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I’m exercising!

The reason for the exclamation mark is the fact that I haven’t exercised in a long time. I always find myself being so much more healthy during the warmer months than in winter. From April through September I ride my bike to work at lest three days a week and that in combination with yard work and running up and down ladders keeps me fit. Winter is a different story though, it’s cold, it’s slippery and it’s difficult to get motivated. 



We've had a little bit of sun these past couple of weekends though and that in combination with a little bit of newly found energy (because of the sun I’m sure) got me outdoors. It’s still really icy and there’s lots of snow but with my Nordic walking poles I can stay on my feet pretty well.

Nordic walking has gained immense popularity around here but you do tend to see a lot of elderly people doing it and using the poles like sticks rather than exercise equipment so Wille refuses to be seen with me when I use the poles and I have to admit to feeling a little shy myself using them so I wear sunglasses. Regardless of the weather I’m incognito…

It IS great exercise though. Using the poles correctly, walking briskly and you’ve got yourself a good workout AND a butt lifter! I walk for 45 minutes to and hour and it’s a fun way to explore different neighborhoods while getting fitter.

I have to say I do long for the streets to be bare again so I can ride my bike. I can’t think of any better way to exercise than to do it on my way to and back from work. Please snow, go away!

List No.4 : Ten Favorite Simple Pleasures


Lists Brock Script 4


Here’s a list that one of you requested; my favorite simple pleasures. Here goes, in no particular order:


* Getting up before anyone else on the weekend.

* Walking bare feet from house to garden in summer.

* A glass or two of wine on the weekend. Current Favorite Lagunilla Crianza.

* Reading crime novels in bed. New favorite author Jan-Sverre Syvertsen.

* Cuddling with Mini and Bonus.




* Watching movies on DVD with Wille. At the moment we’re re-watching all the 007’s.

* Eating Pasta Rouge. Spaghetti with butter and ketchup… Fancy,  I know.

* Finding a new favorite Flickr Stream.

* Realizing it’s Thursday when you think it’s Wednesday.

* Candle lit week day dinners.

* A clean house.


What are yours?

Happy weekend!

The Basket Case


Mini loves my laundry basket. Every time she sees it empty in the laundry room she jumps inside and wants a ride upstairs. Sometimes I hear her storm down the stairs only to skid on the tiled floor when she gets to the bottom and then hops inside.



Sometimes she just lays lies there relaxing…



… while other times she takes it for a spin.

Either way she’s too cute!

Ps. Someone teach me an English lesson! I have such a hard time with lie and lay. When do you use them? Any tricks to help me remember which one to use when? I'm sure it's not correct in this post or in my other posts where something is placed horisontally on a surface... Sometimes I just want to skip writing anything that has to do with placement because not knowing which is correct drives me mad. Help!