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Power Walking


No more PF. It’s all about PW!

PF? PW? If you’ve followed my blog for a while you know about my PF – plantar fascitis. It’s basically a foot condition where your heel/s starts hurting (like hell). I got it almost two years ago and blame running up and down a ladder in flip-flops while renovating the outside of the house.

The pain was at its worst in the fall of 2011 where I could barely make it to work on a few of occasions. I walked like a 90 year old, slooooowly and treading caaaarefully. So not my normal pace.

Anyway, it’s taken almost two years of custom insoles, resting my feet (and so the rest of me) until I noticed a vast improvement late this spring. I noticed I hardly had any pain at all and I could even start wearing shoes without the insoles occasionally and not be in pain afterwards. Yay!

This meant I could also start exercising again! It’s been surprisingly hard not being able to exercise. I had no idea I’d miss it as much as I did and I was very limited as to what I was able to do. We had a a cross trainer for a while which helped (it’s quite low impact) but it was SO boring. So basically I haven’t done much exercising at all lately apart from riding my bike fairly short distances.

So when I realized I could probably start exercising again I chose PW – power walking. There are a number of reasons for that choice. 1) I’m not in the best of shape after two years of basically non-exercising so I want to start out slowly by walking and hopefully progress to jogging and running. 2) There are awesome walking/running paths (lit during the dark months) in the woods along the sea nearby. 3) Most importantly; I can listen to pod casts while walking. That’s the best part; instead of just walking which is, lets be honest a bit boring, I listen to pod casts where the listening part is the motivator which makes me want to go walking! For example this past three day midsummer’s weekend I’ve been listening to four hours of pod casts. Yup, that means four hours of walking at a fast pace! Each walk is 80 minutes (15-20 minutes to get there, 40-50 minutes on the hilly path and 15-20 minutes back) and I try to keep the pace up so I really get a proper workout. Hey, I even got so excited at one point there in the woods that I just HAD to run for a while!

It feels so good to be able to exercise again. Especially since bread has crept it’s way back into my diet :).

Midsummer's Eve


So last Friday was Midsummer’s Eve. Wille and I are not really big on traditions (other than the ones we make up ourselves) so we didn’t have any proper plans for the day. Wille was off later in the evening to see some friends and I stayed at home doing my thing.



After a day of yard work for me and recuperating after a week at the office for Wille we did have some of the traditional fare for dinner though. I hardly ever drink beer (much prefer wine) but on this occasion with this type of food there’s nothing better than a cold beer.



This stuff is so good. Wille and I both love it but we both agreed it shouldn’t be eaten too often or it would spoil how good it is when we do eat it. Several varieties of pickled herring, smoked salmon, sour crème and eggs. Wille also had tiny new potatoes while I went for avocado instead. Yum.

Project 52: Week 25

Week 25

It’s been warm and summery over here which is so nice. Wille’s been with me at work where he’s doing a four week project sorting images for the company web sites. After work we’ve kicked off our shoes and have had dinners outside for the most part. When not we’ve been re-watching Friends, agreeing that NO other TV series compares. It is THE best ever, we laugh so hard all the time.

Oh and the beer, I couldn’t resist when I found an IPA from Brooklyn Brewery at the liquor store. I bought it because of the Brooklyn provenance but as I brought it home Wille told me that apparently IPA is the hipster drink du jour. Anyway, he enjoyed it!

This week coming up is my last one at work before a three week vacation. I can’t wait to have a bit of time off! Have a good week you guys!