Project 52: Week 52

The End



It’s not just the end of the year, I’m afraid it’s also the end of this blog. I feel bad for just blurting it out like this on New Year’s Eve but the end of the year feels like a good time for me to wrap things up.

I’ve been blogging for five and a half years and have LOVED it but all things do come to an end and for the blog the end is here and now. There's a combination of reasons for my decision and I just want to assure you that none of them are health related, I’m perfectly fine, I just want to do other things right now.

Speaking of other things, if you want a glimpse of what’s going on in my life I’ve opened an Instagram account so if you want to follow me there look for @benitalarsson.

Thank you all so much for following my blog for however long it’s been! I’ve enjoyed knowing you so much and I’m sure I’ll be staying in touch with quite a few of you!

Happy New Year!



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I will truly MISS YOU! Wishing you the best to you and your family!

K.C. Conner

Thank you so much for sharing your life and home with us all. I have always found your blog inspiring, and often very touching and sweet too. I wish you the best of luck with all of your future endeavors. And if you are ever in Tucson, Arizona…well, I would love to take you to a great Mexican meal!


I was reading you from Nantes, France.
Your blog was really nice, thank you very much for all you've shared.
I will miss you !


Oh! I've been reading your blog for years and loved it. I'm a 30-something year old housewife from Sydney, Australia with two little children and your lovely writing and photos have provided me with so much calm, positivity and inspiration. I've never commented before but felt compelled to let you know how much you have touched my life. All the best with whatever the future brings for you.


You blog will be sorely missed. Best wishes for the future!

Autumn Villard

Thank you for all these years! It has been a joy reading your inspiring blog! I will miss the projects and the kitties...


Thank you for all these years! The first post a read in your blog was about fixing basement windows. :) Wish you all the best!

ana v.

I miss you, but I understand, good luck from Portugal

ana v.

I miss you but i understand. Good luke from Portugal


You will be missed! As a long time reader, I truly loved reading your home improvements, exciting crafts/diy and general life adventures. Thanks for providing year of inspiration. Wishing you and your family all the best!


I know I'm late on this (been in hospital) I just picked up today so I have to say thank you - you have been a great source of inspiration & entertainment these last few years and I'm really going to miss your blog. Good luck with your life's adventures from Michelle in Mcr, England.


Hi Benita!
Happy New Year.
I feel sad and sort of like I have been hit with a brick lol
but I understand and I wish you all of the best!
Pamela NJ USA


I just want to say, that I MISS you! And Iam really sad that you dont blog anymore.


Thank you for sharing your home and your family (kitties included). You have inspired me (and so many others!) in countless ways. A reader from Minneapolis, MN, USA!!! :)
p.s. your photography skills amaze me!


Je suis Française,comprends l'anglais mais ai des difficultés à écrire surtout pour dire que j'ai adoré votre blog tout au long de ces années: vos photos impeccables; votre inventivité sans borne; votre talent artistique à transformer poétiquement les objets du quotidien; votre acharnement à améliorer votre environnement; votre don du bricolage et votre goût sûr, tellement scandinave dans ce qu'il a de meilleur; votre sens de l'esthétique au cordeau, dépouillée mais chaleureux. Et quelle organisation. Dommage que vous partiez. On a tout de même le sentiment amer que des événements sous-jacents vous ont conduite à cela. En espérant que ce n'est pas trop grave et triste. Mais la vie continue.


Oooooh non ! ce c'est pas vrai, I have discovered your blog last year and it was a true bliss, well I wish you all the best!


So glad your blog archives are still there, I am using them a lot to help me keep motivated for house planning and re-organisation. Will also keep looking at your instagrams in the sidebar. Hope you are enjoying the change from regular blogging, and enjoying the new year, Mal xxx


I wish you all the best.
loved reading you, and i'll miss you...
shira, from Israel.


Thank you for the inspiration I found here for the past 5 years. I wish you happiness and good luck in all your future endeavours!

jenn ski

oh no! We will miss you!!


Sad to see you go. Will wait to see what happens for you next!


Wishing you all the best! Thanks for all the great inspiration. I'll miss seeing your beautiful world, but I guess that means I need to bring more of that into my own life :)

Melissa LaBonte

I have been reading for almost five years, your blog transformed many aspects of how I organize my home, and my confidence in being able to do things myself as a single woman. You gave me more than you can ever, ever know. I just have to tell you that I will miss you. Your blog gave me so much hope on some of my darkest days. Thank you for the beauty you have provided, and for the incredible inspiration. I hope someday you reconsider and begin again, and I hope I am blessed enough to find your blog if you ever do.

Maria W

Tack snälla Benita för alla dina fantastiska inlägg om hur man själv kan göra så mycket av lite resurser!! Du gör verkligen att allt har sett så lätt ut. Du har t.o.m. fått mig att börja fundera på att, den dagen det är dags att flytta till radhus, så kan man göra mkt själv. Och framföraltt kommer din blogg vara en inspiration för min familj i vårt (eventuellt) framtida hem! Hoppas jag får möjlighet att följa dig i något annat sammanhang, ska definitivt lägga till ditt Instagramkonto. Varmt lycka till framöver!


puss & kram


I will miss you dearly, Benita! And Wille! And Mini and Bonus! Oh no! I'll definitely browse through your blog every now and then to keep me inspired - so I hope you won't take it down. And I'll definitely follow you on Instagram.

Thank you so much for everything!
Have a great start in 2014, I wish you all the best!

karen the californian

I will miss seeing you, Benita. Your clean lines, your fearlessness in trying out new things. You've got a talented eye and a talented hand in making and seeing beautiful things.

I wish you the best in your future endeavors.


I'm going to miss your wonderful little blog. All the best, and lots of hugs from the states!

Helene @ Homebound

I totally understand. I did the same thing on Monday only I called it a creative break. It takes a lot of strength to quit something your really loved. So thumbs up! I already started following you on Instagram before reading this post... Wishing you the best. Xo, Helene.


that almost made me cry :( i knew it was gonna happen but not this soon. good luck benita. you have been a wonderful inspiration.


Thank you for everything you have given us and shared with us in all these years. This is a strange sort of sad news, for I feel as if a friend is moving away, even though we've never met. Best wishes in the future for you, Wille, and the kitties.

Rachel Carter

Thanks so much sharing your life for all these years, you've put together a wonderful blog. Lycka till. Rachel

Wrenaissance Art

I've read and enjoyed your blog off and on for several years--it was such a nice mix of daily life and down-to-earth inspirations.
Best wishes to you and yours as you start your next adventures!

María A.

Benita, thank you so much for sharing all these years, I'm sure I'll miss you. My best wishes from Argentina!


It was wonderful to enjoy your contributions to the blogsphere. Thank you for sharing all your fun projects and your life. All the best with your new endeavours.


Benita -- Thank you so much for sharing so much of your life and inspiration with us. I'm sure this decision has been hard, but best of luck with all the new projects in your future! Can't wait to follow you on Instagram!


Reading your last post, saying goodbye with a heavy heart! Your blog was the first I ever truely followed and for a very long time it was part of my morning routine with breakfast and tea.

I always loved your clean photos, easy, light view on style and kitten updates. Your hands-on attitude and energy impressed me so much.

Thank you for all the time, effort and insights.
Happy New Year and take care!



Thank you, Benita! I've been following for at least four years and I felt it might be close. Thanks for all and best wishes for you, Wille and all those you love.


Thank you, Benita! I've been following for a at least four years and I felt it might be close. Thanks for all and best wishes for you, Wille and all those you love.

Isabelle KUENTZ

Dear Benita,
I've been reading you from France for a couple of years and will miss your posts, always inspiring. I understand that you have a special little attatchment for my country so I will end by adding: Au revoir, Benita, et bon vent à toi et tes proches.
Isabelle (from Jouy en Josas near Paris)


Thank you for everything you've shared with us. Your blog has been so helpful and inspiring over the years and I have learned a lot about organization and DIY. I am sad to see the blog end but wish you all the best in your new endeavors.


Loved your blog and will miss Chez Larsson. Good luck in all that follows!


Vad konstigt det kommer att kännas att inspireras av dina fantastiska organisationsprojekt och dina vackra bilder. Nåja. Jag förstår dig. Allt gott i framtiden! Tack för allt fint du delat med dig av.


que pena! me quedé super triste al leer este post....
en realidad nunca me imaginé que un blog se terminara! y mucho menos que me pondría triste pero si
muchas felicidades para ti Benita y muy feliz año, que el universo te devuelva todo la belleza que tu has sabido captar en tu blog y te colme de bendiciones, mucha salud, dinero y amor, que nunca falte!


Good luck in the future.
You did very well weaning us off the daily posts:)


Dear Benita,
I think it's important that I take a few seconds to answer your last post. I have read your blog, you've inspire me. I realize I should have said "thank you" more often. My English is not so good and I was a little bit shy... but I know that encouragments are the key to keep the writer/bloger motivated.
I wish you all the best and see you later on IG.

Anne P


Thank you for all of the lovely content that you have shared with us over the years. Your posts have been a part of my morning for a long time.

Best wishes from Richmond, Virginia, USA!


Just read thru all the comments and see every thought I'm having echoed in them. Thank you for sharing your lives (I'm including Wille, Martin, Mini, Bonus, and neighbor Diesel in there too); the good and not so good, the fun, the dirt, the organizing, the rehabbing, the bright Scandinavian light, and snowfalls at night.

I will sincerely miss your writing, your photos, and your inspiration.
Godspeed Benita!


No it's beginning!




Hugs from Germany/Switzerland- all the best and lots of chocolate for you and Wille in the future!


I just heard today, January 6th is the most depressing day of the year. Then I clicked on your blog and found out it's true!
You will be missed!!!

A loyal fan from the sunshine state


I never commented on your posts, Benita, but I've been reading them faithfully for years. I always liked starting the day with your fresh, organized perspective, and will miss you! All the best in whatever is next for you.


Wow, I was not expecting this at all. Usually I can see it coming.... You will be very much missed. I wish you all the best and will definitely be following you in instagram. Please do not close your blog, I need it for projects around the house I do whenever I have any spare time. Thank you for everything. Dink dink dink. Bye from Sacramento.

Linda G

Thank you for the wonderful inspiration and glimpse into your life. I've loved "knowing" you through this blog. I guess I will have to sign up for Instagram now to see more of your home and projects! Lovely photo to end with. Best wishes for a great 2014 and beyond.


You will be missed. Thank you. THANK YOU.


I'm really sad to see your blog go because I love your aesthetic but I will be signing up for Instagram just to continue to follow you!
Enjoy your new chapter!!


Oh no,
sad news for us readers, but I wish you and Wille all the best for the future and want to thank you for blogging so long. Your themes and texts have been really great and I like the honest style you have. Will be missing your blog. Bye...



I have learned so much from you and turn to you for inspiration and instruction. I adore your work ethic, organization, and aesthetic. Thank you for sharing these last five years with us. We recently sold our house and made an $80,000 (US) profit. I am convinced one of the reasons we did so well is because I applied design principles I learned from you when fixing up the house. I wish you peace and joy in all your ventures. I will be following you on instagram. And thank you for leaving the blog up! I will definitely be coming back to the space to access the archives.



Thank you for five wonderful years! I will miss you very much. Your blog and a cup of coffee started my day most mornings. Your clean and organized style was a great inspiration to me to clean up my messy and cluttered ways. I wish you, Wille, and the kitties all the best in the future.

Mira Crisp

As you can imagine, your blog will be missed very much. Best of luck, Benita!


i have enjoyed reading your blog. thanks for sharing it with us :) have a wonderful 2014! :)


I´m really going to miss reading about your DIY projects and your organizing ideas. Thanks for sharing so much good stuff over the years.


Dear Benita,

I wish you the best of luck and good health with all your future endeavours. There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said above in much more eloquence than I'm capable of. I'll definitely miss your blog; it's been such a breath of calm in amongst all my other RSS feeds. You've inspired me to do so many little home improvement projects and crafts. Your honesty and integrity are so rare to find in the blogosphere.

See you on Instagram! xx

Erin @The

So sad to hear this, but I'm sure you wouldn't make this decision lightly. Although I haven't commented a lot, I've been reading and enjoying your blog for the last few years. I enjoyed your beautiful content and beautiful homes. I do wish you the best in the future!



Benita, ever since I found your blog through Apartment Therapy almost five years ago, I have visited every morning. Chez Larsson was my favorite blog. You have a clean, organized style that, at the same time, is warm and livable. Thank you so much for sharing during these five years. You are amazing!


אני אתגעגע. חבל. את ממילא לא קוראת את מה שאני כותבת או מגיבה אז החלטתי...בעברית. חבל. שלום. מאחלת לך כל טוב!!!


Oh no!! I am so so so so so going to miss your posts, your skills and the sneakpeeks in your life.
I've been silently following you for a couple of years now.. Ok that sounds really stalky and creepy :D
I meant your blog of course. I stumbled in when I was looking for organizing tips, stumbled upon a post on reorganizing the kitchen cupboards and I've kept on reading ever since.
Benita, I love your clever organizing tricks. I love your clean yet homely style. I love that I am not the only person in the world who makes a choice in what to buy based on the fact that it comes in white.
I wish you and Wille all the best.


Ps please don't erase your blogposts. I'm reorganizing my study next month and I'll be lost without your tips! ;-)


Thank you, Benita, for your lovely blog. I have been a loyal reader for about 4 years and am another of your regular readers who went to your blog first thing in the morning. Thank you for the stream of inspiration you provided with your fearless exploits in home renovation, beautiful photography, creative decorating, explorations in baking, and your lovely writings on life in Sweden. I have enjoyed reading your blog immensely (it has been my favorite) and you have inspired me in so many ways with your accomplishments, sense of order, and modern, Scandinavian aesthetic.

I have a son the same age as Wille and have enjoyed seeing Wille grow up over the years. I particularly enjoyed your post on his graduation with the details on Swedish customs, and your trip to NYC. I will miss you and your blog with its daily dose of inspiration, but am glad that I can return and re-read past posts (thank you for keeping it up). I’m truly sad that this is the end, but I fully understand the level of commitment you expended over the years – and your desire to move on to other things in the new year.

I wish you and your family the very best for 2014, and in all your future adventures and creative endeavors!

With much affection
Loretta in Denver, Colorado

Marie Reynoso

You will be missed.


Oh no, will miss you terribly!But thank you for this wonderful blog and best of luck!

Natas Harrison

Benita, it's been so lovely reading your blog - thank you for sharing! I've been reading since I moved in with my boyfriend looking for handy home DIY projects - and your blog has been so enjoyable to read. My favourite was probably your visit to US, although I'll miss your pictures of the cats and their cat house you made once. Best wishes for your next projects! Natasha, London UK


lots of love all the way for israel.



Thank you and all the luck for what's coming up next for you. I'll miss your blog and your beautiful photos.

Lori in OR

It feels like the end of an era for me! Yours was the first blog I ever followed. Your clean white aesthetic has been such a balm to me, as my own surroundings have been chaotic. I'll very much miss the glimpse into everyday Swedish life and the adventures of the four of you.

That said, we all want what's best for you, and I am sure there is an amazing sense of relief/release at being done with the responsibility of the blog (and at being able to live your life, not just record it). Best of luck and thank you for everything!


Hi Benita
I am so sad to hear that you will no longer be blogging and updating us on your life...I wish you well for whatever you decide to do with your free time and I will be following you on Instagram for sure!! Good luck and thank you for sharing your life for so long.


Happy New Year, Benita!


Du kommer vara saknad! Tack för alla fantadstiska inlägg under åren, vi ses på IG!


By, Benita. You'll be missed!


That is a pity! I habe been following you for a long time from Switzerland. All the best!

Benita, You have no idea how much you are going to be missed.:'( I've been a real fan for the last 5 yrs or so...!!!!I rave about you to all my family and friends here in India and in the UK Best wishes and lots of luck for the future to you,Willie and Martin and Bonus. Thanks for the wonderful time I had following you and for keeping The archives alive...i'll be revisiting for sure...and am glad you'll be around IG....and please remember you have a friend in India, if u ever need anything. Take care :) HUGS.


I am so so sad, but will now become an instagram follower. You have been a great inspiration to me, my Swedish Martha Stewart!


Happy New Year to you and your family, for 2014 and beyond - yours was one of the first blogs I found, and though I am unbearably untidy (compared with you) there are corners and cupboards and corrals at my house inspired by you. It will be strange not to see the seasons turning in Sweden through your photographs and prose. Blogging is a generous gift to your readers but must be onerous on the blogger, particularly for a perfectionist! Enjoy the next chapter...

Karen J

Wishes you success in all your future endeavours. You will be missed as you are one of my regulars, but I totally understand and respect your choice. (I don't have Instagram). Hope you will not delete your blog as I use it to help with cleaning, organization, crafts, diys, etc.


Miss you already


Benita, I'm going to miss reading your blog! I've only discovered it about a year ago, but it will be a part of my daily routine that I'll genuinely miss. I'm adding you on Instagram right away! All the best, Laura

Isa - Från kaos till ordning

Nej, jag som precis hittat hit! Vi behöver fler svenska bloggar om sånt här!


Wishing you the best! I have so enjoyed your blog. I will always remember you as the first blog I read regularly....I so looked forward to your perspective, ingenuity and hard work. I will miss you!

Thank you for the many many ideas you have given me. Not that I did anything with them haha but have enjoyed following you improve 2 homes. Have fun in what ever you do next :-)


I'll miss your blog! I only discovered it a few months ago but I really enjoyed it and I regularly browse the archive to find inspiration. Your home is beautiful and I love your style! Thinking of a little make-over in white and gray for my bedroom... :)

I wish you all the best for this year and the other to come! Thank you for your blog!


Benita, I've been following you for just over 2 years, and you've been a source of much inspiration. It must be a difficult decision to make, to let something go in order to have room for other things, and I'll miss you but I admire your strength. Best wishes.


Boo hoo. That's all I can say. What a loss but best to you.


I hope there will be other, new ways in which you'll continue to add your voice and sense of style to this world, both online and off. You are truly an inspiration and chezlarsson will be missed by many. Thank you so much for your blog (and for keeping it up- I'll be sure to check back often). All the best for what's next for you and your family.


I've been checking in almost everyday to see what you've been up to for at least 4 years...You have given so many of us such inspiration.

Thank you for all of that and good luck!

David W.

Thank You Benita! I have really enjoyed your glimpses of life in Sweden, your sense of style and inventiveness and the inspiration your simple, stylish ideas have brought me.

Best wishes and thank you again.

David W. in Canada

Die Rabenfrau

Bye then! I'll miss you...


You have been such an inspiration to me in all that you do - absolute best of wishes and immeasurable gratitude for the past five years!

rocky mountain lisa

Thank you for your lovely blog Benita. I will miss it terribly. I wish you, Wille, Bonus, and Mini a happy, healthy 2014.
Best wishes,
Rocky Mtn Lisa


I have enjoyed reading your blog for several years. My sincerest wishes for a wonderful new chapter ahead for you, Wille, Mini and Bonus. Happy Trails indeed!


It feels like we are losing a friend. By the numbers of comments you can see how many lives you have touched. Please continue to post lovely photos on Instagram - we want to see the garden bloom, the house get organized and the places you go. Thank you for being an inspiration and a friend.
All the best - Alisa in Germany (the lavender suggester in 2012.)

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