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365 Day 203-210

JUL 23

So remember those roses on the trellis? They are no more. As I already had the ladder out to spray at a wasps nest just above I deadheaded the lot. They were all giving up anyway but I actually prefer their late color to the bright red. They were at their most beautiful on the gravel.

JUL 24
Have you ever played Blokus? It’s like reverse Tetris and totally addictive. Martin and Wille played in Torekov and then we got a game of our own when they got back.

JUL 25 
Bonus, my man! We don’t see much of him during summer as he’s the outdoorsy type. Wille and I freaked out a little a few weeks ago when he didn’t come home for 24 hours. But then he showed up again and all was well.

JUL 26 
We have clutter too. This is what I come home to after work. Someone had a snack, checked a bird book, doodled a bit, read the mail, watched TV, blew his nose, cut a nail and emptied a pocket.

JUL 27 
Mini, my princess! She sleeps next to me at night and makes sure the imposter cat that enters our kitty door gets chased away.

JUL 28 
I hate shopping for clothes but sometimes I just have to and I try to do it in my lunch hour so as not to waste time.

JUL 29
After four weeks of glorious hot and sunny weather on my vacation I’m back at work and it’s raining. That’s what I call excellent planning. 

Martin and Wille are off canoeing this weekend (hoping for better weather for their sake) and I’m finally painting the stairs. Hopefully I’ll get the downstairs doors done too!

Have a good one!



Oh Lord, I love this store! Byggfabriken at Söder in Stockholm with another location in Malmö down south specializes in restoration in keeping with past tradition.

I finally got new 1930's style interior door handles for upstairs. It's been ten years since I added them to my shopping list so it was about time we switched the old ones out.


Here's some more of what the store offers; the exact coat rack we have in our house and cool period wallpaper.


You can also get period style light switches, house numbers and other signs depending on the style and age of your house.


Love this new kitchen complete with Formica style top, knobs and handles.


Here I can get replacements for my basement and outdoor light shades...

...and I la-la-love these! I don't have anywhere to hang a single one but I want at least three.


Aside from friendly, knowledgeable staff and cool wares it also smells divine in there. If you're ever in these parts of Stockholm or visit Malmö this store's worth a visit even if you don't have a period home or a small 30's cottage in suburbia like we do. 

And, yes, I promise I'll show the handles in situ and in action, just need to paint that last little bit before I can remove the "Fresh Paint" signs from the doors. And no, I've not been sponsored by Byggfabriken, I wish :).

Custom Tray


After my unsuccessful chevron tray which now resides in the garage I still needed a tray for the kitchen. Remember how I won the Panduro Concrete Challenge? After I received the gift card I marched over there and shopped my little heart out. One of my purchases was this white tray. Yay! Rhymes. Couldn't resist.

The wooden pieces you get at Panduro and other craft stores have kind of a raw finish even though some of them, like this one, is pre-painted so I gave the tray a nice sanding and a few new coats of white spray paint. 

I wanted the pattern of the tray to be interchangeable so I cut a piece of (almost) clear plastic, which I had at home, to the interior size of the tray. Then I used the plastic as a template to cut a couple of pieces of wallpaper to the same size.

Pop one of the wallpaper scraps under the plastic and there's my yellow tray which matches my wine and my snacks.


Slide the green one under and I have me an outdoor breakfast tray. Not that I ever eat breakfast outdoors, I have it in front of the TV, rain or shine, but you get the picture.

And so what else did I get at Panduro? Loads of fun stuff, Some tools, yarn and knitting needles, fabric pens, a couple of more trays, pillow cases etc etc. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to craft much despite my four weeks off as I've been busy around the house but as soon as my major paint projects are done I'll get crafting. Watch this space!