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Santé, Fruit Flies!


I’ve been having a fly problem this summer. Both lots of the regular big flies but that was earlier (they’re almost gone now) and these past few weeks fruit flies. I searched online and found all sorts of fly traps you can make; glass with various sweets (a fruit gone bad, balsamic vinegar, coke, “saft” etc) inside which entice flies, glass with paper funnel, glass with cling film with holes etc. Nothing really worked.



Until I realized that whenever I had a glass of rosé wine out those little buggers came and sat down on the rim or took a swim in my drink. So I took a glass, poured some rosé wine in it, added a couple of drops of dish washing soap (make them unable to land on the surface) and left it on the counter top.

At first nothing much happened but after a day or so I saw some casualties and after that they started piling up in there! There’s even a mosquito and a wasp so the wine turned vinegar must be really tasty now. A votre santé, creeps!

Third Time's a Charm


So after that post where I showed you the dotty wallpaper I panted over it.



A bold yellow on one wall and the rest white.



I picked the yellow because I already have some bright yellow accent pieces dotted around the house.



But it was only up for a couple of days and then I painted over it all again.



Now it’s a calm and soothing white. What can I say. White is me. I’m happy now. The color looks a bit yellow in this shot but it’s actually pure white above and below that grey piece of trim (that I might also paint white once I’ve decided what to do with the stairs.



I added some temporary art until I’ve found the perfect piece/s. The frame on the left holds a wallpaper scrap original to the house and the frame on the left images of Wille from when he was a toddler.



Still figuring out what to do with the stairs but I’ll get there!