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Bedroom Privacy Film

Front of House Trellis


I badly needed a trellis by my entrance. It’s not that I don't like my neighbors, I really do, they’re the nicest possible, but it was all a bit too open.



So I jumped on my bike, trailer in tow and went to the local lumber yard and got some materials for this type of trellis that i spotted and pinned on Pinterest.



It was all pretty straightforward. I measured and hammered the galvanized plinth thingy into the ground and placed and painted the upright.



Then I proceeded to cut all the horizontal pieces and painted them.



After that it was just a matter of getting the top first one straight with a level, screwing that in and then adding the rest using a cut off as a template.



Here you can see one of the things that will be hidden away, the neighbor trash can. Also being hidden, their recycling bin.



After finishing I noticed that the upright which I used wasn't 100% straight so I got some steel wire and pulled the top of it towards the house. I don’t mind it at all although it wasn’t in the plan to begin with.



And look, now straight as can be.



As you can see you hardly notice the wire.



I’m really pleased. My entrance feels so much more private now.



Bonus has also given it his seal of approval.


Now I’m just waiting for my rose to climb and hopefully cover it. Climb, Rosy, climb!


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Beautifully shared! I love this piece. Cook little pot, cook!!


It si really very VERY nice! But the greatest thing is that you always find out some amazing last minute solutions like that steel wire! I would probably just sit and cry.
And I like it even more with this solution.
Your neighbors are very lucky to have you next door, somebody who prettify the neighbourhood in such a great way!
Imagine having insted a compulsive hoarder next door LOL.

Bernadette @ B3HD

Super gorgeous and simple screen. Pinning your version...one day...

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Nämen, tack! :)


I can't wait to see the climbing rose up on that trellis. In photo 6 I can see past your neighbours entry to the other neighbours' trash can. So I can see why you wanted the trellis.


Riktigt riktigt snyggt! Var faktiskt förbi din framsida idag, då jag hälsade på din granne Sarah. Du har verkligen områdets snyggaste hus måste jag säga...Ha det gott!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

I used to have a climbing rose and Clematis combo at the old house but it ended upp looking a bit messy so I'll stick to just the rose to begin with :).

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Actually that's the color my house is supposed to be. It's more of a mustard though IRL and I'm not loving it I have to admit.


that looks great, what about a white-flowered clematis to bulk out the rose? There are lots of these in the UK, but our climate is milder, so I don't know what varieties would be good in Sweden. It is quite common here to have both a climbing rose and a clematis. They are very easy to look after. Best wishes, Mal


Brilliant. It makes a huge difference. I love the neighbors orange. That just doesn't happen in this area.

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Thanks Anne-Line!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

I got the idea from Pinterest and copied it from there so feel free to re-copy it :).


So nice!!


Absolutely wonderful! I love how this turned out so modern looking! What a great job you did! I checked out the supplies you had in your little cart and I have never seen those metal pole brackets before and I wish I would have known they had something like this when I was making my gate for the garden. YOU truly inspire me! Can you come for a visit and help me upgrade our backyard? LOL

Anne-Line Strokkenes Miettinen

Try search for Metpost, it' a brand nam I think. In Norway we use these for fences, foundations for small garden sheds and porches, and much more. They are easy to use and also prevents decay of the wood.

Linda G.

Every summer I have a lovely hyacinth vine that needs a place to climb. Up until this summer I just put a few nails in my patio wall and strung cord between them. It worked, but I missed having some pattern or design between the leaves. May I import your design to Minnesota, Benita? It's so clean and looks fantastic even without a plant to enhance it. Perfect!


Thanks so much! I wonder if they are available in the USA? I will investigate. Though we Americans seem to love our post-hole diggers, especially the power ones.


You are amazing! What a wonderful, yet simple addition to your house.


Wow...just beautiful!

Anne-Line Strokkenes Miettinen

Love your solution. Makes me wish I could do something with the garden and the entrance of the "new house" (and the rest of the house inside and out) But soon it's winter here, and since we are in negotiation with LKAB I must just wait until we have found a new house. But then ....

Anne-Line Strokkenes Miettinen

The steel pole-y thing is a metpost. It is designed to allow the erection of fence posts, etc. in minutes without the need for digging holes for the concrete.


very lovely in indeed. What is the steel stake-y thing in the photo? And is there a name for it? (Other than stake-y thing) Is it to anchor to anchor the trellis? I need something like this deperately. Enjoying your blog in KY


totally gorgeous. it really does makes it feel like your entrance is perfectly sheltered and bright.


What a great solution! I love wood on a horizontal plane because it has a more modern feel. You have really given the house new life!


lovely! And I directly followed you on Pinterest!!


This is just lovely - so much nicer than traditional lattice. Simple and elegant...

Lisa Flaherty

Lovely! It has a modern art feel, and looks good whether the roses climb or not! Also, it mimics the neighbors shutters, so looks good from their vantage, too, I bet!


This is so nice - nice modern touch, airy and open, but still gives you privacy. It's going to be amazing once the roses cover it!


So simple but it's looking great. Wish my husband and I didn't have 2 left hands!


A relatively simple solution that has transformed the front of the house. Good to have you back :-).




The trellis looks great...just the right size for your house. It seems like the wire adds some stability w/out being overly obvious.

Your bright white house and your neighbor's warm yellow one look good together.


What a brilliant, simple solution Benita. Enjoy the new entrance!


Great solution! Love it!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Awww, Castor :)


The trellis looks wonderful, Benita, the horizontal slats balance the vertical timber of the house so well!


Oh my goodness. It looks SO nice! Now you have me mentally walking around our property trying to figure out where we might be able to use something like this.

Love the New Dawn. My only experience with New Dawn so far is from our old house: We planted it and it was so cute, but every time it managed to make a little progress your friend, Castor T. Dog - a puppy then - would decide it looked like a good snack. RIP Rosie ;)


Oh this looks amazing. Just send the link to my husband and told him I need the same thing. :) Thak s for the idea. Every morning I am looking forward to a new post from you. Love your blog.


Good morning Benita ! You carried out this project beautifully ! The deck/porch/entrance to your house looks fresh, pretty and very welcoming. I'm always glad to read of your gardening/outdoor activities. You inspire me.
Have a good day ! Hugs from Germany


Yet another perfect solution x


What a nice solution! It looks so great, and not to open now! Thanks for showing and have a great day


Perfect solution :)


I like it, looks simple yet perfect! :-)

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

I hadn't planned on doing anything. I've had climbing roses before and have just left them on their trellises and it's worked fine. Now that you're mentioning it I will check if this particular one, White New Dawn, needs covering. Sure hope not...


So beautiful!


So pretty! The horizontal laths read so modern, very nice.

I've been meaning to ask that how will you winter protect the rose? Will you take it down from the trellis or just add some fir on the sides of it? I've taken my down, but it's such a hassle and now that it's getting slightly bigger it's going to be a pain.

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