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My Look

My Look

These past few days I've had some comments and questions about my personal appearance such as my new "do" and my style of clothing. The do will have to wait until I get a chance to take a decent photo but I can tell you it's not a revolution in terms of hairstyles it's just a tad shorter than before.

Be warned, I'm not a fashionista. I spend way more time (a lot) and money (not much to begin with) on my home than on my wardrobe and I'm what could be be described as a uniform wearer and bulk shopper. What you see above is what you get. It doesn't get more exciting than that. Ever. Multiply the items several times and you get the picture. Don't get scared when you click the image and end up seeing the prices of some of these particular items, they are just examples of the style I tend to go for, not the actual garments themselves. I do not pay $800 for a cardigan but buy a similar looking one for $25...

There are some exciting color variations as you can see. They range from white all the way to black with exciting grey in the middle. On extra colorful days you might get lucky and see a navy in there too.

This actually looks quite put together when I look at it now but don't be fooled, my appearance is more crumpled, the sneakers are not as white and the polo shirt isn't ironed.

I guess my style would best be described as kind of preppy and boring. The thing is that when I get up at 5 in the morning what to wear is so not a priority. I just want to get to work as early as possible and then get off work as soon as possible.

My favorite item, besides from the grey t-shirt is the silver heart pendant. Wille gave me that for my birthday when he was three. He chose what he wanted to give me and called it "a love heart". I haven't taken it off since.


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Christine D

I too am a uniform wearer! It makes life so much easier and quicker in the morning! Once in a while I throw in a colorful scarf for fun. I also wear my hair extremely short! No need for a hairdryer! Take care!


Oh I should have kept reading before I commented...how sweet about the necklace. Oh, I just love that. That is style my dear.


This made me laugh Benita, because it is so my approach to hair:

"but I can tell you it's not a revolution in terms of hirstyles it's just a tad shorter than before."



Benita ~ Chez Larsson

The rings symbolise my wedding bands. I have one in white gold and one in yellow gold. No rocks :)


Love your "uniform!" I've been discovering that I prefer a dependable uniform to a trendy style too... at least in my day-to-day wardrobe. I prefer a ribbed tank top with jeans right now, and I've been filling my wardrobe with grays. I love your classic style! Thanks for sharing.


I also mix gold and silver jewelry. Do you own both rings Benita? and wear them together?
My absolute favorite colors for clothes are navy, white and gray. This year I bought a pair of red flats and it has been fun to wear them around this summer.If I had those Tory Burch jeans, I would probably live in them.
Also, has anyone seen the tote in person? I am wondering how convenient it would be to use.

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

I have flexible work hours so if I get up at 5 am, am at work at 7am I can leave work at 3.45 pm and still have time to blog, help Wille with his homework, do a project, eat AND watch TV before going to bed :)


What I really want to know is why on earth your up at 05h00. I know that you work and everything but that's not the morning that's still the middle of the night

Mixing Bowl Mama

I love you style - it's like mine..ha! :)

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

I didn't know he makes furniture. Looks great. Love the Sonoma sofa and armchair!
Btw, I'll e-mail you tomorrow :)

carol k

That is so sweet you wear Willie's heart close to your own.
I love your style and I am a grey cardigan fan. I have several in different thicknesses so I can wear them year round. James Perse t-shirts are great too. Have you seen his new furniture line? It's really good looking.


Your look looks like my look! Its CLASSIC woman, I love it! Always well dressed without fuss ;)


"My style could be described as preppy and boring." That made me laugh! You seem to be such a fun, relaxed (I couldn´t come up with a better word) person. You never take yourself too seriously, do you? I think that´s great. Normally, being the absolut clothes horse I am, I´m doubtful when people say: "I don´t care what I look like." In fact, I think that´s just coquetry. But you seem to be the big exception!


I like it too. I do wear very oft dress or skirt and pumps but can't live withput basics and just in your colours :-).


I love it! It's just what I wear...and I'm looking for a pair of jeans in dark denim. I wear black, white, gray, denim, and sky blue. All items go with each other nicely. I then wear flats (or flip flops in the summer) or dansko clogs. Love 'em even if they aren't fashionable in the States.

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

I toss mine in the laundry machine once in a while... Be warned though, they shrink a tiny bit and you can't use hot water or the rubber will come off. I do the same to Vans but the rubber, where it meets the fabric, lifts a bit more on them.

A good scrub with dish washing detergent and a nail brush works too, but then you won't get the insdes as fresh coz the nail brush won't reach :)


A lot like me--basic jeans or khakis, Ts, sweaters, Crocs and clogs. No stilettos here (or ever!). Don't even own a pair of heels or a dress. I love black. With farm chores, gardening, keeping house... things get ruined in a hurry so I'm a budget shopper except for a few timeless pieces like purses, trenchcoat, etc.


I love it!! Very classic look. Those black flats are great. I have the converse in white also. How do you keep your pair clean and white? hehe


This is just what I needed to see! I'm going shopping this weekend to build up a good closet of classic basics and this is a perfect visual of what I'm hoping to gather. Thanks for sharing!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

He's the best :)

Chroma Lab

I'm the same way, Benita, all the thought goes into our house. Not my clothes!


I love that story about Wille... He sounds like such a great kid!

Lisa Z

I love your "look"! I dress in a similar way--and it is like a uniform. I feel best that way, and don't like to worry about my appearance much either. But I think we still look great! I have to look more at my house, so would rather spend time and money on that.


... if you want to share your home with ours (near paris), you won't have to come with your clothes ;-)

Rattling On

I wear a lot of black, white and grey, but not navy. I have lots of coloured cardis that can change a plain outfit. And I love handbags...A basic scheme makes life so much easier.


That's a great style you've got there! Clean, simple and classic, not unlike how you decorate your house. The love heart from Wille is wonderful - I myself have a "love ring" from my daughter :)

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