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Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy thanksgiving, guys!




My dinner club members and I celebrated ours early. Say hi to Sarah!



Us dinner club members, Kerstin, Jenny, Sarah and I rotate the club dinners at our houses and this time around we were at Kerstin’s place, three houses from mine. There were cosmos…




… while the last bits of preparations were done.



And then we sat down for traditional turkey…




… stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potato mash and brussel sprouts…



… at the beautifully set Thanksgiving table.



For three quarters of us this was our first ever proper Thanksgiving dinner and of course we topped it off with a delicious pecan pie. I had it easy this time around and just supplied the drinks. That dessert wine was oh so good if I do say so myself! Thanks girls for a lovely evening!

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! I know I have a lot to be thankful for.

One in One Out


I have this thing about not wanting to accumulate more stuff. I’m constantly looking through my belongings to see if there’s something I can get rid of and donate. To me paring down is therapy. It’s the best feeling ever, letting stuff go.



I have a system going that really works for me and that is generally speaking, one on one out. It basically means that if I get something new I must get rid of something old. It’s not always ONE in and ONE out but that’s the general rule. Another way to interpret it is not having more than can fit in a certain space. Not getting more clothes than you have hangers for or not getting more dishes than you have space for in your existing cabinets.



In this case it was a matter of fitting these five books in that narrow space left over in that section of the bookcase. Obviously there was no way five would fit but if I removed a couple they would so…



…I looked through the books that were in there and found a couple that I’ve read and probably won’t re-read so I got those out and into the donation basket



… and was able to fit all five I did want to keep in there. So in this case, five in two out!

This is a system that works really well for me and which automatically keeps what I have in check. It really makes me think twice about getting more stuff that I probably won’t need and if I do get something it means letting go of something else.

Smörkola Fail


I was lucky to receive another box of magic a little while ago. You know the box from Svenskt Smör where they want me to create something magical.



I don’t know if you remember but I was complaining a little that the ingredients the last time around were for cooking but this time I was happy to get something to make something sweet with.



I wasn’t quite sure what to make out of what I got but in the end I went for smörkola, a buttery toffee which is traditionally eaten at Christmas over here and I figured I’d get a head start on something for the holiday dessert table.



I followed this Swedish recipe and really tried to follow all the steps but as you can see further down I must have done something wrong because my finished result looks nothing like the finished product there…



I also checked out some other recipes and realized I could add different flavors at the end so I constructed a little tray from foil with four compartments for four flavors.



I chose lime, cardamom, cocoa powder and licorice. At this point I was really excited. I figured I had my dessert table all figured out.



I even used the thermometer that came with my oven for the first time ever.



But uh, that hard dark brown stuff’s nothing like the soft tan in the instructions. Was it too hot? Cooked for too long? I even had a hard time (haha) cutting the finished product at the end. A hammer and chisel would have come in handy. Let me put it this way, it sure aint toffee. Caramel? Yeah, but not the best you’ve ever had.



Not sure the result is very magical but it was fun to try and they do look cute on that stand. Not sure we’ll be eating a whole lot of them though. Fail.