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Result! Success!


Yay! Done! After adding blobs of white  twice to the bought can of yellow and stirring like there was no tomorrow, I finally got a yellow color I can live with.


It's still a little bit shocking walking into the bedroom but we like it.


The lamp on my side works well in my now egg-y scheme but I will probably look into switching Martin's blue one.


Mini update:

Success! All our loving care and feeding her with a tube eight times a day for the past three weeks has paid off!

Mini had her check up yesterday where she was sedated so they could check on her healing progress properly. Not only is the jaw healing much better than expected, her bite has adjusted itself during this time so she may not need the dental stuff doing after all! Maybe something minor but nothing like what we had feared. Such a relief!

As of last night Mini is allowed to eat every other meal herself, the tube stays another week but this is such huge progress. You should have seen her last night after her first real meal. She was jumping up and down and was so happy. So happy that she decided to have another snack at 2.30 this morning, served by yours truly. I'm a little tired, but over the moon!

Trial. Error.


I want a yellow wall in the bedroom instead of the blue. It's such a small little wall so I figured I can add some yellow tint to half a can of white and get my sunny yellow.


Here's the white with my skewers whisk.


A bit of yellow tint goes in. Nothing much happens. I add the whole container. Still not much action. Need more yellow.


Raiding the pantry. Yellow food coloring. Usually you need just a drop to get a vibrant yellow. Not so here. I add the whole thing. Still not much difference.


Oh, there's a tube of yellow food coloring too. Add that. Hmm, this is not going too well.


A partially dry jar of craft paint gets stirred, strained and added. No action.


I hope Wille won't want to do any (yellow) art any time soon.


All gone. Puny result. Decide to still paint a swatch.


Eeek! Early 90's mustard was not what I had in mind.


End up tossing my concoction and buy a fresh can of yellow paint based on a sunny pretty yellow swatch. Hmmm. Too dark. Too bright. At the same time. Will add more white. Stay tuned...

And yes I know you are supposed to remove curtains and bedding before painting but, well, I didn't.

Happy Birthday Mini & Bonus!


Mini and Bonus are four today! Yay!


Fish and shrimp celebrations will have to wait until Mini can eat by herself but I want to share some cute photos from when they were tiny :). That's Mom and Mini above.


 They have grown a bit since we got them. But Mini is still, well mini and Bonus is still Mr Handsome.




Look at theose giant paws...


...and at that tiny tail :)

Happy Birthday Mini and Bonus!

We loooooooooove you!

Photos curtesy of Kerstin Almér Ohlson