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Craft Corner Details


Today I thought I'd show you parts of my craft corner in more detail as I've had some questions on it. One question was how do I keep it so uncluttered?


Because the mess is in contained in a box! Large craft projects like carpentry is done in the garage and sewing in my sewing nook downstairs. Paper crafts, giftwrapping is done in this little craft corner and I toss all the unfinished little projects in this box. At the moment there are some Martha Stewart and Purl Bee craft instructions in there along with some small frames I've been meaning to fill with something, some lampshade ideas and materials, a fabric swatch, some etsy ideas etc etc. I put the lid on and the mess is hidden away until I get a chance to craft.


The metal box is one of many that I get from work. Samples from India arrive in them and they are thrown away because they are so covered in packing tape that no one (other than me) wants them.


I keep some of the not so pretty craft things in there, like the paper cutter, the Letratag label maker, screen printing ink, spray mount glue and empty bead containers.


Those little red , white and orange tips are...

005 (2) 

... the tops of my glues. I keep all the different glues in one basket and can easily find the right one for the particular craft I'm doing. The basket is above eye level so I don't see the bottles but I know they are there easily accessible.


When we built the craft unit we based it around the milky white Muji drawers but I also needed a spot for all the gift wrapping rolls so I added this vertical space simply by adding a front to the side of the unit so the rolls won't fall out. Other ways to store gift wrap can be found here if you don't have this kind of space. Another option is to use a cylinder waste paper basket and pop then in there.

I hope that answers some of your questions.

Travel Scrapping


ROME 2006



I know quite a few of you are scrapbookers. I only keep a travel scrapbook for Wille and I'm waaaaay behind. I'm hoping this post will inspire myself to add some pages from more recent trips than these.



I made my first travel scrapbook when I went to England for language classes when I was thirteen. 31 years ago. I know, I'm old. I kept all the receipts, tickets, candy wrappers etc and pasted them into a notebook. I don't have that scrapbook anymore but I still do the layouts with the same types of items and adding one or two photos to keep track of Wille's age.


CORFU 2004


I love using the local map as the general theme throughout. One) Because I love maps Two) Because they are such a big part of the trips. I either get duplicate maps while there or photo copy the one I have so I still have one map intact.



I also like adding the little things Wille likes to keep  from travels like the ice-cream spoons and fancy drinks decorations. Receipts are fun because they remind you of stuff you bought that you no longer have (like the PokemonWille bought on this trip but has now passed on to his little cousins). Also in the future it will be fun to look back at what things used to cost.


EGYPT 2003


Sometimes I add found shells and rocks to the layouts. They are a bit tricky to stick but I really like the way they look in there.




Local bottle caps and candy wrappers also give local flavor to the pages like the Mentos with Arabic print.

So I'm curious, do you or your family members bring this stuff home with you after trips and what do you do with it afterward?  I get rid of the stuff that doesn't fit in the scrapbook unless Wille really wants to hold on to it, then it goes into his memory box.

To Berlin and Back


So I've been to Berlin. I pre-published the two previous posts so you wouldn't miss me too much :)


Viktor & Rolf Display

I left early on Wednesday and returned late last night so it was really a quick trip to gather some Easter inspiration for next years Easter campaigns at work.


I have to say it's not my favorite city so far but I'm sure it's partly because the weather was pretty bad most of the time. In this shot the sun shines, and maybe that's one of the reasons I really liked Sophienstrasse.


Not so many shops that interest me in Berlin as I had hoped. Quite a lot of clothing, not so much interiors but an abundance of coffee shops, bakeries and bars. 


I covered quite a large portion of the the city in two days, visited Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Mitte and Charlottenburg where I stayed.


The guy outside this shop had the unfortunate task of replacing the large sequins that passers-by had pryed off the night before.


I had to check out Checkpoint Charlie of course. This was one of the few places in town that was somewhat crowded. It was kind of weird being in such a big city and to see so few people out and about. Hey, 4 million people live there and I felt on my own on Kurf├╝rstendamm. I guess Wednesdays and Thursdays are slow.


Trabant for sale. 3750 Euros and it can be yours! Or if you feel that's to pricey you can go on a Trabi safari for about 25.


I stayed at the Bleibtreu Hotel in Bleibtreu Strasse just off Kurf├╝rstendamm. Nice hotel, friendly staff and some nice design features.


My travel souvenirs include cute sugar "cubes" and polka dot paper napkins. It's nice to be back home.

Thanks so much to those of you who gave me Berlin travel advice a while back, it was great and I visited quite a few of the places you mentioned. My advice for anyone going there would be to visit in the summer time. I think it would be very different from a couple of cold and rainy days in March.


Did you notice my new banner? I felt it was time for a change. Thanks Martin for helping me! Hope you guys like it.

Also you may have noticed that the comment section looks different. I saw the new Typepad Connect feature over at Ali's blog and liked it so here it is. You can communicate more directly with other commenters now by clicking on the reply link under each comment.

Happy weekend!!!