Here’s another book that both Wille and I are inspired by right now. Jimmy Dymott: Cocktails. Great cocktail inspiration and amazing photography and overall layout of the book. This guy’s proud of his profession and does his thing old school.



So now we cut our ice blocks and make our own cordials and syrups too.

United States of Cakes


New on my book pile, United States of Cakes by Roy Fares. He’s a pastry chef, a TV personality and a hunk. Yes, this is a guy to add to my list. I don’t usually fall for the middle eastern type but this guy also bakes. What more can you possibly want? And I hear he’s single.



Anyway I love that there’s now an inspiring (in so many ways) book with American cake recipes, translated and slightly adapted to our Swedish palates (a little less sugar). I love American baked goods but I hardly ever used to bake any because of the hassle of translating all the measurements and not being able to get the proper ingredients locally. Anyway, with company over last Saturday I made the carrot cake which turned out SO yummy.



I also made a version of the blueberry bars but with sour cherries and in a pie dish. Also delish!



Sorry about the less than pristine looking plate but that piece of carrot cake in the photo wasn’t the first I had on there. That’s how good it was.

The Iittala Apartment


As I’ve told you before I very rarely go to all the press events I get invited to. I don’t go because I’m shy and always feel awkward in those contexts and usually if I do go I regret it when arriving there because I don’t know what to say.



Iittala is launching furnishings and to start off storage pieces and lamps and I was invited to the IIttala apartment above the Iittala shop at Söder in Stockholm. The best part? I got the place to myself. Now that’s a press invitation I’m happy to accept!



I picked the key up in the shop, went over the cobble stoned courtyard at the back and up a steep stone staircase and entered the apartment. There I was greeted by chocolate cake in the kitchen and was free to spend as long as I wanted as I pleased.



Aside from nosing around and checking everything out thoroughly (it’s beautiful!) I also enjoyed just taking it all in. You know how I’ve been saying that next time I move it will be to a city apartment again. My visit in this apartment reinforced that. I want the period features, I want the old creaky wooden floors but what I also realized was that I want the hustle and bustle of the city on my doorstep just like in this apartment.



Anyway, I loved my little stay there and the storage pieces and lamps really are beautiful. Very “me” as IIttala often is. I could totally see these boxes housing a thing or two in my house or the smaller size of the lamps lighting up the little window in my entry hall.
Thank you for having me over, Iittala!