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365 Day 113-119

APR 23
My mom has a small but interesting garden. We don't share the same taste in a whole lot but I kind of like the way she arranged rocks around a small fountain.

APR 24
Here's another nice surprise in her garden. When mom told be she was getting new furniture I kind of thought, "well as long as she's happy with it" but then I saw these and I really approved!

APR 25
Ok, I'm gonna have to google these. Hold on a sec. Aha! Wood-Anemone! Anyway, I love them. Useless to pick and put in a vase as they hold for about 5 seconds but they really do symbolize spring.

APR 26
EDIT: Ok, I did it again. Left one day out. Here it is! My mom and I took many walks with Rahma, her doggy, and I brought the camera to get some inspiration shots. Love these galvanized planters and the buxus.

APR 27
Speaking of flowers, here's a four inch pile of botanical prints that Martin's aunt gave me years ago. So far I've organized the flowers by color (I know, but I can't help it) but I'm dying to do something with them.

APR 28
Happy Birthday Mini & Bonus! Love, love, love. And kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss. One for each of their five years. We had a bit of a shrimp fest that night and that's Wille's hand which didn't peel nearly fast enough.

APR 29

Aha, I think I'm on to something. I've got an idea. It does involve moving the boat from our livingroom wall to another location and it still needs to be negotiated but I'm liking this for a change. Will keep you posted on the progress.

Have a good weekend! My friend Anne and her daughter are coming over on Saturday and since the IBS sufferers will outnumber the people who can eat, it will be an interesting meal. Haha!

Too Much of a Good Thing

My mom had this thing about trying new hair and body products. I say had because the photos below are from when I visited last time in November. The photo above is from this weekend. As you'll see she's come a long way.

These are all the products that cluttered up the shower stall and the bathtub. Nothing was full and nothing was entirely empty either. With mom's approval I tossed some of the stuff that she didn't like and then I decanted what little there as in some bottles into one with schampoo, one with conditioner and one with soap.


Then I forbade her to buy a single new bottle until she had used up the one's she still had. Haha!  But it worked! When I arrived at her house last Thursday I was amazed that there were exactly three bottles (one in the shower stall and two by the tub) out and after sneaking a peek in her cabinet noticed that she hadn't stocked up with new ones either. Way to go mom!

Please excuse the quality of these photos btw, they were taken with my cell phone. Remind me not to do that ever again.

Yuck + Get Organized

See that drawer under our oven? No? Well there is one and in it we keep less often used pans and a mortar and pestle.

The thing about the drawer is that because it's right under the oven door, any grease that's on the door will drip into the drawer when the oven is hot. After a while it looks disgusting. A while ago I came up with the solution of a newspaper liner.

All that needs to be done when it's too gunky and disgusting is to remove the dirty newspaper and put a fresh one down instead. Easy peasy!

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