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019 ps 

Homemade Halloween... We made the grave stone a few years ago and last year our neighbor's thought our cats had died... Obviously not everyone is as into Halloween as we are. The rotting face pumpkin to the back is Wille's, the Scream is Martin's and I made a Martha classic.


I love this little dude! He started out as a little plastic skeleton and Martin and Wille mummified him in tea dipped rags :)

  001 ps 1

Martin and Wille came up with this last year... :)


Light and darkness


This is what our dining area looks like a on a regular weekday evening. I tend not to want the lamp lit.


I love the simplicity of the Kivi votive holders. I don't have many Finnish items around the house but I have a lot of Kivi's. They are not even all shown here...


When Wille was younger we went all out on Halloween all week leading up to the 31st. This year I've only hung our sculls and a few other things but..... OMG! What was that????



Inspiration Blomsterverkstad

Minna 5

You would not believe (unless you live here of course...) how dark it has gotten over here since daylight savings started this weekend.

  Minna 3

There's absoloutely no way I can take any photos before or after work, there's just no light. That will have to wait until the weekend. I do think it's a great opportunity to share another site with wonderful photos with you though.

   Minna 4

I love gardening and I love flowers. I don't do much with them other than put them in vases but check out my friend Minna's blog. She's a florist down south in Sweden, in Sk√•ne. She lives with her family on a beautiful farm, runs her florist business, a blog and a small B&B! I'll have all of the above please!

Minna 6 

I love these red and whites. They make me long for Christmas and to maybe do more than just put the hyacinths in pots this year. It's much more country than I am, but I feel totally inspired by seeing these photos.

Oh, Minna writes her blog Blomsterverkstad in both Swedish and English so you can all visit and read about her floral creations!