biggest issue though was that every time you opened the door the folding bed fell forward and pushed everything in front with it. So annoying.



But easily fixed. I simply screwed  cup hooks I on either side of the bed and mattress and held them in place via bungee cords.



Like so. Works perfectly. And yes, I couldn’t help myself and lined the inside of the closet with lining paper and painted everything white. Waste of time for some I’m sure but fulfilling for me.

I won’t show you the organized after because frankly there’s not a lot to see. It’s still shock full of stuff so it’s not pretty organizing but at least now stuff stays in place. And no, Wille hasn’t noticedorganizing, vlo the change :).