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Brainstorm #9


Brainstorm number 9 is coming to you live from the Sockholm suburbia.

A Swedish reader Anna sent them over. She works in a shop and these are actually supports on which lampshades get delivered on. As she can't bare putting then in the trash she's brought a whole bunch of them in all three sizes home ( so would I have!).

As soon as I saw these my brain started to itch to get to work but I did ask Martin and our loyal friends Sanna and Sebastian for their opinions too and here are our suggestions.


How about using the biggest one as a cake stand?


After the holidays Anna can use a few for storing her string lights.


By covering them in plastic they could be made into a kid's drum set.



A bit of cling film with a few holes poked for air circulation and Anna has herself some instant garden cloches. 


Also in the garden they could be used as trellises.


Imagine serving sea food platters on them. What a feast!


Since Anna has quite a few she can connect them with metal wire and cover the structure in rice  paper and make a Noguchi inspired lamp.


We're past Halloween but next year Anna can scare her neighborhood at a new level. 



By sewing a bag with drawstring for the largest frame it could be used for storage. Imagine a whole row of these on a shelf. Cute. if you ask me.


Speaking of cute, how about turning some into a set of play furniture by attaching little wooden tops?

Those are our ideas. Like I said, Anna has quite a few of these so more suggestions are welcome. Bring 'em on!


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Such great ideas!! A few years back I put some outside with tea pots filled with flowers on them.

God Bless You and Yours!!!


Just walking home today I saw similar supports at a local florist. The only difference was that the long, vertical pieces of metal were more rounded out. They were used as supports for Christmas decorations and looked beautiful. Basically the shop had attached greenery to completely mask all of the metal wire and then had suspended a decoration in the middle. They ended up looking like natural, open lanterns and struck a really nice balance between the modern and natural elements. I would do a set of three of these and use them as a set on my porch (suspended or on the floor in a unit of three depending on the size). After that, I would definitely go for the string light storage!


I'm in are so incredibly talented, Benita, thank you for sharing these lovely ideas!

Lilla huset på prärien

Bra tips! Hade varit tråkigt att kasta alla de där fina formarna. Hon kommer säkert att göra någonting fint av dem sen :)

Kram Jenny


Waoo!! So many great ideas!
Thank you Benita!

I liked all the ideas. :) The lamp, cake and food holder, the idea about using them as trash bag holder... All good ideas! Thanks!

I´ve already used one of the small ones for lamp shade construction. You can see it here,, if you´re curious :)

And thanks for a lovely blog!


what about as trash bag holders for parties or yard leaf pick up... or how about you send some to me because i love the idea of adding fabric and using them for storage, id add the wooden top and have storage tables

You two are creative geniuses. And thank you for generously sharing your inspirations.

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Martin draws these Brainstorms in Illustrator.


Just curious... what software do you use for your illustrations?

Leslie Hill

Wow, the only thing I get from work are empty copier paper boxes. I like the garden plant support idea. Also, you could put potted plants in them, if the lip of the pot would keep it from falling through, to create a tiered effect. Also wrap extension cords around.

Juliette R.

love the cake stand and lamp ideas! I was also thinking you could try creating a series of mobiles for your home, or possibly as gifts. Something akin to this I think it could be really cute.

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