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Project 52: Week 50

Skansen Part II


Going to Skansen on Saturday was to get Sanna and I into Christmas mode. It’s hard be belive it’s Christmas in less than two weeks. We do have snow now and it’s been freezing but I for one hadn’t really gotten into Christmas mode until the Christmas market.





It’s so pretty at Skansen. It’s obviously aimed at both locals and tourists but it’s not touristy if you know what I mean it’s done so tastefully and beautifully.



Here’s the stall where I bought the can of pickled herring in the top photo. How can you not buy from there?




And speaking of fish, this was lunch. “Sotare”, herring smoked over the open fire on a piece of crisp bread. Mmmmm.




Aside from the market, Skansen also has a shop outside the actual attraction so you can visit it without paying the entrance fee. It’s beautiful! They sell Swedish Crafts, design and traditional food items. This shop is open all year around btw.

Anyway, that’s all from Skansen. I’m now fully in Christmas mode and will be wrapping gifts later tonight, watching the Holiday, a Christmust.


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Anncha Stiligahem

Love your pictures from Skansen. One of my favorite places in Stockholm actually. i think you've just captured the spirit in such a beautiful way.


Beautiful! I am going this afternoon with friends to our christmas markt and this post is just a nice lead in to it.

Die Rabenfrau

I would so like to go to Skansen. We have been there some years ago in summer. It must be really beautiful in it's christmassy "outfit" now. Your christmust is mine, too. I hope to find the time to watch the film this year.


Oh I love the word Christmust!! My Christmust is also love actually! a wonderful film :-)

Lorna from Atlanta

Gorgeous. Thank you


What lovely memories your posts on Skansen have brought back for me! I travelled to Stockholm many years ago and stayed for 5 nights at the Prison hostel/hotel. A visit to Skansen was a delight, with the Santa Lucia event being there on that afternoon (wonderful singing) and the candle dipping, pottery (I still have my candle holder) and interesting buildings with the craftspeople was fantastic.
Thank-you :)


Seeing these pictures I want to run tthere .
i wnt to go Sweden <3


Skansen looks like my kind of place. And, ooooh, that Sotare looks so good. I don’t even need Smellavision. I just need to get to Scandinavia to eat a bunch of really good food!


Skansen was gorgeous when we visited over the summer, I can't even imagine how lovely it is for the holidays!


here in Portugal the holiday tradition is a cliché, because we stop believing that we can easily be happy and good people throughout the year and not just this season.
but comes to us through your blog very honest and real images and there is a twinge of jealousy of not being happier and more positive.
thanks for sharing.

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Eva - Tack :). Jag testade att söka på ordet "christmas" och då kommer alla inlägg upp på rad nedanför så för mig funkar det. Kanske ett tillfälligt fel?


Hej duktiga tjej som bidrar med så mycket inspiration! Jag använde just din sökfunktion och vill bara meddela att det blivit något fel med länkningen. Oavsett vilket ord jag skriver in i sökrutan så hamnar jag på googles söksida och får upp det ordet.

Stort tack till dig!
God Jul och Gott Nytt År!/Eva

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Leena - I do drink a bit of julmust around the holidays :).


My Christmust is the Home alone 1 movie :D Childish I know.
Looks so beautiful! We have booked a cruise to Stockholm, but too bad it's in january.
BTW do you drink julmust?


Oh my - were the shelves in the visk stall as bendy as they look in the picture? Fantastic! My family would have gone crazy over fresh smoked herring - which is great as it would give me time to linger over all the Christmas goodies. Looks lovely!


A Christmust :) too funny, but So true!! I'll be watching The Holiday along with Love Actually this weekend. Both are holiday favourites. What a beautiful post. I can see why you are now in the festive mood. Enjoy the preparations.

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