Mischievous Miss Mini II

Benita Larsson - Mini

Such a tiny kitty. She’s not called Mini for nothing.


Råttan kallare
Such a sizeable rat. We’re talking 15 cm (6”) + tail. It met it’s fate when encountering said little kitty.

I encountered it when I got back from work. Such a nice surprise.

Btw, I'm competing in the "Sight" category in the Metro Photo Challenge with my photo of Mini. Apparently you can vote for it but I have no idea how. If you figure it out, I'd happily accept your vote. Haha.  You can vote for my photo (or any other photo) by doing a mouse-over (no pun intended) over the photo and clicking the top round symbol on the right. Thank you!

Kitty Meds


I’m not the only one on meds right now. No, Mini’s fine now but Bonus had an allergic reaction to some fertilizer and needs to take cortisone for a couple of weeks and also needs the corners of his mouth that are affected dabbed daily with salt solution. I know, we’re on a roll in terms of ill fortune right now! Anyway, if you met Bonus you wouldn’t know there’s something wrong with him because he’s acting completely normal but he needs this stuff every day. Being the resident nurse I needed to organize my supplies as per usual since I’m no good with clutter as you’re probably aware of by now.



So out came an old bread tin and in it I corralled all the supplies needed. This way I can see it all and remember every day but it’s all nice and contained.



As for giving Bonus the pills it’s been a trial and error situation. It was impossible to give them to him in pill form as he’d spit and spit until they were out and I felt so bad having to force something down his throat. Instead I grind the pills up in this cute tiny mortar and mix them in with a spoon full of tuna. I tried his regular wet food but that didn’t work, he must have felt that it tasted different but the tuna which he doesn’t get that often works fine! Every day after giving it to him I’m like “Score!”. One more week to go with lower dosage (1 pill per day) and we’re done.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the basil in the second photo. Yes, it’s still the same one still going strong!