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Brainstorm #10 & Final

It's been a while since we brainstormed but here's a good one. I love these antique newel post toppers. They belong to my friend Carol.

She says: They are approximately 6" high and 3 1/2" at their widest point across. Oh and their kinda heavy too. They were on stair posts inside homes. 3 were found in the US and 2 in the Paris flea market (I couldn't resist the green one!). Right now they are just sitting in the living room bookshelves waiting for me to figure out what to do with them. OK,OK....they have been sitting there for 4 years now!

Actually I love them just the way they are as decorative objects but after four years on display here are some options.

Knopp-hanger They could be mounted to a board and used as a coathanger or jewelry hanger.


You could just bring them to the table and mix them in among candle sticks. I bet they'd reflect light in a cool way.


I could see one as a paperweight, mounted onto a round board for added stability.


How about an awards ceremony à la the Oscars?! Best Crossbow Hunter. Best Laundry Folder. Best Mom. Best Beard. Best Dish Washer. Best Dog Walker. Name it and you've got the award!


As door knobs?

Or they could be used as handles for large boxes.

How about as curtain finials and/or tie backs?   

Mount as many as you like on a shelf with pedestals and use as a hat stand. 


I know your family's quite outdoorsy so how about a deluxe climbing wall in the back yard? Actually, I think that's it, Carol!

So anyway, these are our suggestions. Any other ideas to share with Carol? She's all ears and so are we!


This will actually be our last Brainstorm. Ten is such a nice and even number, don't you think?! We've really enjoyed the ride and hope it's triggered that "what else could I use this for" in you.


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They are super!
I would like to have some of them.
Where we can find it? How much it costs?

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

so glad you're enjoting my blog :).

My ex-husband Martin used Illustrator to draw them. I myself use Corel Draw when drawing but have recently tried Google Sketchup which is fairly easy to use and fun. And free :)


Hi Benita,

i only came across your blog recently and already am an addict! Congratualtions on your creative ideas and final results.
I have a question for you: what program do you use to make these drawings? I need sth to help me drawing as I am a total 0 regarding drawing and a bit dumb when it comes to technology :).


look my collection



Those are gorgeous! Knobs are fun. I recently bought a knob for four dollars at an antique store but it was definitely worth it.


I saw doorknobs used as a means to hang a curtain (ties on the curtain, tied to the mounted knobs). For a stationary look, anyway.


I love the idea of paperweight and of or handles for boxes!


I did a whole section of wall with mine and use them for coats, hats, purses, etc. It went every well with the wall and made it look like a wall of doors http://geekdetails.com/blog/?p=2071

Perfectly functional too :)

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Bottle stoppers was actually the first idea I had too but then I realised the size of them :)

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

I love that idea!


I love the coat rack idea...but more importantly, no more brainstorms?? Tragic! I love them!


Put them on cork for luxe wine stoppers

just screw them in and secure with apoxy

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog

Why not top a super-fancy walking stick :)?

Vicki K.

I like the versatility of adding them around for display but you could also attach two to the ends of a towel rack in the kitchen or bathroom.


I would use them for bedknobs


I'm for using them as doorknobs, if they can take all the use (aren't they hollow?) - in older homes in the states, at least in Texas where I'm from, it's really common to find "crystal" doorknobs but I think those are solid. I've looked for them here in Sweden but I just don't think the concept exists here :(

Thanks for all the fun Brainstorms, Benita et al!


Love the idea of using them mounted on a board as coat hook/jewelry or for curtain tie-backs. Using them for a climbing wall made me laugh out loud - so funny!

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