Project 52: Week 51

Week 51


A single week to go and my project is completed.

It’s actually really hard to believe that it’s Christmas tomorrow (we celebrate on the 24th over here). The temperatures are almost spring like. The lawn’s never looked better and the spikes I got for my walking shoes have only been used once so far. Please, let’s keep it this way! If there’s no snow at Christmas let’s not have any, shall we? Deal?!

I’ve done all my Christmas shopping (gifts, food and beverages) which feels great and I only have a couple of more things to wrap so I’m on schedule! Are you? Anyway, have a good week!

Project 52: Week 50

Week 50

Last week was busy at work and when the weekend came I was SO happy. On Saturday Anne came over for dinner and it felt really quite Christmassy. As I’m writing this it’s raining but I don’t really mind, I’d actually prefer if we didn’t get any snow this year, everything’s so much easier without the snow to be honest.

This week I’ll try and finish off my Christmas shopping, only a couple of little things to get and then I’m all done. Then come the fun bit, wrapping it all!

Have a good week!