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As of tomorrow I shall be a free woman!

Don't worry, Martin and I still together. It's my (soon former) literary agent and I who are parting ways.

To make a long story short you may remember that I was contacted by a literary agent in New York a while back. They wanted me to work on a book proposal for the US publishing market. Unfortunately the book they want to pitch to publishers isn't the same as the book I want(ed) to write so we have decided to cancel our agreement as of tomorrow.

Phew! I'm really relieved. Honestly, I've had it with this publishing business. I'm done. It's over with. From now on I'll stick to what I'm enjoying the most which is blogging. I probably shouldn't say I will never publish a book ever, but for now I'm perfectly satisfied to file my proposals (in the recycling bin).

A weight has been lifted from my shoulders (have felt quite stressed out) and I can't wait to get going with all the projects that have been put aside these past months.

Wohoooo! Have a great weekend. I will!

My Look

My Look

These past few days I've had some comments and questions about my personal appearance such as my new "do" and my style of clothing. The do will have to wait until I get a chance to take a decent photo but I can tell you it's not a revolution in terms of hairstyles it's just a tad shorter than before.

Be warned, I'm not a fashionista. I spend way more time (a lot) and money (not much to begin with) on my home than on my wardrobe and I'm what could be be described as a uniform wearer and bulk shopper. What you see above is what you get. It doesn't get more exciting than that. Ever. Multiply the items several times and you get the picture. Don't get scared when you click the image and end up seeing the prices of some of these particular items, they are just examples of the style I tend to go for, not the actual garments themselves. I do not pay $800 for a cardigan but buy a similar looking one for $25...

There are some exciting color variations as you can see. They range from white all the way to black with exciting grey in the middle. On extra colorful days you might get lucky and see a navy in there too.

This actually looks quite put together when I look at it now but don't be fooled, my appearance is more crumpled, the sneakers are not as white and the polo shirt isn't ironed.

I guess my style would best be described as kind of preppy and boring. The thing is that when I get up at 5 in the morning what to wear is so not a priority. I just want to get to work as early as possible and then get off work as soon as possible.

My favorite item, besides from the grey t-shirt is the silver heart pendant. Wille gave me that for my birthday when he was three. He chose what he wanted to give me and called it "a love heart". I haven't taken it off since.

Jay or Nay?


Ok, here it is. The new cushion for the hallway bench.


The cushion has been the same green polka dot for years ever since we built the bench (using the old laundry room door for the frame) and besides from having gotten quite bleached it was time for a change. Just because.


I've always loved Lena Proudlock and her use of denim (white and blue) as upholstery fabric and I've been wanting to use some blue somewhere to get to see how it wears. I'm hoping it will look like a fave pair of jeans after a while. 


I used the old cover as a pattern but the odd thing is that that one was a complete mistake to begin with. I made it way to big, made a huge measuring mistake which led to the flanges which I ended up loving.


So what's the verdict? Jay or Nay?