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Valentine's Boxes


I decided to take a rest from renovating last weekend and devoted it to getting to know my new iMac but also to do some crafts. I've been longing to do crafts for crafts sake. You know just sit there with paper and scissors and create something for the fun of it. Those two boxes above are the results of my Saturday morning session. No music, no TV, just snipping and gluing away.




I'm very lucky in that Panduro Hobby sends me a package of craft supplies every two months this year. The first package arrived just before Christmas and I used some of the contents to wrap my Christmas gifts. This second package is Valentine's themed. With that in mind most of what arrived was romantic and a little on the frilly side and since I'm not in a very romantic mood I went for the cream and black card stock and the simple heart boxes for my craft.



I started out by covering the black box with the card stock using the lid as a template and measuring the height of the sides and cut strips for them.


Then I used gluestick to stick the card stock to the box and held it in place with some clips until dry.


For the cream box I again used the lid as a template and traced six hearts onto the card stock.


Cut them all out...


... and stacked and stitched them together on my sewing machine.


That created like a heart shaped booklet when spreading the pages...



... which I then stuck onto the lid of the box with glue stick.



Again using random clips to hold everything in place until completely dry.


To embellish the black box I cut out several smaller hearts and used adhesive pads to elevate them on each other. I trippled the pads for better height.


And there they are, my not so cutesy Valentine's boxes. I shall be filling them with some treats come the 14th. Happy V-day in advance!

Stuck Glasses


How annoying is it when you get two glasses out of your cabinet and they're stuck together? After getting the dishwasher that happens more often than before because I sometimes stack the glasses before they've cooled down completely. Trying to pry them apart used to freak me out because I was worried they'd shatter in my hands.



Then I remembered this trick. Pour hot water in a bowl, put the bottom glass in the hot water. Pour cold water in the top glass. 



The hot water will expand the bottom glass while the cold water will shrink the top glass leaving a tiny bit of space so you can easily take them apart. Works every time!

Mr. Mac


Yes, you guessed it. I have welcomed Mr. Mac into my life. We met last Wednesday and have just started getting to know each other. 

After reading all your very helpful comments I decided to take the plunge and switch from PC to Mac and also while I was at it switch from a laptop to a stationary computer.

In the end the reasons for the leap were 

* Wille and you guys (at least most of you) say you're so happy with your Macs.

* Because you said the transition from PC to Mac wouldn't be so difficult. It's not!

* I'll still be able to run Photoscape and Live Writer once I've gotten a Windows cd and gone down the Bootcamp/Parallells route which Wille wanted to do on his iMac anyway because he uses a 3D PC only software at school. 

The reasons for getting an iMac instead of a MacBook Pro were

* After thinking about it I realized that with my new job I don't travel anymore and don't really need a laptop for that reason.

* If I do travel occasionally I can bring Wille's iPad or since there's still a bit of life left in my Sony Vaio he can tag along until he's completely dead.

* I hardly ever carried the laptop around the house, I always sat at the desk with it anyway. 

* The price of the larger MacBook Pro (I wanted a substantially larger screen than the 14" I had) was so much higher than the iMac.


* He's so good looking!