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Gardening Storage


So that hobby room that took forever to spray paint has this great little storage cabinet in the corner. After that horrible spray painting session was over I covered the shelves with while oil cloth. As you probably know by now I love white oil cloth and use it extensively for all areas that I want easy to wipe.



Then I realized that the top shelf is perfect for three of my plastic bins. I’ll keep less often used gardening stuff up there.



On the other side were already some hooks and an assortment of nails which I just kept and painted over.

These photos were taken before we moved in and I have since filled the shelves with more of my gardening supplies. Will show you later on!

Wille's Shelves


Wille’s room is coming together nicely.

As you can see this is where the armchair from our former living room ended up. Wille loves having it in there for reading and studying. He did need storage though. There are built in closets in his room but he also needed something for his books.

This nook is prefect for a built in book shelf so that’s what I gave him. Oh, if you can’t remember what his room looked like before you can see it here and underway here.



The supports are strips of wood screwed into the wall. The shelves themselves are store bought melamine shelves which I cut to size.



I left gaps to one side for cables and cut notches in the shelves accordingly and there’s an electrical outlet under the bottom shelf. Remember, the sugar cube Empire State Building on the top shelf lights up.



I then painted the supports so they would blend into the wall and I used the same emulsion paint that I used for the walls.



And that’s the finished result. I have a small issue with the bottom shelf bowing slightly because of the weight of those big books but the camera is making it look much worse than it actually is. I’ll probably add a support “beam” to the front of the shelf to rectify that.

One happy seventeen year old. Check!

List No.21: Things I need to Get for the House Part 2


Um, so after last weeks list I got a few things for the house...

* Living room furniture. Seriously, I have a bed in there (not counting the new bed I got at IKEA on Sunday which I sleep on) and a bookshelf and that’s it. And why, oh why didn’t I get the two armchairs I saw at the local charity shop yesterday? I’m betting they will be gone when I get there tomorrow… I got them! Wille was a bit surprised to say the least when he saw them but I explained that I have plans... I think I'll do a quick fix on the cushions to begin with just to cover up those pink florals... The name? Galaxy! And no, they weren't a bargain I'm afraid but they are very swively and very comfortable and very white. And Mini likes them.

* A carpet for the living room. I think I will need something to pull the sitting area together.

* Fabric for a shower curtain. Oooh, I still need to show you the bathroom! Wiiiiie!

* An assortment of lamps. Lamps are so tricky. And expensive.

* A TV for the upstairs hall/den. Once we have that we can move the white one from upstairs to downstairs.

* A full length mirror for the hall. I accidentally left ours at the old house when we moved. I got one at the charity shop but it turns out it's like one of those mirrors at the fun fair where you look really short and stumped. I think I need to get another one, it's not good for self esteem.

* A small writing desk for me. I’ve given up on the idea of the home office upstairs. Check out that mid century brown thing by the window!

* A bedside table for me and one for Wille. I ordered a Camponibili and will pick it up this weekend!

* An armchair for the den.

* Hooks for the hall. Ordered!

* A table for outside. I'm making do with a couple of old trestles and an old oilcloth covered table top this summer. Next year I hope to build a deck/get a deck built and then I'll get a proper table.

So, this weekend I'm super busy. Again. I'll try and finish Wille's built in shelves and hopefully I'll be able to start organizing the basement. Oh, and I also want to paint. Like everywhere. Look at the photo above and you can see why. And on Sunday my friend Sanna is coming over and if the weather's nice I hope we'll do some weeding. I'll also try to squeeze in a bath and some wine drinking. Actually the wine drinking is a given.

Happy Weekend!