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Happy New Year!

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Can you believe that it’s 2013 tomorrow? It’s kind of hard to think that another year passed. They seem to pass by faster and faster each year…

So how was 2012 for you? For me it was a good year. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed life on my own and have really loved living in the new house with Wille, Mini and Bonus who have all been happy here this year. Them happy, me happy.

I’m not one to make up a lot of resolutions (that I’ll only keep for the first three weeks of January at the most) but I do have hopes for the coming year. I’d like to take more time off, see my friends more and take time for some things that have been on the back burner for too long. I also always secretly hope I’ll win the lottery or come by a major inheritance from a long lost relative so I can quit my 9 to 5, blog full time AND have lots of time for fun stuff and travel. Yeah, right.

Anyway, to all of you from all of me have a happy, happy new new year!

Gott Nytt År!

366: Day 352-358

December 17

View of the tree from my desk.


December 18



December 19

Wille’s had a crazy tough semester and playing the guitar has been a way for him to relax between studies. He’s getting so good!


December 20

A snack tray for Wille. They’re not normally this elaborate but we just happened to have a variety of goodies.


December 21

My birthday. I got up at 5.30 and this greeted me in the kitchen. My boy is the best.


December 22

For my birthday I also got this beauty of an Amaryllis from my ex mother in law and that awesome London tin from my friend Sanna who found it on one of her vintage shopping sprees. Love it so much!


December 23

The morning before Christmas Eve (we celebrate today over here!) and Advent fourth.

Only just over one week to go and the 366 project will be completed

Happy Christmas everyone, have a lovely week!