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Simplify 101 Workshop Give-Away!


It's give-away time!


My friend Aby of Simplify 101 has a new online workshop coming up next Tuesday, January 5th, and you have a chance to win a spot!


This workshop is called How to Achieve Your Goals and Create a Life You Love. It's taught by Aby herself who is a professional organizer and co-author of The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker, which btw still is an all time favorite book of mine. 


Whether you routinely set goals and love the process, or goals are a new and possibly uncomfortable concept for you, if you want to make change in your home and life this year, this workshop is for you, Aby says. 


The Goals workshop will give you the foundation, ideas and inspiration you need to dream about a life you love, and take steps to make it happen!


In this 4 lesson/8 week workshop  you will…


Learn how to dream and free yourself from anything that’s holding you back from dreaming big.


Learn how to turn your dreams into goals.  Find out how to create an effective goal statement for all the key areas of your life—from career to family and everything in between. Plus, learn how to make your goal statements super compelling so you can’t help but take action on them!


Learn how to make it happen! Find out how to turn your goals into simple action steps and begin taking action on your goals during the workshop. With the support and encouragement of your instructor and the workshop’s online community, you’ll be well on your way to creating a life you love before the workshop is over. 


Learn how to track your progress and celebrate your achievements. Monitoring your progress and celebrating your victories are keys to making goal-setting and accomplishment a habitual part of your life.


Aby only runs this workshop once a year and as I said this year’s session begins next Tuesday.


One lucky winner gets in on this once-a-year opportunity!


I've taken Aby's classes a couple of times now and besides from learning it's also great fun and you meet a whole lot of lovely people in the virtual classroom and forum.


To enter the draw let us know via a comment why you need this workshop. The winner will be drawn at random on Sunday afternoon my time and announced on Monday.







I did it!

I've been trying to create an Animated Gif for the past couple of days. I might want to use one for a thingy in my sidebar and Mini was kind enough to be my guinea pig.

If you want to try making one the lovely Ez of Creature Comforts has a great tutorial on her blog on how to make an animated ad.

My inspiration for this one in a post came from Swedish blog Niotillfem (Ninetofive). Check out Sandra. Talk about awesome personal style!

New Blog Look?


Martin and Wille are safely tucked away in the south of Sweden as I embark on making some changes to the look of my blog. I say safely because as with all DIY there is some cursing and pulling of hair involved. Nothing is as frustrating as when you want something to work and it doesn't. I'm at that stage now with some issues.

Anyways, I've been wanting to do some changes to the look of Chez Larsson for a while now. I even considered having a pro look at it because I'm so not a web designer but since I can't find what I want I'm back to DIY. Don't worry, I'm not changing the concept of my blog I'm just doing some spring cleaning. It is after Christmas so it must be spring, right?!

So while I'm trying to take photos in virtually no daylight (new banner may be coming up) and getting my head around some mysterious code and photoshop prickle I'd love to hear if you have any requests or ideas on how I can make the blog look and work better.

I feel there's a little bit much going on in the sidebars and I'd like to bunch things up in nice little packages to hopefully make the site easier to navigate and for you to find earlier posts and relevant info quicker than today.

Should I for instance add a nav bar at the top with tabs for some of the stuff that's in the sidebar today? Any simple but cool looking fonts I should know about? Also I'd love to get my hands on a good (looking) search button so if you have a source for one I'm all ears. Actually I'm all ears concerning anything you think might enhance the blog.

So while I'm working away over here I'll leave you with some link love.

Love this Finnish blog. Can't read a word but one can always look at the pictures!

Lovely vintage and fabric inspiration in this Portuguese blog.

Awesome photography and photoshop eye candy in this Swedish blog fave.

Looking for the mini designer chairs I have around the house? Find them here!

Love this photo! And here's the how-to for the garland.