Valentine's Boxes
366: Day 23-29

Attention to Detail


I love attention to detail like that on my entry hall coat rack (which is the Wave by Design House Stockholm btw). See that screw? It's WHITE! 

Please ignore the awful wall cladding, One day in the far away future I WILL line it and make it smooooooth.

Happy weekend! Hope you have a great one!

Ps. I didn't win the Favorite Blog contest over at Hus & Hem, but thank you so much all who voted for me!


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Count me in the camp that likes the look of the painted textured paper but I am surprised to learn it is fiberglass! I assumed it was woven grass/straw, which I have seen in circa 1920-30s houses in the US.

Now I can understand why you want to rid yourself of it.

Melissa of craftgasm

Ack! Sorry, I didn't mean to make more work for you. :)

A Charmed Life

That's a good idea, thanks :)

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Thank you! Someone else also e-mailed me about it actually:). SO beautiful!


I thought of you this morning when I saw this slide show in the NY Times

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

The editors of the magazine got in touch to get Chrystelle's contact info so I do know about the article :). Someone is already sending me a copy but thank you so much for the offer!!!


Me too!


Tusen tack Benita! Det kommer att ta tid innan vi fått huset i ordning så mycket att det blir tid att åtgärda den lilla entrehallen, men nu vet jag i alla fall vad jag skall göra, tack vare dig. Vårt hus var i ett fantastiskt skick, vi har bara flyttat in, och ändå tar det på krafterna som bara den. De mål- och byggarbeten vi kommer att göra är mera för att vi vill göra dem, inte för att det måste målas, och det är en ganska lyxig känsla. Men att flytta själv får en att uppskatta ännu mer hur du mitt i ert flyttande, målande och byggande också har haft ork kvar att posta dina bloggposter. Jag har följt med din blogg i flera år, och alltid funnit den en stor inspirationskälla för egna inrednings-, pyssel- och byggprojekt. Jag hoppas innerligt att du i fortsättningen också finner glädje i att blogga som nu :)

Very nice (and I actually like the wall cladding).

Vicki K

Benita - maybe this common to you now, but did you know that your name and blog was mentioned in the February 2012 Woman's Day (US) magazine? You were credited as the inspiration behind one woman's craft room organizational makeover. She had taken off closet doors and make a curtain and then organized bins on a gorilla type shelf. (Sort of like your basement storage area.) Let me know if you would like me to send you the magazine.


My husband is the one at our house for whom the silver color of the screws against a white bracket is a thorn (but I have to admit he's right). I keep a tiny bottle of white gloss paint and paint brush made for model cars. After hanging a white bracket or assembling a white item, we go back and paint the screw heads white. That way they aren't marred from the screwdriver scratching the paint during the work process. It makes him feel so much better.


You are my first blog of the day--first in my heart.


I was about to mention that sticker but saw that Melissa already did. It may be the angle of the photo, but at first glance it looked crooked...which I knew you would not stomach long! I have the urge to straighten out all crooked bumper stickers on cars, so I am most definitely not making fun of you. Sorry you didn't win the blog contest.


Shame about not winning best blog, I thought you were a shoo-in for sure!! You are tops with me, Benita! Now take that label off the rack, its making me crazy. :-)

Lisa Flaherty

Like so many others, you are the first blog I read each and every day--a favorite of MINE! I have painted unsightly screws with just a small brush and craft paint. So nice when that detail is in the design!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

I do. I don't think any Swedes are partial to it because in the 80's it was put up EVERYWHERE! Especially in new builds. It's fiberglass and a nightmare to remove as it turns into - you guessed it- FIBERS if you try to pull it off!


By 'wall cladding' do you mean the texture? Because I quite like it, especially against the smoothness of the rack.


That's what I love about your blog and you is your attention to detail. Sorry about not winning the favorite blog contest - I'm sure you will next time. Take care and have a great weekend.

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

The screws actually came with the rack which I thought was really cool. I've never seen any in a hardware store though. I guess a little spray paint could do it? Stick the screws in some styrofoam so the end doesn't get paint on and spray the tops?

A Charmed Life

Funny enough I wondered the other day if I could get white screws for my white String-like shelf :) If you got some in Sweden, I reckon there's a chance of getting hold of them in Germany, too.

Have a good weekend. Maja


That's a shame! You're my fave :)

Love the rack too. So many cool things coming out of Stockholm!


you're still on my top 5 blog list.


I voted couple of times...have a nice weekend Benita!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson



My Favourite blog too - by far. The first one I look at each day. Thank you.


oops, accidental filling in of mail-adress before, maybe you could delete that for me, sorry! :)

never mind hus & hem, your blog is my favourite too! happy weekend!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Congratulations on getting a house in Ängby!

You can get "renoveringstapet"/lining paper/blank stock at any paint/diy store. It's like a thicker wallpaper (sometimes with glass fiber but I've used the type without. One brand is called Konkret and it's really great to work with. Here's a post where I've used some: The great thing is that it covers bumpy walls such as these in this post without having to spackle. The reason why I haven't done it here is that it's not just four walls, there are so many nooks, crannies and recesses and I just don't have time for that project now. At least the walls aren't banana yellow with brown trim anymore.


Nice coat rack :)

May I be curious and ask you how you intend to smooth out the wall cladding? You see, our family moved last summer from Finland to Stockholm, rented a lovely house in Södra Ängby for six months, and last week we moved into our own very house in Norra Ängby. The house is lovely, but in the entry hall there is this same wall cladding, and I simply hate it. So a blog entry on how to deal with the ugliness would be highly appreciated!

Ha en trevlig helg Benita!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Ha! I didn't even think about it. I guess when it's a brand you like it doesn't bother you but now that you mention it I probably will have to peel it off :).

Melissa of craftgasm

I like the rack, but I wonder why they put the text on the front of the rack itself. I'd think that'd drive you nuts!


Your blog is the first one I look at in the morning and the very first decorating blog I discovered - my first blog love :-).
Cool coat hanger. Trevlig helg!


Nice rack!


Your blog is also my favourite.
The coat rack is very cool.


I kinda like the painted-over wall cladding - weird but it add somes texture. Shame about the contest Benita but your blog is still my FAVOURITE - I love what you do so please keep it up !


Jag håller med DIN blogg är min personliga favorit.

Ha en bra helg.


Jag håller med, din blogg är MIN favorit! Ha en bra helg : )



Your blog is MY favorite!!

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