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Cutting a Roller Blind to Size

Our livingroom is very bright and some days we need to pull the blinds  so we are able to watch tv or even just have an afternoon conversation on the sofa. The blinds are the only window treatment we have in there so I want it to be clean and fresh.

Clean and fresh. Not so much any more. The blind on the left is the one I've been wanting to replace for a long time but because it's very long I haven't been able to find an affordable solution until a little while ago.

I was looking into having a custom made one after searching all kinds of places but that would have been way too much money. So one day I went to Bauhaus for a completely different thing and spotted these pristine, simple, white and looooong blinds an aisle away. Wohoo! I ended up not getting what I came for but a perfect length blind for the big window and a short one for the door with window.

The short one for the door wasn't actually short enough though so that's how this post came about. I had to do a bit of trimming. I used the old blind to determine the width and then simply used a craft knife to cut the excess fabric off all the way down. I used the grid on the self healing mat as a guide.

When I came to the pole at the top I got my metal saw out and sawed off the excess bit at the end.

Then I just tapped the plastic end cap on and screwed the new hardware to the wall.

I also had to trim off the end of the stick that weighs the end of the blind down to the correct size again using the metal saw although the stick was plastic.

And there it is, or rather they are, clean, fresh, new! Bliss.

365 Day 141-147

MAY 21 
It's Friday! Yay! Double yay!
I for one have my work cut out for me. Yesterday I went to get half my winnings at the paint store. 15 liters / 4 gallons of exterior paint, 10 liters / 2.5 gallons of interior paint and 3 liters / 3/4 gallon of stucco paint. Am I ever lucky I won that competion?! Paint is way more expensive than I remembered! That was it for SEK 5000 / USD 650.

MAY 22
I've not been super happy lately so little things like this really cheer me up. That's Wille's breakfast Fuet saying: Hello, Good Morning! Thank you, dear sausage!

MAY 23 
My to-do list says to bake more and I have! Wille and I have been enjoying goooey chocolate cup cakes almost every night lately. Don't worry. All the running up and down the ladder takes care of them!

MAY 24 
Speaking of my boy and furry version too! Bonus was in a major cat fight with Lina, a neighbor cat, the other day. Bonus' alright and I believe Lina is too but nothing can beat a little cuddle with Wille after.

MAY 25 
Yo! Turns out the worst shot is the best shot, Have you tried taking photos in a mirror? Half of the shots are showing the mirror alone or wall next to, one third are blurred and one third are ok except they only got half of you. Well.

MAY 26 
Here's part of the weekend project. The south side has been scraped, patched and primed and the fascia board painted. Still to do is paint the window, add two top coats on the walls, patch the stucco base and repaint that.

MAY 27 
What can I say? It's spring! Almost summer. I'm planning four weeks off just after Wille and I return from New York. No real plans for what to do except work on shortening that list and take cup cake and ice cream breaks along the way! 

Have a lovely weekend!

New York Poster

Remember this photo from one of my 365 posts? I framed the print and it's up! And I love it.

061 (2)
What do I love about it? It depicts Manhattan and it's got that whimsy of art and illustration of the 50's and early 60's. I have a thing for both.


Who's it by? Jim Datz. At Three Potato Four. Over and out. No wait, there's a Brooklyn one that's nice too. Over and out. No, hold on a sec, I really like these old school paper packs that they sell too. But I so don't need any more scraps of paper. Or do I? I do, don't I. I think I do.