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The Bedroom Nook

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This is what the living room with the old kitchen wall and much debated bedroom nook looked like in the realtor’s photos.

When we came to view the house and liked what we saw I immediately knew I wanted that nook for my bedroom so Wille could have the top floor basically to himself. It was in no means a sacrifice. I love that I have this whole floor to myself when Wille has friends over and he LOVES the upstairs n’ balcony. The fact is that I hardly ever go upstairs when Wille’s away, I love “my” floor.

I gave you a sneak peek the other day, but drumroll please, here’s my nook!


003 (2)


As you know I went for grey paint for the walls and I love how it shows off my freshly painted ceiling and trim. I love waking up in here and looking out into the living room, sun (when we’re lucky) shining straight onto me there in bed from the window.



This is a small space so I had to get a new bed (140 cm wide. Sultan Salhus with Tafjord pillow top, the same I got for my half of the bed at the old house) so I would have enough space on the sides for bedside tables. They are still work in progress, or rather thrifting in progress as I haven’t yet found any good ones. At the moment an IKEA Helmer acts as a stand in.


008 (2)

So for the details, in case you are wondering; Pillow cases sewn from Svenskt Tenn fabrics. Art by Blanca Gomez and Tiel Seivl-Keevers. The B is a sample from China and the little tulip chair is one of these.


007 (2)

I treated myself to an orchid after finishing the nook. The blind is Enje by IKEA. The white glass pot came from Åhléns quite a few years ago. The wooden B is one Martin made a long time ago and the art is a flea market find in an IKEA frame.



Opposite from the bed are PAX wardrobes from IKEA. I got the high gloss Fardal doors which match the high gloss kitchen cabinet doors. I also went for the same Klippig handles as in the kitchen since this is all one big open space. The ceiling light is Garland by Tord Boontje and the dot carpet, again by IKEA.

Yes, that’s a curtain there behind that weird little window but that’s a different post.

As for the cat bed, it must be the most FAQ on Chez Larsson so I’ll answer it one more time; It’s by Whiskas, was a promotional item, isn’t manufactured any more, can sometimes be found on Ebay.

The Green Door


Finally good enough weather for a green door.


029 besk

This is what it looked like before, pallet, pink slabs, prickly bush and all. Just too bad I don’t have the fudge colored light, black and white door bell and green n’ rust colored mail box in the shot. That’s how eager I was to get rid of them.


And here it is. It’s green. Very green. And I love it!

I’m not so much in love with the chrysanthemum I planted in the galvanized planter though. I bought it at the a market stall and the guy SWORE that it was white but now the buds are opening it’s purple. Argggghhh.

Oh, I had a request for a door painting how-to but I didn’t really take that many photos of the process (sometimes I just want to get on with it and not have to take my shoes off and go inside to get he camera) but what I did was polish the hardware, sand the door with my mouse sander, first a coarser grain and then a finer and then carefully tape off the hardware, handles and lock, I didn’t remove them. Two coats of paint and above is the result.

Faux Headboard


Ok, so I was finally ready to paint the bedroom nook. I wanted either white or grey. Grey simply because I had two liter cans left from the old house and this was the one place I figured it would work. Above you can see I started painting the window wall.

After I was done with the first coat I realized I wouldn’t have enough for the rest of the walls… I didn’t want to have to go get more so I came up with a fake headboard in white.



Said and done, I painted a large rectangle centered on the wall about 20 cm / 8 inches wider than the bed itself. I eyeballed the height and hoped for the best.



After the white paint dried I taped a rectangle which is just a little bit wider than the bed on it using a level to get it straight.

I didn’t take a photo of painting the grey around the square, but I did. You just have to be careful to not hit the inside white part with your roller but other than that you just roll away. When both coats are done you peel the tape away while the last coat is still wet. I love this part, it’s like magic that straight line you get.



And there it is, the fake headboard. And I had just enough grey paint for the rest of the walls. I did have to really push the roller into the wall to get the last bit out but I did it.

Don’t worry, I’ll show you the whole bedroom nook in a separate post.