Project 52: Week 52

The End



It’s not just the end of the year, I’m afraid it’s also the end of this blog. I feel bad for just blurting it out like this on New Year’s Eve but the end of the year feels like a good time for me to wrap things up.

I’ve been blogging for five and a half years and have LOVED it but all things do come to an end and for the blog the end is here and now. There's a combination of reasons for my decision and I just want to assure you that none of them are health related, I’m perfectly fine, I just want to do other things right now.

Speaking of other things, if you want a glimpse of what’s going on in my life I’ve opened an Instagram account so if you want to follow me there look for @benitalarsson.

Thank you all so much for following my blog for however long it’s been! I’ve enjoyed knowing you so much and I’m sure I’ll be staying in touch with quite a few of you!

Happy New Year!



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Thank you for five and a half wonderful years! I've truly enjoyed learning about your and gaining so much inspiration! Best of luck to you in all you endeavor!! Happy New Year from California (where you have an open invitation to come organize my garage anytime you like!)!


Benita, will you leave your archives up for any length of time?

Good luck & Thanks!

Diane Williams


I was afraid of this! Thanks for the 5+ years. See you on Instagram...Happy 2014.

Diane Williams


Thank you, Benita! Just know that I've enjoyed your blog immensely for a variety of reasons, but above all, you were living proof for my secretly held conviction that suffering from a little OCD ain't such a bad affliction, after all! ;) All the best to you (and to Wille and the cats), whatever you do.


Every morning I check for new posts! I'm so sad but happy for you as I know blogging is hard work! Thank you so much for all of the great posts!


I will miss your blog very much! I have read it for several years now. Thanks for inspiring us with your beautiful pictures. I will especially miss photos of your adorable kitties. Good Luck to you from Connie in Wisconsin, USA.


My first reaction is to throw myself down on the floor, kick my feet and scream Noooooooo! I hate change. Sigh. I'll miss the ever evolving rooms in your house. I'll miss watching your gardens grow. I'll miss watching you become a cook and a baker. I was looking forward to seeing you in that little city apartment you've wanted. Sigh. I'll try to figure out the Instagram thing, just so I'll know you are well and still creating. But, first I have to go have my little tantrum. :)

Lily O.

I've enjoyed your blog so much over the years! Thank you for sharing so much with us. ・ω・

Tara Jane

Best of Luck. I will miss you.


Hi Benita,

Thank you so much for everything. I've been reading since before I graduated from college, and your posts and incredible taste have inspired and influenced me. I'll miss reading your blog (it's one of the only ones I read now!) but I'll definitely follow you on Instagram as well.

Hugs and best wishes for 2014 and beyond from Chicago, USA --

Katie @ Produce on Parade

Nooooooooo! I want to tell you how much of a connection I have with your blog, Benita. In August 2012, I got a new job. Completely isolated and devoid of anything to do, I stumbled upon your blog and read it from top to bottom. I almost feel like I'm losing a best friend! Sounds weird, I know. You also inspired me to start my own blog,

I wish all the best to you and Willy and the kitties. Good luck with your new endeavors, we all know you'll be fabulous!


I have enjoyed visiting your blog. Your projects are so inspiring. Wishing you all the best in the New Year.

Anne D. Toprak

Thank you Benita for sharing your life and home with us. For me, the Skansen Christmas posts were like receiving a gift from you.
You have been a big influence on my life and home.
with all best wishes for you, Wille and the kitties,
med vanliga halsningar fran Amerika,
Anne D.T.

Barbara in CT

I couldn't have kept it up for five weeks. Your blog has been an inspiration and I will simply go back and read it again from your archives. There is so much good information there.


Your announcement and the beautiful photo moved me to tears but, like the other posters, I want to thank you for your wonderful blog these past years and wish you and yours, including those photogenic kitties, health, joy and contentment in 2014 and beyond. You will be missed so much.



Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all these years of calmness and cleanliness and beauty and coping and sharing ... and kitties.

A New Year and a new direction ... blessings for you and your son in wherever you go next.

Thank you.


Thank you Benita. I've enjoyed your blog immensely and am delighted for you with all of the spare time you now have to fill!


Oh! For me it is a bad new to hear that you are not going to write more...I was following you since the begining...and it was so nice to come and discover something different everyday.
But I know that it could be hard to write...
So hope you enjoy this new year a lot.
Will miss...but hope you are ok
And wish you lot of success with all the projects you begin.


You will be missed! Thank you for all the inspiration! Wishing you the best in the future!

Cheers from Annelise in Edmonds, Washington state

Jules Means

So many comments and good wishes! Good for you for doing what's right for you. I am glad the archives will be there to peruse. You have inspired me to make improvements in my space by myself after years of depending on a husband and hired help. You also enabled me to make the leap from antique furniture to Ikea!! I let go of all that heavy baggage laden stuff and my life is clean and uncluttered and all the drawers slide gracefully- ha ha!!!
Thanks, Benita, for all your time and ideas. All the best to you, Willie and the kitties.
xxoo Jules in Massachusetts


I will miss you and your design sensibility so much! Have amazing adventures, Benita!


Dear Benita-- Your blog was the very first one I followed, and it has always been my favorite. Thank you for sharing your life and aesthetic sensibility with all of us. I will always think of you when I choose white over color! Best of luck to you! Love from Chicago.

Sherry @ Young House Love

Aw, Benita, I'm so sad to see your blog go, but will always love the time I spent on it. You're an inspiration, and I can't wait to follow you on Instagram. There will never be a day that I organize something and don't think of you!

Sherry (& John)


You have such a lovely blog, but I can totally understand your decision and I am thrilled that you will be on IG!!! Wishing you nothing but happiness in the New Year!! xo


I'm so disappointed for me, but glad for you. I visit Chez Larsson daily. Your blog has been inspiring. When I begin a project, I find myself looking to your blog for the how to or inspiration. Thank you for sharing your life with us!


Wishing you much happiness and health for the new year and always.


Thank you for your years of sharing with us! It's sad to see you go, but best of luck wherever you decide to focus your time and energy now. And I'm looking forward to lots of kitty photos over on Instagram :)


Thanks for sharing your home and clean, spare decorating ideas. Best of luck with your new pursuits, I'll miss reading your blog.


Like everyone else, I'm sad to see you go Benita, but I wish you and Wille all the very best. Your blog has given me so much pleasure over the years (I've been reading for almost the whole time)so I'd like to thank you so very much. I will definitely follow your Instagram and hope to see more Benita goodness over there. Happy New Year!


I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Thanks for all the tips and the gorgeous photos and the wonderful insight into Swedish life & decor!

Tina Slocum

All the best to you, Benita and Wille. I'll see you on IG. You deserve the freedom to discover and enjoy other things after blogging for so long. Good choice I say.

Amanda L.

Good luck in the future. It has been great reading your blog.


So sad to read this but totally understand! Thanks so much for such a lovely blog, I'll surely miss it a lot! Best of luck with everything in the future :-) Ruthie

molly h


thank you.


It is always sad when somebody stops blogging. I do understand though that you need to spend you time in a different manor. Thank you for this lovely blog and good luck with the new goals in your life!. I will start following you on Instagram!

the cape on the corner

just wanted to tell you that I have loved your photos and your streamlined and clean decorating. thank you, and good luck in your next chapter!

Dana in CT

Ditto on so many of the above comments :-) I will miss your posts - they make me feel organized even though I am not!! Thank you for making me feel organized vicariously!!!

Be well Benita :-) Happy New Year!


How sad, a couple of my favourite bloggers have just ended their blogs! Of course real life should always take priority though :) look forward to following your Instagram x


I echo so many comments here…
And add, that you are my "aspirational benchmark" for creating an organized and beautiful home. Thanks to you, I have a candle drawer (actually USE my candles) and I am starting a project 52.
You will be missed here, but looking forward to following you on instagram!
Happy New Year!

Meg C

When I started reading your blog 3+ years ago I knew I liked clean styles and lots of white, but not what I would like to do in my own home. Thank you for helping guide me through the process of understanding my own style and I will sadly miss one of the few blogs that meets my love of white and good photography. Thank you for all of your hard work and the love you have shown to all of us. I wish you luck! Would you consider updating your sidebar with blogs similar to your own? Or perhaps some friends here in the comment section can help find me some new places to visit.

Best wishes!


Så trist att du slutar blogga men bra att du gör som du verkligen känner! Jag har älskat din blogg i flera år och blivit inspirerad till tusen. Jag önskar dig allt gott tillsammans med din Wille. Stor kram och tack än en gång för all fantastisk läsning jag fått här på bloggen!



Benita, åh så jag kommer att sakna dina inlägg. Jag har följt dig i bra många år och din blogg har varit den första jag öppnat varje dag. Jag har envetet sagt nej till instagram, fb etc men nu vete katten om jag inte måste öppna ett instagramkonto i alla fall. Du ger så enormt mycket inspiration och jag vill gärna fortsätta få den positiva boosten. Jag förstår dock att du vill lägga tid och energi på annat och det är dig väl "unt". Tack för alla inlägg (som resulterat i en del inköp av fogförslutning, vinglas mm;)) och alla inredningstips.

Hoppas du får ett gott slut och ett helt underbart 2014.



Oh. I forgot to mention that I often referred to your blog when talking to others about diy and organizing. So just that you know. Talk about inspiration.
P.S.: if you ever think about reactivating this blog: I won't mind... Selfish, I know...


Oh no!
Oh no, no, no!
Maybe just one post a week? Please....


noOoOoOOoO! Your blog has been like a friend to me. Your posts are thoughtful and real. You have helped me learn how to integrate beauty into my life and why that is important. You will be missed!


So sorry to read that (and I'm really sad). I found your blog years ago and kept coming back here. I am amazed about your organizing and the diy skills. I love the photography and the style of your home. I loved to see what you come up with next. I'm sure I'll come back here often. I just enjoy reading your blog and drawing inspiration from it (aka you). I already follow you on instagram.
I hope to see there what you do or create or organize.
Thank you for the time you spent writing this blog. Thank you.
I hope you will enjoy what life has planned for you and for Wille it's the same. Have fun! I'm sure you will.
See you!



I am so sad to see your blog coming to an end, but hopeful for new beginnings for you. I hope you will keep the archives up for awhile, as I find your photography and organizational ideas so inspiring.

Several years ago you and I did a swap where I sent you a magazine and you sent along a pour spout that could be screwed onto a water bottle. Every time I water my plants I think of you, and will continue to do so.

I will be sure to follow you on instagram. All of the best of luck!


Thank you for these 5+ years, Benita. Thank you so much. I understand you might be tired, or jaded (people do steal your ideas, don't they, and I don't think you've ever seen a penny for all your hard work photographing, writing and publishing), but I'm selfish and sadness is my main feeling right now.

I've been meaning to say this before but I haven't: your blog is the only internet corner that inspires me to get up and tidy my home. I'm a very untidy person, but your blog just makes tidiness and cleanness as worth my time.

I'm glad to hear the blog will be still up... it's a treasure trove of ideas and thoughts. And I'm very happy for you, that health is not a concern and that there are new things to do outside internet. Thanks again for all the hours you've put into creating this wonderful website, and best wishes for your new endeavors!

Abrazos from Montevideo, Uruguay


Best wishes, Benita! Thanks for all of the inspiration over the years!


Will most definitely miss your blog - but wishing you many blessings in 2014 and beyond.


Like everyone else I will miss my almost daily fix here at what is in my view pretty much the best blog on my list… but I do understand.
It seems quite a lot of my favourites are fading away and actually, I appreciate it that you are clearly ending things and I won't be wasting time checking to see if there's anything new!!
I do hope you leave your archives up, though - I have often gone back to look at something.

A very Happy New Year, to all your loved ones, too, and all the best for the future!


I have enjoyed your blog so much. I could tell projects were winding down, but I always hoped it was just a phase. I wish you the best of luck in your future creative outlets!

Hxxx (Mrs Flying Blind)

Wishing you and Willie all the best for 2014 and beyond - you have been inspirational, and I will be following on Instagram for sure.
With love, Hadley xxx


As some said before, it was expected to happen. Anyway - THANK YOU for all the inspiration through all these years (yours was one of the very first blogs I've stumbled upon a very long time ago). Designwise I've learned so much from you!
I wish you all the best, Benita! Good luck and take care of yourself. I shall miss you!

Melissa @ HOUSEography

Sad for us but I'm sure a relief for you! Best of luck to you and I'll find you on instagram!


Benita--Thank you for sharing all of your fun and clever ideas over the years. I have not enjoyed or been inspired by any other blogger as much as you. Good luck with all of your new endeavors. Have lots of fun with Wille. And know that your blog has been greatly appreciated and will be greatly missed.

Annica Hangaard

Jag vill tacka dig så innerligt för alla dessa fantastiska år som jag följt dig och jag kommer sakna din blogg så mycket. Suck!!
Har dock skaffat Instagram nu, det var helt enkelt det som skulle till för att jag skulle få tummen ur..:)
Du har delat med dig av så mycket i ditt liv, du starka, kloka och modiga kvinna. Helt klart en förebild för mig och många fler.
Önskar dig allt gott i fortsättningen. Lycka till!!


Happy New Year!

I will miss you so much, but you must do what is best for yourself. I've been a long time follower and I can honestly say you are my favorite. I thrive on your orderliness!

Best wishes!


I'm happy for you, Benita... Sad for myself, but maybe I'll start over reading your blogs from the beginning. It's been wonderful, and I wish you a wonderful life!! xoxo


its been a pleasure and privilege.....enjoy what ever you get up to next...happy new year


Ah. End of an era.
I will really, really miss your inspiring blog.
Thank you for sharing, Benita.
I'll keep an eye out on Instagram for you, Wille, Mini and Bonus (and your lovely white home!)
I wish you a Happy 2014!


Heather Watts

Benita, you have been a part of my life since college, and inspired me through my first apartment, my first design job, my first (and second) pet, my wedding, my first house, and now, as a newlywed, we say goodbye. Thank you for being the silent partner in my sense of style, my minimalist attitude, and my productivity for all of these years. Best wishes to you, Wills, and the cats. Be well!


Aw, shucks. I've loved my daily visits to your blog after my daughter told me about it two years ago. OK, this is a perfect impetus to check out Instagram. Happy 2014!! Thanks for all the great moments--the detailed project posts, the photos, especially of Wille and the dear cats, the flowers in your house and yard. Your audience will miss you!!!


Oh, God... I am quite sad actually. But as we say in French "Toutes les bonnes choses ont une fin" (well I guess it is a universal quote).

THANK YOU Benita for all that you brought to me throughout those years. That was always nice to come and visit your blog, I will miss your tips, your news and your beautiful photos. You inspired me in my every day life. You are a great reference to me.

I will not be able to follow you on instagram but maybe on Pinterest?

Anyway I wish you all the best for 2014 and after, for you and Wille and your adorable Mini and Bonus.

Take care !

(I'll miss you !)


I wish you and lovely family a Happy 2014
I'll miss you. You are so a talented and sensitive person.


Thank you for sharing. If you get bored, my house is always available for you to come and organize....


I'll miss you Benita but I too had a "feeling" this was coming sooner than later. But Wille is older and you are at a point in your life where you need to do what you want to do. I'm sure not having a blog will give you more time for yourself. Best of luck... I'll have to find another blog to start my day! Best wishes for you, Wille, Mini and Bonus in 2014 and beyond!


Thank you Benita for all you shared with us, you are an inspiration. Many kisses to you, Wille, Mini & Bonus :) .


I'm so sorry you're going, but can see that it has been a huge commitment for you. It's been lovely to see your style and hard work paying off, and your Wille grow into a young man. Your Mini and Bonus must be famous amongst cat lovers in many countries now. I've really enjoyed the glimpses into Swedish life, as well as the decorating and organising tips, which have helped me along with many others.
Very glad you told us, rather than just disappearing, it's good to know that all is well for you, and I hope you enjoy your future projects.
Good luck for 2014, Mal


Ditto, ditto, ditto.
I shall miss your news, ideas and beautiful photos.
Wishing you the very best of luck, Benita.
Thanks for all that.


Tack för att du delat alla inspirerande renoveringar och "omorganisationer" i skåp, lådor och annat under åren!


You've always been among my "favourites"
Can't believe it, but understandable.
Always reachable by e-mail? (I must have a psychological anchor, even thought I won't use it!)
Ciao, buona fortuna.
Antonella (Italy)
the usual big big kiss to Minu and Bonus


I'm sorry to read this, I've loved this blog! Very best wishes on your new adventures.


Thanks for the memories - happy 2014 and beyond. Your blog actually introduced me to the blogging world and now that I have discovered there are so many others sadly none of them ever seem to match yours. Your blog is far and away the best there is. Thanks for sharing so much of your life, your home, and inspiration. Bless!


Sad news, but I completly understand you. Good luck in the future with whatever you will do. Greetings Martina


Oh!!! But in away I understand you. I bean think the same... Blogging takes time and energy. Have a good year 2014!

Ana from Portugal

Ohhh, I'll miss your posts terribly! It was part of my morning routine, kind of a warm up for work! I already found you on Instagram, so I'm looking forward for some photos! Hopefully 2014 will be the year I'll finally visit Sweeden! (I'm translating a sweedish author and my curiosity is higher than ever!)

I wish you, Willie and the felines all the best!
Have a good 2014!

Love from Portugal!


You will be missed.more than you know. Your blog was the first one I checked every weekday morning.
I wish you nothing but happiness and good fortune.

Anne C

Checking end enjoying your beautiful blog has been the very first thing I did for so, so many mornings (two years, since a harsh separation). Your gorgeous photos of sweet simple things, your tenacious serenity even through hard times, your calm enthusiasm for life... Thank you for all of this, dear Benita, and warm, very warm wishes to you and your loved ones!
Anne, from France


Thank you very much. Your clean aestetics have been inspiring and will be missed. All the best wishes in your new adventures :)


You were truly one of my favs! Yay for you doing exactly what you want, you will be missed :) I'm heading over to Instagram right now. Happy New Year!!
I loved that no detail was too small for you to consider, that is something important I learned here. At least we've still got the archives!


Thanks for all the effort, beauty and attention to detail, Benita. Your blog has inspired more than one WHITE paint job around here, that's for sure! All the best from Canada ...


What can I say? Sad for me as it is, I somewhat knew this would happen some day or another. Life brings changes and it's normal that one wants to change directions from time to time. I'll come back here for inspiration once in a while if you decide not to delete it.

Now I want to thank you for all the good moments and smiles your blog gave me and for all thegood and bad things you've shared with us along these years and I want to tell you that you inspired me in many different ways. Your blog was the first thing I read in the morning and I'd checked it every, just in case :)

Now I've just began following you in Instagram and can't wait to see your photos and the part of your days that you want to keep sharing.

All the best to you and your family, I wish 2014 comes loaded with lots of happy moments!

Thank you!!!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Thank you all so much for understanding and for the well wishes!

The blog will stay up so you will be able to browse the archive whenever you want. I just won't be updating anymore.


I hope all this blog love is blessing your heart! You will be missed. Sadly I don't have instagram. All the best to you and your family. I will keep you in my feedly in case you change your mind :-)

thanks for your excellent blog.


It's a pitty as I've become used to follow you. But I wish you the best of luck. Who knows, one day, you'll be back?
Happy New Year!!

Nini Tjäder

Totally understand. Sometimes one has to prioritize. Life is too short. You will be missed though and I hope you will keep the blog around even if it isn't updated so we can still visit and enjoy its' content. Have enjoyed very much during the last couple of years.


I'll miss your blog for sure ! I've always loved your pictures and style so I hope to be able to see some of that in a way or another (maybe a book ?). Good luck and see you around. PS : are you going to close it or will we be able to still look through the archives ?


Thank you Bebita for these blog years! I will miss you and your posts. Hopefully Instagram will be a substitute. Whenever you deside start blogging again, please let me know.

All the best for you, Wille and the cats!

Claire/Just a little less

A brave move and I'm sure the right decision for you, Benita. I will miss your beautiful blog it's been so inspiring and intimate. Wishing you well from the UK. Claire xo


I'm sad to see you stop blogging, but I'm glad that you are able to make that decision for yourself. I'm also very relieved to hear that you are in good health.
I will check out your instagram account. I've always loved your photography.


Så tråkigt för oss , men tack för den här tiden! Jag älskar din blogg och frågar som Zosia - jag hoppas du låter den vara kvar så vi kan gå till den för alla bra gör-det-själv-tips och inspiration? Lycka till med allt! Nu ska jag leta upp dig på instagram :)


Every best wish Benita! I have really enjoyed your beautiful photos, posts about Mini and Bonus and hearing about the projects you undertake. I admire your energy to get things done and to also live with a simple, beautiful aesthetic. Your white uncluttered house is an inspiration!


Well, that´s a true bummer - but do take care!


Dear Benita, I am sad, because your blog inspired me, made me smile and was one of the small pleasures that life is all about. However, I understand that you want to move on to other things. I wish you and all your family (including the Handsome Bonus and the Charming Mini) all the best. See you on Instagram.

P.S. I hope you are not deleting your blog and that we will be able to use the craft or home improvement posts.


All the best for you and yours!

Lorna from Atlanta

A sad day for me as your influence comes to an end. It was so much fun to see you remake the new house and in 14 more days I will begin my own whole house remodel. Lorna from Atlanta will now be Lorna from Utah. Your asthetic will remain in my head. Thanks for 5 great years.




Thank you so much for sharing,I feel everything I want to say Tonia has summarised so well. Wish you, Willie, Mini and Bonus happy and healthy! You're inspirational!

Ramona K

Benita, I think Julie above expresses my thoughts almost to the letter.
A little ray of sunshine in my daily routine disappears but the important thing is that you feel happy about how you organise your life.

I recently withdrew from Facebook since I felt I needed to back off from media "noise". Instagram I know about but don´t use. If anyone could get me to use it, that would be you. We´ll see.

Thank you for the past years. I wish you and your family including Bonus and Mini all the best for 2014 and the years to come.


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