366 Printed


I always feel it’s best to finish projects off as quickly as possible or they tend not to get done at all so as soon as 2012 was over I had my 366 project printed.



I again used Blurb. Not because I was 100% happy with the results last time (I wasn’t) but because I wanted the books to match in size and I couldn’t find another service that had the exact same size. I know silly me. Anyway, last time around I felt the images were a little dark. This time around the were on the light side. Some spreads even felt a little washed out. I’m ok with it though. This is not the kind of book you want to browse through the month after you finished it, it’s a book that will be awesome to look through in ten years time and at that point I’ll probably be super happy about the book and the project regardless of the quality.



I again went for a super simple cover with basically just the year because how do you find one image that sums up 366 days?



Oh and, last time around I chose premium paper. This time I tried out the standard paper. Check out the difference in thickness of the books! Standard seemed fine but now it got me thinking that maybe the standard paper contributed to the slightly washed out look. Hm, maybe I’ll go premium again next time.

Anyway, I’m happy that project’s all wrapped up now and I’ve popped it in the bookcase for the future. If you want to you can check out the whole book here or here. The 2010 book can be viewed here and here.

366: Day 359-366

December 24

Christmas Eve with Wille, Martin and Cecilia. Can you spot the extra special gift under the tree :)?


December 25

Changing trains at Hässleholm on my way to mom’s. A six hour train ride in total and I was lucky not to have anyone on the seat next to me the whole way down. Oh and I didn’t bring my camera so the next few day’s photo’s are via iPhone. Hate taking photos with it.


December 26

Rugs everywhere. And that’s not black, it’s navy.


December 27

I’ve said it before, mom’s and my tastes are very different.


December 28

For the train ride back I bought a Photo Master Class magazine. I’ve started to shoot RAW (along with JPEG) but have yet to start editing the RAW images. This book is awesome at explaining the basics. I’m hoping to devote more time to learning photography and editing this coming year.


December 29

Back home again. I LOVE coming back to my own home after three days away even though it was nice to see my mom and to be able to help her out a little bit.


December 30

I had this postcard of Picasso for years but it suddenly went missing. I found one again at a museum a little while ago and I love that I have it again.


December 31

I spent New Year’s Eve at a neighbor’s house which was really nice. And that actually concludes 2012! Another year in photos completed.

366: Day 352-358

December 17

View of the tree from my desk.


December 18



December 19

Wille’s had a crazy tough semester and playing the guitar has been a way for him to relax between studies. He’s getting so good!


December 20

A snack tray for Wille. They’re not normally this elaborate but we just happened to have a variety of goodies.


December 21

My birthday. I got up at 5.30 and this greeted me in the kitchen. My boy is the best.


December 22

For my birthday I also got this beauty of an Amaryllis from my ex mother in law and that awesome London tin from my friend Sanna who found it on one of her vintage shopping sprees. Love it so much!


December 23

The morning before Christmas Eve (we celebrate today over here!) and Advent fourth.

Only just over one week to go and the 366 project will be completed

Happy Christmas everyone, have a lovely week!