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As you can imagine I've been punching a hole or two this weekend. Thank you so much for all the orders! I didn't expect that many, but I'm super happy!

Besides from the holes all three of us have been busy in our garage workshop.


In the 20+ years Martin and I have known each other we have never ever had a "real" coffee table of the knee high variety. For some reason or other we have always had taller ones. One was given to us by a cousin or Martin's, another one was in the storage room of an apartment of ours when we moved in and our current one was left here in our house by the previous owners.



I've liked all three of them but I've lately been wondering what it would be like to have a lower table. Martin was skeptical at first but said he would consider it if all three of us could agree on a design. (Perhaps hoping we wouldn't be able to?!) I myself would happily have gone into a store and bought one off the rack but that's a no go in this household. Martin will not accept anything store bought unless it's from a second hand store and the likelihood that we would find something perfect second hand was slim.


So we all racked our brains and had a zillion ideas of what we wanted, printed photos from the internet and doodled ourselves. We decided we needed a somewhat rounded shape to break up the squareness of the rest of the furnishings, we wanted some storage for magazines, remotes and other in-front-of-TV clutter. We decided we wanted wheels and that Mini an Bonus would have a little cosy nook. Sounds like a big wish list, huh? Well, it's all there! Still some finishing touches to be added. Like paint. But hopefully I'll be able to show you the end result sometime later this week.


Yay, Mini's stitches and cone are coming off today. One happy kitty to be. Check!

Tray Chic


We don't have a fancy built in micro-wave. Ours is a cheapo 75 dollar one and it only has two buttons, any more or my tech challenged husband (by choice, the less he knows the less he has to deal with...)would not be able to operate it.

Because it's free standing on the counter we are able to use the space on top for corralling kitchen clutter; grocery list, pen, stray paperclip, recipe etc. You get the picture.

An array of different trays have graced the space but as I wanted change and couldn't find what I wanted in any stores (wrong size, wrong color, wrong price, too high edges for Mini who likes to sit up there etc etc) I decided to make my own.


Said and done. A scrap piece of thin MDF, some left over trim, a bit of wood glue and a lick of paint and there is is! Tray chic indeed if I do say so myself.

Here's the how-to if you want to make your own:


Measure the size you want your tray to be and cut a piece of wood, in this case MDF, for the bottom in that size minus x2 the depth of your molding on each side.


Cut your molding at 45 degree angles using a mitre saw. You want your pieces to look v-shaped so you need to change the direction of your cut alternate times.


Here the bottom and sides are cut, ready to be glued together.


I decided to clamp the whole thing together with wood glue and not use nails at all but if you don't have these many clamps you can nail and glue, be sure to snip the tips off your nails though when nailing in these thin moldings or the wood may crack.


After the glue dries, sand the whole thing with a fine grit sand paper. You can do this by hand but I used my beloved mouse sander. After sanding wipe the whole thing down with a damp cloth.


Prop the tray on two pieces of trim so it won't stick to the surface when being primed and painted. I used white primer and then added two coats of the same paint I used in the bedroom. I would normally use oil based paint for a project like this but decided to try this latex paint simply because I had some left over and it was the right color. I added a couple of coats of spray varnish to the top. Underneath I stuck rubber dots at the four corners to prevent the tray from slipping.



Brainstorm #1


After this postI got a comment from one of my readers, Leslie, who suggested a new feature on Chez Larsson; "the Brainstorm". The idea is that you guys send in photos of items you have at home and I'll do a post on what the item could be used for or be re-purposed as. You like? I do!

In Leslie's case the item she wants ideas for is an awesome piece of weathered barn-wood. It measures 22 3/4" x 9 3/4" and is about one inch thick. She says "All I can think of is putting cup hooks in it and hanging keys - but I already have something to hang keys on."

Martin, my friend Sanna and I brain-stormed Saturday night and came up with these ideas on how to use that piece of barn-wood:

Logg anslagstavla kopiera

A notice board. Use pins to attach your (love)notes and important reminders. The barn-wood could be framed or used as is mounted on the wall with D-hooks.

Logg hand..  

Add hooks to it and put it in the powder-room as a conversation piece towel hanger for thick plush whites.

Logg julkalender kopiera

Come the holidays and use it as an Advent calendar. Add 25 pins (24 if you're over here), wrap 25 (or 24...) little gifts, hang each one on a pin and Bob's your uncle! Or Santa.

Logg rip

Or earlier as an eerier decoration.


Logg blockljus vita kopiera

Plonk it on your dining room table. Add votive candle holders on top for a stunning center piece.


Logg inramad kopiera

Frame it. Display it. Add it to your art wall.


My personal fave. Hang it as is on D-hooks. It's a gorgeous piece of art in it's own right.

Oh, Martin also suggested mounting it vertically on a wall and using it as a giant back scratcher but we had all had a couple of glasses of wine by them. So, dear readers, do you have any other ideas for Leslie's chunk a' wood? Please do tell!

Do you have any weird (or not so weird, a bucket will do) items you want uses for or simply a great thingy you wish you could use for something but you can't think of what, send me an e-mail and it may be brain-stormed and re-purposed the Chez Larsson way. Write "Brainstorm" as the subject title, tell me where you got your object, what you're currently using it for (if anything) and be sure to include a decent photo of it on neutral background . Depending on the quantity of oddities I get I can't promise to do them all but I will do my best and will rope in my friends and family in the process.

Drawings and montage courtesy of Martin.