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Stenciling the Hall Floor?

Chain Link

Chain Link

Remember how I on Friday mentioned possibly tiling the hall floor sometime next year? Well, here's another option I've been exploring.


Basket weave

Basket Weave

When I wrote the post on maybe wallpapering the floor to hide that awful peige (pink+beige) linoleum (I've given up on that because the cost of two rolls of wallpaper + three cans of varnish turned out to be quite expensive for a kind of temporary solution) I had a comment that led me to check out stencils.



Cane Basket Weave

I don't know about you but to me stencils sounded very 80's and I had an image in my head of several stencilling projects from my past. You know the "a border at the top of the wall" kind of things.


Eight pointed stars

Eight Pointed Stars

When I went to check out the link in the comment I was blown away by the stencils shown there. Wow! Stenciling sure has come a long way since my home made red and green tulip border at my parents house circa 1987 (what was I thinking?!).


Endless Circles

Endless Circles

Aren't these images so inspiring? Make me want to put stencils in more places than just that floor.


Large Nova Trellis

Nova Trellis

So now it's a matter of choosing which one. That's so hard. For one because they're all beautiful (and there are a million more where they came from) but also because it's kind of difficult to imagine them on a floor rather on a wall.


Moorish Circle

Moorish Circles

Also difficult because since it's paint ANY colors combinations are possible. Almost too much choice?!


Small Star diamonds

Star Diamonds

Star Diamonds

Do you guys have any recent stencilling experience and have you used any of these "all over" type stencils that mimick wallpaper?




I'm really into this idea now but I need your advice on what stencil would do best on the floor and I'd love to hear your color suggestions too. Basically anything goes in the hall because aside from the peige everything is white and the lockers can (and one most definitely will) be painted and I can choose those colors after the floor's done.



Here's that pesky looking floor in all it glory. As you can see I REALLY need to do something about it. Oh, as for tiling the floor and adding under floor heating it's still something I want to do one day but I desperately need to look at something else than that lino until that day.

The images in this post are from the Royal Design Studio Flickr page. There's also a website where there's even more choice... How to choose?!


The Living Room


So, I had several requests to see the whole living room as up to now I’ve only shown the bits and pieces that have been ready, I’m not saying I’m “ready” now, decorating is an ongoing process, but I’ve at least painted the ceiling and walls.

What you see above is the view when you enter the living room via those steps where I have yet to rip the lino out of. To the far left (not seen) is the kitchen and then the dining table and across from there the seating/TV area and my blog spot.

That tray on one of the cube stools is also the coffee table. I wheel it in front of the Galaxy chairs when I need somewhere to put my tea cup. Or wine glass for that matter. Needless to say I need to find a coffee table of some sort.



Right next to blogging desk is the Expedit book case and the opening to the right is where my bedroom nook is. The chair is on a small wall that separates the bedroom nook from the stairs that go up.



Here you can see the bedroom nook beyond the Expedit. As you can see the Galaxy chairs are still in their original pink outfits. I do plan to some day revamp them but for now I’m going with the pink.



Yup, there’s my nook. I have curtain parking behind the wall behind that chair. I’m not loving the curtain visible through the “window” though so I’ll either board it up from behind and adding shelves OR if I get planning permission I’m thinking of adding a wood burning fire on this wall. That would be so cool because I’d be able to see the fire from bed, from the dining table, kitchen and living area! It would be a 50 000 SEK (USD 7 000) expenditure though… I think I’ll start by applying for the planning permission before dreaming too much.



Here I am standing in the corner by the sofa window looking towards the stairs going up. As you can see these photos were taken before I painted the stairwell. Can’t wait for those railings to be painted white!



This is the view from the opposite side, from the foot end of the bed towards the seating area. That lamp hanging quite randomly is going, it’s just temporary until I find a good reading light for in between the Galaxies.



And that’s full circle, the left hand side of the sofa.

So, those of you who requested the grand tour of the living room, you’re welcome.

Roller Blinds


I’m not a fan of curtains. I don’t know why but I don’t get those floor length things and I HATE the kind that puddles on the floor. Sorry if you have them and I offended you but to me they’re just dust (and pet hair) collectors.

I did need something for the windows on the first floor though. 1) Because the sun is really bright at this side of the house 2) Because it’s alright without anything in summer but come winter these windows will look like pitch black squares and 3) Because of privacy reasons, I sleep on this floor in this open space after all.

I love the simplicity of roller blinds. I  always have. My problem in this house has been finding long enough ones that don’t have to be custom made and thus cost a fortune. Once again Ms. Google came to the rescue.



If you are in Sweden and you need roller blinds of a longer than in store standard length, check out this place, Rollodin! Like I said, Ms. Google helped me find them and they have no idea I’m writing this post so this raving review is entirely because I love them.

Rollodin have so many fabric options (I chose pure white polyester after requesting and getting several fabric swatches), lengths (I bought four roller blind in three different lengths), rolling and hanging options (I went for hidden rolls and in one case a closer to the window option because of some pipes) and the option to switch from plastic pull chain to metal (I went for metal). The delivery was within a week and I paid a small fee to have it all delivered to my door. They were super easy to install and I’m super happy now that all four windows have the same simple pure white blinds. Oh, and they weren’t super expensive either. Aaaah!