366: Day 23-29
Doing the Shuffle

The Unfinished Project


This old wash stand is one of my very first really great finds. When I lived in Älmhult (the birth place of IKEA) back in the mid 80's I found it in an abandoned house along with some other stuff that I've since gotten rid of. It's served me well for over two decades as a bedside table, an entry hall catch-all and as a place to put down the laundry basket at our old house.



At the new place it's been moved around in the basement and hadn't really found it's place so I got an idea. I started by removing the top bit.


Then I measured to find the middle and used the straight edge of the saw to draw the line.



Then I used the same saw to - yes - saw it down the middle.



Yup, two pieces now. What on earth was I up to?



Tada! It used to serve as a bedside table in one of our old apartments and now I figured I'd use it as TWO bedside tables.



The plan was to re-paint them and attach them to the walls with L-brackets but then another thought entered my mind which kind of made them redundant...

So now I have two halves of an old wash stand and still no bedside tables. What entered my mind? I'll tell you more later!

Ps. Please ignore the cables mess, I was just trying the tables out here. You didn't think I was going to leave it as is did you?!


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At first I was like, whhhhyyyy would you cut a perfectly good table in half?!!? Than I was all.. no! you didn't! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

elite concrete restoration

WoW!! First, I wonder what you will do and then... ^___^ Haha...

You've got an ideas for this..Love it!

Casa e Cose

AH vad fint! Vilka underbara farger! Gratt, vitt och ljus turkos med parkett golv. Ah!!!!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

I'm also wondering about it. It keeps disappearing on me. It's back now but I'm considering finding some other search button.


oh yes, and i was wondering what happened to the 'search' button. i needed to look for something last week but, now i've forgotten, i hate that :(


the top part of the original wash stand looks usable as a hanging shelf, just add some hooks.

as for the two-halves, the suspense is killing me. beniiiiiita! but (sigh) like a dedicated follower, i am looking forward to the end result. i will surely smack my forehead when you finally reveal it. goodluck.

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Right now they're redundant. Will try and find a spot for them somewhere :)


That is so funny!

emily @ go haus go

GENIUS! Excited to see the next step. I like the soft blue of the tops.

Carolina Jerez

You mande me laugh!
Carolin (Chile)

Carolina Jerez

I was afraid for the table, but you were smarter than me! Good for you!
Saludos desde Chile :)



Debbie from Chicago

I am a new reader and I adore your blog. I love that you sawed the table in half to use as nightstands. Very clever. :)

So, what are the plans for the little table?


You are! You are a wonderful writer and you create the most wonderful episodes for your readers to enjoy and savor!

I, too, am enjoying this bit of intrigue and mystery and I anticipate a very wonderful conclusion to this episode. Meanwhile, you've got us all wondering and pondering what could become of that lovely washstand; some of us might even create something brilliant out of those ponderings--that will be completely different from what you actually have planned. Brilliant teaching technique!

This actually reminds me of the Apartment Therapy feature where someone cut Ikea chairs in half and attached them to the wall as clothes butlers.

I have no idea what you will do but I've sure got my thinking cap on and it will keep me entertained until you reveal what you've done with them.


Oh, the cliff hanger! Oh, the suspense! What will Benita do next? ... (cue the music) Stay tuned to the next episode of that Swedish woman with the saw at Chez Larsson.

Can't wait to see what you are up to next!

Nancy in snowy Ontario, Canada

KeLLy Ann

I have a friend that is a Metal Smith/Sculptor and she did the most brilliant side tables. Taking a round piece of metal, a plasma torch, and a doily pattern, she cut the design out, cut the circle in half, and painted them bright white. She has them attached to her living room wall on each side of her couch. I marvel at them every time I go over there!


Hi Benita, just wanted to say I love how fearless you are! You have an idea and just go for it. Can't wait to see what your plans are for the tables - I thought the 1/2 bedside tables was genius - they look made for the spot. Love your little daily updates of your adventures of life in Sweden.



Lisa Flaherty

This is why I love you so much! My husband and I use a huge table as a desk and it is too deep. We have been wanting to saw it down and both sets of our parents think we are crazy. Now, guess what we are doing this weekend! You are my hero!

David in Canada

Wow! very clever... nicely done.

Thanks for the inspiration


Great idea Benita! These two smaller tables look more modern now and I love that you always repurpose what you already own to make them work. Very environmentally friendly!

I always think of you as the Swedish version of Martha Stewart, only you are more handy with the tools! :)


Very fun post. I love how fearless you are. And I love how you set up the suspense. Can't wait to tune in tomorrow for the conclusion.


Love it, Benita! Very lovely, what a smart idea!


You killed the table! sniff sniff


I like your way of thinking.


I love this blog! So curious to see what you will do next. Thanks for being an inspiration with every post.

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Nope :)

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

I have touched on the subject in serveral posts but my search button has made its disappearing act again. When it's up there on the left try using it and do a "cable organizing" search and you should find some.

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

HAHAHA indeed :)


They look great as bedside tables! Are you going to cut off the legs and hang up only the tops on the walls?!


Like your idea a lot! :) You are really an inspiration :)


You are a true inspiration and you always make me smile :-) That is so clever that I almost want to have a go at it my self. Hence though, I don't think my hubby will totally agree ;)
It looks so great!
Cheerio, Anette :-)


tu es incroyable !! :) il y a le salon des inventions a Geneve, peut-etre devrais-tu venir presenter tes "trouvailles" ;)
Bonne journee !


Well, even though it's/they've been made redundant I think they're cute! LOVE that soft green color on the top.


What?! You cut it in half and now you're not even going to use them (as bedside tables anyway)? Can't wait to see what comes next! Whatever it is it'll be clever, I'm sure lol.


Tänker febrilt. Skulle vilja behöva dem, men var? I mitt sovrum...? HAHAHA


I was thinking that too. Haven't seen one and I could sure do with one!


Genius. Like velcro or post it notes - simple yet having that smack-yourself-over-the-head and why-didn't-I-think-of-that?! quality.


Oh man, Benita! My heart stood still for a second when I saw what you did to the poor table! And now you are telling us, you will not use them as bedside tables? I'm still in a kind of shock (don't worry too much about me ;o)) ...


intriguing. i need a lesson in cable management from you - is there already a dedicated post somewhere? x


Somewhere, there's a tv station waiting to put you on tv. Another genius idea, and a testament to your relationship with 'stuff' that you just went and decided to cut that in half, even though you've loved it for so long. I can't wait to see what you do with the cables. We've got a cable mess in our living room - tv and modem related - that would blow your mind.


Can't wait to see what you have in mind for those bedside tables! =D



"So now I have two halves of an old wash stand and still no bedside tables. "

Hm...is this not a bedside table?


Dear Benita, I had a really long spell of not being able, for a severe lack of time, to read your blog (or any, for that matter) and finally last week I spent a few days catching up. I had to go as far back as you ripping the kitchen out of your new home. (Looks marvellous now, by the way). It was nice to see your 'decorating dramas' unfold at my own pace. But now, I'm all caught up and it's really feeling like you're drip feeding us these little bits of information - I can't just click for newer posts any more - What's going to happen next??? Will you stack them and make some sort of shelving? Do you make new bedside tables from L brackets? Don't leave us hanging for too long ;) Have a wonderful day!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

DU kanske behöver dem?


But it looks so good!!


You are so smart!! I really wish I had all your ideas!! Looking forward to the rest of the story...
Regards from snowy Zurich, Daniela

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

It's not in the graveyard yet. I'm holding on to it a little while longer. The back/top bit's gone already though. Too narrow to do anything with.


Awww! My heart bleeds for the poor wash stand, for years it has stood proud and useful, then along comes Benita with her great big SAW!

Please tell me this has a happy ending and it doesn't end up in a graveyard!

Also, will you make use of the back you took off too?

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