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So, here's the reveal of the egg crafts Wille and I did on the weekend with my new Dremel tool. First up is Don the sailor. Wille named him after Mr. Duck because of the hat.

  Don's row boat features two oars (kind of a requirement it being a row boat), a compass, and a bailer.


Wille drew the planks and the water with a pencil and filled in with a permanent marker and then colored in with another marker.


The oars are two toothpicks with folded and glued paper at the tips. Square pieces of paper were glued to the toothpicks with glue stick and the shapes of the oars were cut out after.


The egg shell was stuck to a concave button with the help of adhesive cushions to stabilize it and allow it to be displayed without falling over.

Our next model is Umbrella man. He sports a stripy high fashion brolly with rick rack trim. On top a turquoise bead stuck to the sturdy handle. He's a true fashion victim as the tooth pick actually spears him... Wille was a bit upset as I poked him to attach it. Again a button serves as the base.

We found that keeping the broken pieces of egg shells was good as they could be used to try stuff out on before going for it on the actual egg. We tried out different markers but also different types of glue. We ended up using Elmer's glue for embellishments such as the rick rack and Super Attak to attach things to the shells. 

Please meet Bick (short for Baby Chick). She's quite happy in her green stroller. The sun's out so she makes sure the hood's up. Her exclusive white cotton bedding will make her the talk of the town in Henville, I'm sure.



The wheels are two sets of two buttons and two tooth picks. Tiny adhesive cushions hold the shell in place. And yes I noticed that one cushion is on there crooked.


We considered all sorts of craft paints, both water and oil based but ended up using markers for everything. Dries immediately and we had some pretty colors on hand.


All the little furry and feathery creatures (which I got in China btw, sorry) are stuck to their bases or their seats with those little adhesive cushions.

Next up is Bentley. He's enjoys a ride in his egg-mobile on the streets of New York City. Luckily there's no rain as he chose not to upgrade to a model with windshield wipers.

A steering wheel was included in his purchase though and it's a button stuck with Super Attak to a macaroni. The macaroni was then attached inside of the egg shell with an adhesive cushion.

We gave Bentley two choices of crash helmets. One with a chin strap and one without. The one without didn't want to stay in place (I used the Dremel to cut off the loop of the left button) so we ended up threading a string to the loop of the intact button and tying the helmet under his chin. Very dashing. And probably safer too.

Last but no least I'd like to introduce you to S. Howercap. He's a modern dude who enjoys being pampered at the spa.

The checkerboard floor is simply a pieces of cardboard painted with a marker. The tub feet are little plastic beads and the tub spout a small piece of bent electric wire.

S. Howercap really does need his namesake on top so the pom-pom suds won't get in his hair. The cap was made from a piece of plastic bag which I stitched around and gathered. The rubber duck in the tub? A lucky find of a scrap-booking brad.

I hope you enjoyed our Easter crafts. I know we did!


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Dr Sonia S V

WOW Such amazing talent you have showcased!!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

I do. Read about it here:


stupid u use real eggs? and if yes please tell me how :D


hey its very good...the creativity was awesome... loved it. keep it up!!!!!!...:)

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

I used a Dremel. There's a link at the top of the post!

Jamesina Goulbourne

These cute little eggcentrics just made me melt. What did you use to cut the shell?


These are amazing and so very cute! I love them all!


These are INCREDIBLE!!!


That's adorable! You are so smart! My favorite is S. Howercap :-D

Aqeel Ghuri

such a beautiful work. excellent


This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!! Awesome!! And so incredibly creative.

Linda B.

These are some of the cutest crafty ideas I've seen. Eggtraordinary job!

Mayra Elisa

I adore your site.

I have a thing for chicks & birdies so I'm loving your creations.
I'll have to go try to make them myself. TOO CUTE!!!

Just subscribed, I found your blog from another blogger.

Wen Dyy

Awwwwww! I want them all! S. Howercap is living the life in that bathtub. :)


Helt underbart söta! Vi blev så inspirerade så vi gjorde våra egna amatörägg :)! Glad påsk!




Absolutely fantastic, such intricate work must be an eggsacting science & im not yolking. Also you dont have to shell out much money either.
Seriously though you are extremely talented It also made me smile.

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Oh, no! But I'm sure you have some amazing skill we could never match though! Like swallowing a sword or driving a car without freaking out.


This post made me a little sad - because I realized I will never, ever, ever, be creative or skillful enough to come up with an idea like this. Kudos to you!

la marmotte

lovely ! i'va put a link on my blog ;-)
kisses from Brittany
la marmotte


Amazingly cute. Wille and you must have a very long attention span to get so many of these cute guys done. I've never seen anything like this. Can't wait to see where you will display them.


I cannot pick a favorite. They're all adorable! I imagine with pleasure how much fun it was to create them.


Amazing! I am not crafty at all but this is really facifully, cute and stylish.


Så kreativt og stilig!!!! Du er flink!


Love the ducky in the tub!! that is fantastic. :o)


I can't wait to see what Martin comes up with too! My bet is that it will be a boat of some form or another.

Have you convinced Willie to share his chocolate cake recipe yet? Tell him that it will make a whole lot of people all around the world very happy, and that we will love him forever! After all, we are talking about chocolate!


Really cute and lovely XD


Just have to pop in and say how wonderful your creations are!


I really adore S.Howercup and Bentley is too cute, too. Great job. I think I need a Dremel and puffy animals....

judith b

Have to hand it to artistic Willie for his beautifully planked rowboat, complete with waves! Love the whole chick family in fact, but S.Howercap finished me off and made me smile all day! This has got to be more fun than the usual egg decorating. Thanks so much for sharing and...I guess we all gotta get a dremel!


Awesome craft ideas never knew a eggshell can be decorated in so many ways. Hatts off to you..

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Oh, I wish! We've tried a few times to dress them in their little kitty bandanas (navy for Bonus and red for Mini) but they just look at us, get their paws in there and swiftly remove them and walk away... Not to mention the bumblebee outfit Mini got from my friend Carol. That didn't stay on more than a nano second. Imagine the state of those shower caps, hehe...


the showercap just killed me. i'm dead now. the only thing that would bring me back is the prospect of SHOWERCAPS FOR BONUS AND MINI.


These are just wonderful! Too cute for words.


You and Willie made my day! I came from work very tired today - we are moving offices from the 3rd to the 4th floor and I was packing countless files, binders and gazzillion of general office supplies most of the day. When I saw the Baby Chick, the dashing Bentley, and the metrosexual S.Howercup I laghued with delight and my vital signs returned. Thank you! You guys do the coolest projects!


these are so cute! thanks for sharing!

s h e r r y

These are SUPER cute! <3


I'm not sure if my other comment posted, but I really think you should send some pictures to! They would love these little guys. The chicky in a shower cap breaks the cute barrier.


Men såå underbart och kreativt. Badankan var ju coolast!


Just adorable...makes me smile!

I am having a "Blue Monday" giveaway. Hope you can pop over and take a look! So nice visiting your blog today! Have a great Wednesday!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Alex in DC

These are so adorable!! and I bet you had a great time making them too.
I decide which one I like best.


Oh, you are so talented! My grandmother's sister was a wedding cake baker. She saved eggshells all year long and every January would start making lovely creatures out of them, with the help of her also crafty husband. They did that way into their 70's, so cute. I got to help them a few years, and eventually they "promoted" me so that instead of only cutting paper and painting the base color coat, they let me paint the little faces and glue the accessories.
Your post brought up so many sweet memories, thank you very much! ;*

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

There are! Martin wanted in on the action so he and Wille are cutting some more as we speak!


Aaawwwww! These are adorable. I love all of the little details. What are you going to come up with next? Are there any more in the works?


Supersöta! Vilka fina saker att ha kvar sen.


Don't usually go for this type of thing, but these are so STINKIN' CUTE! It's the details that kill me! Thanks for sharing.

Blake @ salt, teak & fog

Oh my gosh, these are so adorable and SO creative. Good for you, making time to just simply craft for the fun of it.


While the egg buddies are as cute as can be, I was even more delighted by the commentary. Benita, your sense of humor and your knack for writing are wonderful! If you ever wonder if you should take the time to write such detailed descriptions of everything, remind yourself that we check in as much for what you say as what you show. The two complement each other beautifully.


these.are.adorable!!!!! the bubble bath (complete with shower cap) is the cleverest thing i've seen.

Jo Powers

What great ideas. My granddaughter and I shall get right on these! Thanks.


Hi Benita,
I just discovered your blog and I absolutly love it! Your way of keeping things organized really is admirable and your house looks just like the one I'm dreaming of to have at some point in the future :)
Best regards, Christiane


Absolutely adorable! Can I just say that I'm a huge fan of your blog? I live vicariously through it - the immaculate house, the crafts... Even the job sounds kinda fun!


They are absolutely gorgeous, you both have such patience and imagination!



jenny b harris

So clever and inventive! I guessed the egg with a quarter cut out might become a pram, but not that it could also be a roadster! You guys had fun with this project, I can tell. Cute cute cute!


You continue to amaze us with your creativity and how you think "outside the box." Your mini masterpieces are too cute. Can't wait to see what creations you will come up with next spring...


I love your Easter crafts! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this afternoon.


Amazing work! These are absolutely adorable and I am so impressed with your and Wille's attention to detail. Fantastic!

Monica A

So cute!! they are lovely!

Punctuation Mark

These are really cute and so easy to make... perfect for children!

These are awesome! Nicely done.

jennifer w.

This is going to keep me smiling all day. Really adorable!

London Lisbonite

Good grief. These are painfully sweet. I want them. All. I don't know what I'd do with them but my life would be so very improved with them. Adorable! Lovely! They'd make adorable little placesettings at a little girl's tea party!


So, so, cute. I love each and every one!!

Sandy Shirley

Benita - you and Willie are very crafty! I hope you'll do more craft posts! These eggshell creatures are so cute!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

I don't know yet. I have a box marked Easter in the storage room and they'll probably be stored in there. We have past year's Easter eggs in egg cartons in there already. Not these cut ones, but just painted. I'll ask Wille what he wants to do with it all.

Ann-Louise [En bulle ur ugnen]

Hihi guuu så söta! :) Kram


Ya'll are so clever!

One question, though. What will you do with all the little cuties after Easter? Store them? Where? How? Toss them?


The amount of creativity in the House of Larsson is staggering!!! You are all amazing!!


so much detail, so cute!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson


Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Dremel 4000. Rekomendreas varmt!

ana v.

I Love them all but mister S. Howercap is 5 stars!!

Lovely,lovely, lovely


I love them all!! Those are the cutest and funny at the same time. I laughed out loud when you mentioned the macaroni steering wheel. An Italian spare part on the Bentley :D
Happy Easter to you all


These are the cutest Easter crafts I think I've ever seen. I LOVE what you've done, so clever! Thank you for sharing :o) I now have a big grin on my face


Förresten – exakt vilken sorts Dremel är det du har?


Herregud Benita, ni är ju helt fantastiskt kreativa! Sjukt sött påskpynt, jag blir väldigt sugen på att pyssla själv – tack för att du visade upp allt!


I'm speechless! Can't find enough superlatives!

Juliette R.

ok, so these are totally the best ever!! i love it!

Annie Pazoo

Benita, these are the most creative Easter egg crafts I have ever seen. Love them! You and Wille did a fantastic job!


what a great way to start my day, benita! i love these crafts, along with your sense of humor. i'm inspired to do some easter crafting of my own now. :)


These are awesome! I've always wanted to craft for Easter but I'm never home around that time so I alwasy ended thinking, oh, why bother (and this goes for Christmas, too, unfortunately) XD


OHMAGADD OHMAGADD! I really, really loved these little chickens. I might just have my computer on for Easter at your blog and scroll down over and over again. As Anne said - there's just no point in trying to make my own. :)

Monica Bernpaintner

Wow! Helt underbara! Tack för riktigt ögongodis, alldeles kalorifritt. :-)

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Och jag är tokkär i min Dremel :)


How adorable and hilarious. I just love Bentley. I'm all inspired for Easter, but without a Dremel I fear I'll have to go with, umm ... Chocolate How very boring compared to this post of cuteness!



Each one cuter than the last - such clever details! I have hens (real ones) so the baby chicks are all my favorites. Except for Bentley, with his helmet and windscreen - he's my favorite, too!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Read this earlier post :)


Här har sambon tjatat om en Dremmel och jag har bara tyckt det verkar onödigt... :-D
Jag tror jag får ändra mig.

Jag är verkligen tokkär i dina ägg! ♥


I stopped by to get some ideas on laundry containers, and was pleasantly surprised by this. Your little family is quite possibly the cutest ever. I don't know anyone else who's teenager (son, at that!) would sit down with mom to make cutesy egg art. Impossibly cute. Every single aspect of it.


Shit, vad imponerad jag blir av er två. Så underbart charmiga små kompisar. Jättesöta. Glad påsk!


How did you cut the eggs this precisely?

Needless to say I love your blog and visit daily :-)

Looking forward to a lot of new and interesting ideas every day.

Love to Mini and Bonus, I adore your kitties.


Fantastisk!! Dere er så flinke! Supersøte var de, alle sammen!:o)


Omg, this is fantastic!


Sooo funny!

Heidi Nylund Larsen



Too cute for words, love it!!


J'Adore! I just fell totally in love with Bick and Bentley. And gotta have a soft spot for S. Howercap. How can you ever put these guys away after Easter?


Oh wow, these are just the living end! You guys are amazing!


Oh my goodness - These win the gold medal in cuteness. And "S. Howercap" - ha!

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