Magazine Holder DIY


Here’s a little fun project I did a while ago using breakfast cereal boxes.



DIY magazine/paper holders! Snip the top and corners off any old cereal box and you have yourself the base.



Then cover with a wallpaper scrap by simply brushing on wallpaper paste and folding in the edges all the way around and let dry.




I used a vintage wallpaper found in the attic, a scrap from a wallpaper used in the hobby room and a sample of this wallpaper.

They turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself! The sizes are a bit whacky and might not be perfect for our standard magazines over here but I’m sure I’d be able to find better sizes if I hunted around in the local supermarket. Meanwhile I’ll be using these for papers, bills and the likes.

Cute as a Button


If you follow my Lovely things Pinterest board you might have seen this pin and my comment to it. Ever since pinning that button trivet I’ve been wanting one. Lotta A pointed out that I could make one by using a cheese board from the local supermarket but although I’ve been keeping an eye out I haven’t seen one. Until I went to my mom’s place a couple of weeks ago. There, under a bunch of stuff in a drawer I was organizing, it was!



It had seen better days so I sanded it down. First coarse sandpaper and then finer.



Like so.



I’m sure there are more scientific ways to figure out the spacing of the holes for my button but I’m no mathematician so I just eyeballed the middle, marked that with a pencil and used stickers to mark where the holes could go. I moved the stickers around a little until I got a good feeling about it.



After marking the middle of each sticker with an awl through to the wood I drilled the holes. I only had this super long drill bit but a normal one will do too obviously.



I finished off by sanding the holes using sandpaper wrapped around my finger.






To seal I used some countertop oil. I did a couple of coats, letting each coat sink into the wood and after a while I wiped off any still greasy areas.



Tada! A button trivet ready to be used! Love it!

Edit: If you want a ready made one check them out at Snug.

Holiday Leather


Holiday prep is officially under way over here! This year again I’m keeping Christmas decor simple like last year and I will be reusing some of the things I made then but I’ll also be making some new holiday crafts.  This year I was inspired by leather, namely natural leather. I couldn’t find the pale kind I was after but I found this leather cord in a tan version which I liked.



The great thing about this leather cord is that it’s got a hollow core which allows you to insert wire into it. Here I used thin metal wire and was able to insert it quite a way into the cord. The green thicker wire in the top photo I used as a lock. I’ll show you what that looks like further down.



Here’s one piece of the leather cord with the thin wire inserted all the way through. It allowed me to twist it and for it to keep its shape.



And here’s what that looks like as a finished ornament. I got the end caps in the jewelry section at the local craft store (similar to these but without the hole).



To lock this little circle I drilled a larger hole into a wooden bead and simply inserted the ends. Easy peasy.


Here I used a short piece of green thicker wire as a lock for the larger ring by inserting one end (using pliers because it was a bit if a tight squeeze) into one end and then the other end of the cord forming it into a circle. The smaller ring I just did like the one above but hooking it on the the larger one before adding the bead.

Love how these turned out! I still have a bit left of the leather cord and it’ll probably make its appearance elsewhere in my holiday décor too. It’s early days yet!