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Get Well Tracy


Today I’m donating a post to Tracy, a fellow blogger who’s suffering from cancer and who’s on a surgery and recovery hiatus. Her sister Jamie got in touch, she’s rounding up some bloggers to help Tracy out with the blog while she’s away. Such a great and thoughtful idea! Go check out my post at Daily Decorator!

If you’re a home/design/décor blogger and would like to help Tracy keep her blog going during this difficult time, please don’t hesitate to contact Jamie; sales(at)dailydecorator(dot)com. Thank you!



I’ve been keeping sort of a LCHF diet for the past 18 months or so. No bread, rice, pasta, potatoes etc. I haven’t missed any of it. Except for the bread. I love bread and most of all I love bagels.



So after a year and a half I got a bad craving for bread and bagels in particular and since bagels aren’t common in grocery stores over here I decided to try baking my own.



I used a recipe in Swedish that I found online and it wasn’t tricky at all. A bit time consuming since you have to boil them besides baking them in the oven but tricky, no.



So I vowed that if they turned out ok I’d invest I something better than the old 80’s hand mixer (which almost turned red hot) I used to knead the somewhat dense dough.



They turned out way better than just ok so meet my new bagel buddy! I found Arty via Blocket (our Craigs List). He is very gently used by the previous owner and I have a serious crush on him. Next up baguettes! And yes, thus my bread eating days are back.

Basket on Castors


I’ve had this basket on the floor in my downstairs wardrobe but the fact that it was kind of scratching the painted floor when filled up and pulled out kind of bothered me.



So again I added castors. I love castors. They keep stuff off the immediate floor and make stuff easy to more around. I’ve used them A LOT in the past. Like here, here, here, here and here but also on Wille’s current armchair and on the coffee table in the den.



So simple. I just drilled holes in the four corners using a drill bit matching the bolts on the castors…



… and screwed the casteors on with nuts on the inside.



Off the floor!



And what’s the basket for? I keep the clothes that are going to be donated to charity in there. It’s really convenient since I get dressed in there, if something doesn’t take my fancy anymore I can put it directly in the basket and wait for the curb side pick up flyer. When I get a flyer saying there’ll be a pick up it’s all ready to go.