Brainstorm #7


Time for another Brainstorm. This one's for Ibabe from Spain. She wants some ideas for her wooden cigar boxes.

Our friends Sanna and Sebastian came over on Halloween (a tradition with pumpkin soup and the works) and I immediately put them to work on providing some ideas for upcoming brainstorms including this one. Sorry. Thank you!

So here are our suggestions. They can be used with the boxes stripped from labels or as is:


By covering the box with paper and mocking a book cover it could be placed in a bookcase holding hidden jewelry for safe keeping.


To store cigars... (yes, we did have some wine on Halloween).


 I could use some in Wille's room for sticker collections etc.


One could be placed in a high traffic area and used to corral clutter. Lid on and it's gone!


Love this idea by Sanna; A surprise After & Before frame. Current photo (of son, daughter, boat, home, kitty etc) goes on cigar box lid and inside goes a before one.


By cutting holes in the lids and gluing pieces of perspex at the back of the lids the boxes can be turned in to deep edge shadow frames.


How about using one as a key cabinet?


I'd use one as  pencil case.


My favorite idea is to make them into memory boxes from trips and travels. A few photos, the theater tickets, a couple of candy wrappers, the match box from that great restaurant, a map, the subway stubs etc.

So there are our ideas. Lets here some more from you guys! 


Brainstorm #6 + Joey the Squirrel



Before I leave for Hong Kong and China on Monday, Martin and I have one more Brainstorm up our sleeves. I'm hoping you guys can help out on this one because it proved to be trickier than anticipated.

Here's the e-mail I received from Tina:

A friend's mother brought me some Rachel Ashwell fabric samples.  I use them to make quilts or sew two together and run ribbon through the grommets at the top to make gift bags.  The fabric samples came on these large hooks - one of which I used for belts and placed on a hook in my closet.  The wood pieces are roughly 40 cm long.  Do you have any suggestions how to use these pieces either separately or together? 

When I first got this I was all excited and thought I'd come up with a zillion ideas but like I said it's a tricky one. Here are our ideas so far:


I like the idea that Tina's already using one of the rings for, to hang her belts. They could also be used for scarves and other accessories.


I'm a list maker and keep a stash of paper scraps around and if I had one of these rings I'd punch holes in the corners of my paper scraps and hook them onto the ring. I'd hang the scrap paper ring in the kitchen and always have grocery list paper handy, just tear a piece off the ring.


To keep your pet rhino in check the ring will come in handy too!


The rings would make cool bracelets. Add fat wooden beads or simply wrap the rings in ribbon.


Oh, I know, I know! Curtain tie-backs!


The wood pieces could be made into signs by turning them upside down, painting them and using ribbon to hang. Gone Fishing. Welcome. Go round the back. Please take your shoes off. Merry whatever.


I always end up using our chop sticks to stir large cans of paint. One of the wood sticks could be used for that if you (we...) can't come up with anything better.


How about drilling more holes at regular intervals and adding dowels in them, paint the whole thing and you have a shaker style hanger. Like here for kitchen towel and pot holders.


If all else fails.

So do you have any other ideas for Tina?


Oh, and I couldn't resist showing you these:

Baby squirrel 
Newly rescued

Baby squirrel 2
Stylish bedding

Getting bigger

Good Morning, Tina!

Residing in style 

Tina has rescued little squirrel Joey who was found on the ground after falling from a tree. She's been bottle feeding him until he was big enough to eat solids and is following instruction on-line by someone who has rescued many squirrels before. Tina plans to release Joey into the wild in a local reserve once he's bigger and stronger come spring but meanwhile he lives with her in a Tiffany box with Shabby Chic bedding in a pretty and practical bird cage. He sure is living in style by the looks of it. Awwww!
Have a lovely weekend!

Brainstorm #5


Ready for another brainstorm? This one was sent in by Sara, aka Soozie in the comments. She writes: 

Good Morning Miracle Girl:  I have a locker/cubby that my triplets used for their backpacks and coats but have now outgrown.  It's really a nice piece of furniture from LL Bean, but I can't figure out how to re-purpose it.  You have inspired me soooo much... I hope you can help me with this.  

Yes, she's the one who nick-named me MG but really it should be her own alias. Triplets!!! Can you imagine?!

Any hoo! We (Martin and I) clonked our heads together and although I really wanted to turn the thing on it's head or with the back against the floor (legs off, wheels on, lid and cushion on top = huge ottoman with storage) it probably will serve a better purpose still standing so here are some suggestions on how to tweak it. We leave the color up to Sara but show it in white. Just because.


A book case. By simply removing the hooks and adding some shelves it will be a neat storage for books. Color coordinated of course. Magazine holders hold magazines. Yes they do.


How about some extra storage in the kitchen or dining room?


By adding doors (easier than it sounds actually, you can cut a door out of MDF add some trim and buy kitchen cabinet hinges at the DIY store) you can hide a multitude of sins in there.


Fancify even more by adding some molding on top.


If you have a cool (or embarrassing) vinyl collection the depth and size of this locker seems ideal for storing them if you move the existing shelves and add some more.

Hide whatever inside by adding a roller blind to the front. Shelves on the sides with cleaning supplies, broom & pan in the middle?


Or imagine cubbies for twelve pairs of triplet foot wear. Or throw in a box of shoe shine and there's room for eleven. 

So, those are our suggestions. Anyone else have other ideas for Sara?