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Door 27


Anna, don’t worry, I’m not copying you, other than showing what’s up with my house number. I have absolutely nothing against enamel house numbers but when it’s worn and rusty it’s not the neat clean look I’m after I’m afraid.

I’ve been looking for nice house numbers for a while but hadn’t really found anything good. Either it was a horrid font, horrriiiid finish (“weathered” plastic faux brass anyone?) or super expensive. Then I went to get something entirely different at my favorite DIY store Clas Ohlson and there they were!

I didn’t want my numbers flush to the wall though but rather at a small distance. I couldn't find any little tube to help with that but came up with using regular stainless steel washers instead.



I stacked ten washers behind each screw and attached it all to the wall.



Here’s the sideway view. It would have looked neater with a tube of some sort but this works well and besides, I don’t think my guests will lay their cheek against the wall to peek underneath. Or maybe now they will.




Oh, I switched out he light too. It’s also from Clas Ohlson. They have the best simple stuff at very affordable prices.

Door 27.

Hall Shelf


Eeek! Yellow and brown was never my thing and when I got a vanilla hall with a generic brown door I knew at least the yellow had to go QUICKLY. Never mind that other parts of the house still have the original dingy 1954 wall paper but this mid 80’s decor made me sick to my stomach. And no, I don't care that this particular shade of yellow supposedy is all the rage again. Bleah.



Also there was an issue of storage or at least clutter collecting. Wille complained (and he’s not one to complain normally) that there wasn’t anywhere to put keys etc when entering the house. I needed to think of something quickly and didn’t have a whole lot of materials to choose from but I did have the brackets off the old window sill in the kitchen and a left over piece of board from the new kitchen. It’s not solid wood but a piece of melamine covered chip board (I can hear Martin cringing right now) but it would have to do for now. I can always switch it out later. Besides, my plan is to build a radiator cover there later on and then it will all be re-thunk anyway.



So after painting the walls white I cut the board to fit I the space above the radiator and attached it with the brackets. I also added our old bathroom mirror above to reflect the light from the small hall windows. This is probably the darkest corner of the house and the brown ugly doesn’t help much. I’m repainting the door in a lighter color as soon as I can leave it open (Bonus is currently at the beginning of week 4 of 5 weeks of being grounded).



Painting the walls white made a HUGE difference and the shelf serves it’s purpose perfectly. A place to drop coins and keys and to scribble a last minute note.



Now that I’m the proud owner of a dish washer (still no door attached though…) I don’t know how I ever survived without. It’s such a blessing to just pop the dishes in there after a hard days work, turn it on and hear it do it’s business.

I did realize after a while that I needed a dish drainer something because I always ended up with a tea towel on the counter to drain a few things that either aren’t dish washer proof or just needed draining, like after drinking a sip of water from my glass.

I looked everywhere for something small and fun and stumbled on this Grass dish draining rack by Boon. They are marketing it for parents of babies and toddlers but I love how cute and fun it is and the small size (10x10 inches/25x25 cm) fits perfectly next to the sink. Loooooooove.

After linking I saw that there’s a slightly larger one available too. It’s called Lawn :). How cute is that?