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Prepping for Advent 1st


On Sunday it's Advent 1st. It marks the start of Christmas celebrations over here, although my family started a little earlier by drinking glögg in early November and hanging wreaths and outdoor lights last weekend. Our neighbors are used to us being first putting everything up, but also first at taking the holiday decor down. Come Christmas day and I'm ready to let it all go... The outdoor lights stay until at least February though because it's sooooooo dark and they are a necessity.


Here are our advent candles, the first one to be lit on Sunday. Traditionally you put white moss, "renlav", in the holder but me not being huge on tradition and usually wanting to adapt everything to my own aesthtetics I use some apple green wiry wood "wool". The cute little mushrooms are a must though, trendy or not.


White paper stars and white amaryllises are a must although this one is still a bud. Beautiful all the same.

Happy Advent 1st!

Folding Towels



Kalai read this post I guess and e-mailed and wanted to know if I had any tips on how to fold towels nicely and uniformly.

To get nice and neat stacks I think the key is to start off with the same sized towels or if you have different sized ones to stack them from small at the top to larger at the bottom.

I fold mine differently depending on where I store or display them. I figure out a good folding method and the stick to it through out.

Here's how I fold the ones above.


Lay the towel front down.


Fold one third over.


Fold the other flap over the first fold.


Fold one third over again.


And again.


Flip over and tadaaaa!


Kalai also asked how to best fold fitted sheets and I use Martha's method on this so why don't you pop over to her site and check it out. I don't iron mine first though... Do you iron your sheets?

Happy Thanksgiving!