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My name is Benita and these are the archives of the blog I maintained in 2008-2013. 

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I'm totally ok with sharing my photos and content with fellow bloggers so feel free to borrow a photo or two and link back but please don't copy and paste complete blog posts without my permission. I'm afraid I don't allow my photos or content to be used for professional purposes.  


I'm a no-fear-DIY kind of girl. I'm known to try anything DIY once. I've written about projects around our house but I feel I should point out that although the methods I've used in improving our home and the tools and materials I use for my projects have worked for me I'm not liable if you're injured or run into other problems after doing same or similar projects. Please make safety your first priority and do some additional research, such as asking the pros at your local DIY store to make sure you tackle your projects in the correct way.


~ Benita





Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink


Above things have been fine.



Below is a different story.

When we moved in ten years ago I quickly painted the insides of all kitchen cabinets including under the kitchen sink. At some point there was a narrow inset shelf to the left which had been torn out and I just left the gap as is for the longest time. Until a few weeks ago when I decided I needed to freshen things up in there.

080 kopia    

A fresh lick of paint, a strip of wood to cover the gap, new adhesive shelf liner and the originally black newspaper recycling thingy spray painted white. Aaaaaahhh!


I screwed white L-hooks into the strip of wood to hold the kitty litter scoop and the dish brush used for cleaning the litter box (marked accordingly)


On the inside of the cabinet door I mounted two trash bins. The left one has a lid and in it we throw whatever will eventually go into the outdoor composting bin. The right one is lidless and that's where the non-recyclables go.

Now it's pure joy to open the door to what used to be such an eyesore.