Finally! I've been itching to start learning how to edit photos in RAW. I think I've mentioned it a few times here but so far just haven't had the time to sit down and learn. We had a couple of evenings of pouring rain a while ago though so I took the opportunity to really get into the DVD course I bought through Moderskeppet (Swedish only I'm afraid) almost a year ago. I sat down at my computer with a note pad, concentrated and jotted down notes like a proper student!

The reason for wanting to edit in RAW if you're not familiar with it is that the image quality is superior to JPEG which is sort of the standard file format for images. As far as the blog's concerned I'm sure the JPEGs are quite adequate but I would like to start printing (or have printed) some of my images and do some more editing and may even, lo and behold, frame a few. I usually have a hard time to come to terms with my own "art" but there are some images that I took in New York back in April and a few others that I'm quite fond of and would like to edit further.




The images in this post, which you might recognize from the New York posts (here, here, here and here) are examples of stuff I'm keen to work on. These have just been edited slightly for the blog in Photoscape (to adjust brightness etc) but I'm dying to see them in a larger scale and "new" and improved when I'm done with them. The other day, via an e-mail, I came across the Saatchi Online gallery and was super inspired by some of the black and white architectural photography there and with some of what I've seen there in mind I think I'll attempt some black and white editing first.

Do you edit in RAW? I've heard it's much easier to learn than Photoshop and from what I can tell so far I prefer the layout of the editor much more than the one in Photoshop which always feels so busy and cluttered to me and which is why I don't use it much and haven’t really taken it onboard.



Here’s Wille’s desk area in his room as it used to look with the cube shelves (self built) with the Simpsons collection above.  We kind of felt it was time for a change to reflect that Wille’s older now and also his interest in music.


Wille got one of those vinyl players from Martin for Christmas, you know the kind where you can transfer the music to MP3. He also got part of Martin’s old vinyl collection and some of those album covers are so awesome so I thought they would look cool there above the desk.



I considered all kinds of frames but in the end I got him a set of these Art Vinyl play and display ones (I got mine from Ginza.se). They are more expensive than the album frames from places like Urban outfitters but what I love about these is that they open super easily so you can switch records in a matter of seconds while the frame is still on the wall.



I started out by hanging London Calling, an Iggy album and this boot leg Lou Reed one but Wille can now easily switch them around at his heart’s content.

Oh and this post is in no way sponsored by Art Vinyl. I just love the product.

Ps. If you've already read this post it's because I accidentally published it early after finishing it on Sunday.

I ♥ Navy



Hannah, a reader of mine got in toucha couple of weeks ago. She's got a web store, Showler & Showler where she sells prints. Cute prints! She kindly offered me the print of my choice and since I'm always on the lookout for new art I was game.



The reason for my choice of a navy heart? I love (pun not intended) that it's sweet, graphic AND navy. All at the same time. I also love the pencils print and the love doves in grey. If you have kids the store is a tresure trove of art for kid's rooms!



Green is still a favorite color of mine but right now my heart sings for navy. Navy tray, navy chambray shower curtain, navy chambray pillow, navy drapes, navy clothes. I ♥ navy.

Hannah is kindly offering you guys 20% off on all Art Prints in her store. Please enter discount code SHOWLER20 during check-out. The offer is vaid until February 28th. 

Thank you so much for the print, Hannah, I love it!