A Collector


On Saturday Sanna and I went to the Christmas market in Gamla Stan and after a nice stroll went back to her place for dinner. I brought my camera and snapped away while there.



Both Sanna and Sebastian love growing their own herbs and spices. both in the courtyard below the apartment and in the kitchen.




But most of all they love collecting. Avidly. The scour the auction houses and car boot sales on weekends and have some awesome finds.



Like this amber, jade groupe on top of a 1930’s cabinet.



And this 1960’s image of a mother and her baby which is one os Sanna's favorites and she's created a cute arrangement of matching objects around it in the bedroom.



I love this vintage bon-bon tin. Sanna does too, so much so that she has two!



In the living room she keeps her ever growing collection of all things turquoise & co.



Many of the finds are from Småland where she and her family spend summer holidays going to auctions, estate sales and flea markets.



Sanna likes all things vintage as you can tell so when she happens to come across a magazine from 1969 with her mom on the cover she picks that up too:).

Inherited Fossils


The previous owners of our house didn’t leave much behind but they did leave a pile of rocks and a plank of wood with some beach finds on the patio. The board quickly went and so did some of the rocks but I realized that a major part of that pile of rocks were actually really cool fossils.



I’ve kept the fossils out back until now but I wanted to do something with them since they are so cool. Besides the pile in the top photo I also found quite a few in the flower bed next to it and they were covered in dirt so the first thing I did was give them all a bubble bath and a good scrubbing.



And check them out now! Aren’t they amazing? Some are pretty and some are quite freaky. The creepiest ones are at the bottom because Wille has trypophobia and they creep him out too much. I offered to get rid of them but he thinks they’re too cool to get rid of but at the same time he doesn’t want to look at those particular ones.



Freaky or not, they do make a nice centerpiece on the new table out back.

Wille's DVD Collection


Quickie today.

I’m waiting for Wille to arrive back home after a week in Crete, Greece, with Martin. He should be home any minute now and I can’t wait to see him.

Meanwhile this is what Wille’s DVD collection looks like now. He used to keep his DVD’s in the Expedit in his previous room but requested shallow “DVD-depth” shelves this time. These are part of the IKEA Bestå line. Four shelves per unit are included and I added another 3x3 to maximize the space. Still plenty of room to grow his collection in there!