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365 Day 295-301

OCT 22

First now! It stayed for two days but hasn’t been seen since. I does make everything much brighter though .

OCT 23

Bonus loves milk but it’s not very good for cats. Only recently I realized that since he and I are both lactose intolerant he should be able to drink my lactose free version. Bonus couldn’t believe his luck when I put the bowl in front of him.

OCT 24

First snow. First Glögg. I tried this years Blossa glögg which has saffron flavor. The lady in the store said it she’d tried it and didn’t like it but I did!

OCT 25

My handsome boy. Really enjoying and doing well in his new school and really likes his new class mates = one pleased mom.

OCT 26

Carrying bag after bag of groceries just really got to me so I decided to order everything we need for the next month on-line. Bliss.

OCT 27

Miss Mini likes to sit behind the laptop screen and push it towards me while I’m blogging. Or sit on it when I’m not.

OCT 28

Another favorite spot is right behind me on the bench in the hallway. Either way I can pet her while tapping away.

Friday! This weekend I have a paint project… I’m a little nervous regarding the color so fingers crossed!

Trevlig helg!

Three Swedish Blog Faves

When I started reading blogs some years ago I was completely focused on US based ones simply because they were the ones I ran into on Flickr. Lately I’ve noticed that I’m turning my attention more to local Swedish blogs instead. Here are three current faves.

Mitt vita hus. White, pretty and friendly which is what makes me excited every time there’s a new post in my reader. Author Mia is so sweet!


Header 24-10 bred 
Mullvad natur I’ve mentioned Anna-Malin’s blog Helt Enkelt before. What can I say? Styling, photography, it’s all beautiful.


House of Philia by Petra. Gorgeous eye candy. Gorgeous! I’ll move right in thank you very much!

All three bloggers are Swedish moms who enjoy interior design, fashion and family life. The blogs are in Swedish obviously but well worth a visit for the images and you can always have them translated using Google Translate if you want to read bits and pieces.

You know how that works, right? You go to the Google Translate page and type in the URL of the blog you want to view translated and choose “From Swedish” and “Into what ever language you prefer” and click “Translate”. Voilà!

Thank you Mia, Anna-Malin and Petra for the loan of your photos and headers!!! Kram!

Simplify 101 Holiday Coupon


Have you guys starting to think about the holidays yet? I have and I can’t wait. I’m already browsing web stores and checking out last year’s holiday posts on my favorite blogs for inspiration.

Do you get stressed thinking about what’s to come and stress that you won’t get everything done in time? Then there’s help to be had in the shape of Aby!

My friend, sponsor and professional organizer Aby Garvey has a simplify 101 workshop called Get Organized for the Holidays , which begins Tuesday, November 2nd. In it you’ll learn how to organize the holidays from start to finish and take the stress out of the whole thing. You can also exchange holiday decorating ideas, gift ideas, and recipes with the other students in the simplify 101 workshop forum which is pretty great!

I’m going to be in the workshop forum during two weekends–Saturday, November 27 & Sunday, November 28 and Saturday, December 4 & Sunday, December 5, 2010–to share and brainstorm holiday decorating ideas and answer your questions. In addition, as part of the workshop materials, you’ll receive a handout by me, Simple + Stylish Holiday Decorating Ideas.

simplify 101 is offering you guys, 15% off enrollment through Thursday, November 4, 2010! To take advantage of this offer, enter CLHOLIDAYS during checkout. (This coupon is good through November 4, 2010 and may not be combined with any other offers.)

Oh, and tomorrow, in a guest post on Aby’s blog, I’ll be answering Aby’s questions about my holiday decorating. Come on over and check it out!

About simplify 101: There's a whole new way to get organized—simplify 101's online workshops. By making the organizing process creative and fun, simplify 101's online workshops teach students how to implement organizing and time management solutions that really work, putting an end to disorder and the stress that comes along with it. Visit simplify 101 to sign up for the monthly organizing newsletter or take a tour of the online workshop system.

Image: Aby Garvey