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Project 52: Week 46

Cute as a Button


If you follow my Lovely things Pinterest board you might have seen this pin and my comment to it. Ever since pinning that button trivet I’ve been wanting one. Lotta A pointed out that I could make one by using a cheese board from the local supermarket but although I’ve been keeping an eye out I haven’t seen one. Until I went to my mom’s place a couple of weeks ago. There, under a bunch of stuff in a drawer I was organizing, it was!



It had seen better days so I sanded it down. First coarse sandpaper and then finer.



Like so.



I’m sure there are more scientific ways to figure out the spacing of the holes for my button but I’m no mathematician so I just eyeballed the middle, marked that with a pencil and used stickers to mark where the holes could go. I moved the stickers around a little until I got a good feeling about it.



After marking the middle of each sticker with an awl through to the wood I drilled the holes. I only had this super long drill bit but a normal one will do too obviously.



I finished off by sanding the holes using sandpaper wrapped around my finger.






To seal I used some countertop oil. I did a couple of coats, letting each coat sink into the wood and after a while I wiped off any still greasy areas.



Tada! A button trivet ready to be used! Love it!

Edit: If you want a ready made one check them out at Snug.


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This is darling-I love it!! Can't wait to make one of my own now :)

Jules Means

Mary, you are a bore. This is a site about DIY and encouragement and inspiration.


Very cool!

Claire/Just a little less

Love the cute design and you've restored the wood beautifully xo

Sandy (USA)

So cute! Would make a nice simple gift for Christmas with perhaps a little something else to go with it.

Anne in Portland

I love the more frequent posts! I've been missing Chez Larsson!


Love this Benita! Last year I made small buttons out of air-dried clay for Christmas gift wrapping. I see buttons alll over pinterest.

Debbie from Chicago

Love this!




I was about to comment that the board is a common thing in Germany but then saw that Angela above already mentioned it, haha! Nice one Benita!
By the way, I wrote a little about you on my blog today, with a link back to yours, naturally! I hope you don't mind :)


Really really cute! Would not have seen it's potential


Well done, Benita! I love it! ;-)


Mary, there's no need to go on the attack. A button is not a copyrighted shape. Plus, It seems to popular right now - a craft fair I was at a few weeks ago had lots of button-shaped designs - plates, fabrics, platters and yes even a cheese board! Like the trivet idea though - small and useful. Might try this myself :-)


I don't agree. You don't sell it, thats true. But you do profit through your blogpost and the clicks you get from the users. More clicks means more money from the ads you have on the side.
It seems everybody thinks its alright to copycat designs etc. It is not.

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Mary - I won't be selling mine and if you follow the link on Pinterest you come right to the shop where they sell them so it's not like I'll be profiting from this.


"Nice" of you not to think about copyrights of the designers.


Nice, Miracle Girl... I'll be on the lookout for one now. ;)




I remember that comment (I made it). I have a board like that at home (without the holes) - why haven't I done this?

So cute!

the spectator

Your mum's place is a treasure trove.

Lorna from Atlanta

Oh my gosh, I have one of those. I bought in the Netherlands about 30 years ago. I still use it almost daily. It's a cheese/bread board that you use at breakfast or lunch to set out cheese etc. for others to self serve. I will never look at it the same way anymore. Good job!


I have at least a dozen of these boards in my closet from my husbands grandmother! I find them rather dull as is, but now I have ideas. :)


Jättesnygg! Härlig färg när ytan ser både ljus och mörk ut.




Love it!


Oh how cool! Good work!


Looks fantastic! :) So clever! :)


in Germany those boards were very common in the "rustic eighties", everybody has those from Tchibo hidden in the cupboards, as brown stoneware soupbowls for the good old onionsoup, bread and cheese


I love it too!

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