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Happy Friday!


Happy Friday! Today is my work-at-home day and as soon as I'm done posting I'll vacuum the entire house (did the cleaning last night after work) and then I'll sit down and get on with the revised book proposal.

120 kop 

Today I welcome you inside of my everyday dishes cabinets in the kitchen.

Our kitchen cabinets are from the 50's and I like that they go all the way to the ceiling. I can't really reach very well to the top shelf so I mainly put things with handles (which I can just reach on my tippy toes) and less often used items or things Martin uses and which he can reach.


We stick to mainly white dishes for three reasons; I like white (I think Martin could do with more color sometimes...), it's easy to add new items that match (ours are from a lot of different places) and food simply looks best on white.

123 tilt

Not a lot in there? The rest of the dishes are kept in the cabinet in the dining area and I have my weeding sessions on a regular basis to get rid of unused items which we bring to our local Red Cross charity shop. I love that I can see what I have at a glance and it's so easy to keep up once it's well organized to start with.


On the top shelf are a couple of travel souvenirs. Milk bottles from Hong Kong which I use for serving milk for coffee when we have company and Wille's must have Starbuck's mug from NYC. The Coke bottles are in there because Wille thinks Coke tastes so much better from them than out of a can or plastic bottle and Martin and he occasionally decant PET coke into them and have a tasting session :)

Happy Friday! Can't say it often enough.

Oooh, almost forgot! Hot tip! If you need a bit of organizing assistance, Aby's online Organizing 101 workshop starts on Tuesday! To me organizing comes naturally and I love, love, love it but if you need help to get started and to start loving it  Aby is definitely the person who can help and she's a sweetie too!



Tidy version

Here are a couple of comments with questions from Maddy and Carol a little while back.

"Benita, I am wondering if Wille has always been a tidy child? His bedroom looks so neat! I remember you blogged once about tidying his Expedit shelves... but does he always pick up his clothing, etc?" -Maddy

" My daughter is 13 and she has begun the try on and discard thing. Everything ends up on the floor, even clean clothes. How are you able to motivate Willie to be tidy? I am afraid I am not teaching both kids in way that they respond to. Any teaching tips? What do you do if Willie simply refuses to do household chores? I'm not sure what works over at our house." - Carol


Not so tidy version Exhibit #1

Well the truth to Maddy's question is that yes, Wille is a fairly tidy teenager and once his room is organized so everything has it's place he's really good at putting stuff back and takes good care of his belongings. Not all days are tidy days though. With Wille's permission I'm showing you what his room can look like on a Sunday afternoon.


Not so tidy version Exhibit #2

I'm ok with it as long as the door is closed. As soon as the door is open I tidy up a bit because I just don't do messy. Wille doesn't mind and it's not like earth quake zone in there or anything so it's not a major undertaking. And besides he can live with his little mess, I can't, so I tidy. I make the bed, close his closet door (why is it ALWAYS open?) and shove odd papers into the drawer of his desk. The dirty clothes I ask him to pick up himself and he does. His room is also included in my weekly cleaning routine when I dust, vacuum, change bedding and mop the floors. I honestly don't mind.


Not so tidy version Exhibit #3

To answer Carol question how I get Wille to do his chores. Well, the truth is that Wille doesn't have any... Is that a terrible thing? I keep hearing of families with chore charts and to-do lists for even very young kids and I can understand that it's necessary in a larger family than ours but Wille is such a great kid in all respects and works really hard at school and is a joy to be around so this works for us. The fact that he's fifteen and still enjoys his mom and dad's company is worth so much more to us than if he takes out the trash (which btw he does do if asked and lots of other things too). 

Oh, and I too was an only child and didn't need to do any chores when I grew up and look at me now! :)

Today's Swedish words:

teenager = tonåring

earth quake = jordbävning

vacuuming = dammsugning


Mini Update:

Mini had her last vet appointment yesterday and everything is healing really well and her teeth don't need doing at all! We had hoped that she would be able to go outside on her own and eat dry cat food as of today but that will have to wait for another two weeks until her bones have hardened a little bit more. We have waited more than seven weeks now so another couple of weeks is nothing. We'll keep taking her outside on the leash every day so I think Mini will also be ok with two more weeks.


Left Over Wall Paper Project #2


Here's project #2 which involves a wall paper scrap. Very matchy-matchy, I know.

019     020

My parents worked partly at home with their own business in the 60's and 70's and I salvaged some of their index card boxes when they closed up shop. I use a couple for photos and this green one has kept all our passports, vaccination cards and travel insurance cards in on place for years. It's been hiding towards the back because very attractive.


Perfect candidate for a new outfit!  I cut a rectangle which I roughly measured to be long enough to cover the box on all side. Then I placed the box in the center towards the front and cut notches on a diagonal towards the front corners.


I used glue stick throughtout the project and glued one side at a time. Here the bottom front is getting it's coating.


These cute mini clothes pegs helped enormously to keep the folded in bits in place until they were dry.


Once the whole bottom front, bottom, back, top and top front were covered it was a matter of figuring out how to cut the rest. Depending on what kind of a box you have it will probably be different from mine so I can only tell you to wing it. It's no big deal if you make a mistake, it's only a box and some left over wall paper remember?!


My box looked like this with some notches and cuts, again with clothes pegs to hold everythig in place while I figured out the next step...


... which was the bottom sides. I folded those in, trimmed so there was just a little edge to be folded over and pegged the open part. For the bottom corners I later simply trimmed the paper along the edge and lastly folded the bottom part under.

After the bottom side flaps I did the same on the top and again you need to eye ball it and cut and trim. 


Here's the finished product before it was filled with it's contents again. It can now take pride of plave towards the front of my home office. 

And for those of you who are wondering, no I'm not a leftie, I just need to use my right hand for the camera :)

Today's Swedish words:  

insurance = försäkring

glue stick = limstift

clothes peg = klädnypa