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Organizing cleaning supplies


I've had some questions on how I organize my cleaning supplies so I thought I'd give you the grand tour.

I've said it before but here I go again, keep your stuff where you use it! This basically means I have cleaning things in several places in our little house. The photo above shows the cleaning section of my broom cabinet in the kitchen. Here I keep the things I use to clean the upstairs and kitchen.


In a super narrow cabinet in the tiny upstairs bathroom there is just enough space for some cleaning products. I don't use the original packaging, but find smaller containers to fill instead. 


In a Muji container in the downstairs bathroom I also keep some. Again in smaller prettier containers than the original.


In the garage there is a wire shelving system and on the top shelf I keep old used dish clothes and scouring pads which I've laundered. I use them once more on garage projects, like wiping down newly sanded boards or cleaning the bike. After that I toss them. There are also some cleaning products there.


In the downstairs pantry I keep the bulk containers of cleaning products, a supply of scouring pads and dish washing brushes etc.

There you have it!

And the winner is...


Oh my gosh, you sure wanted the bags didn't you :) Over a hundred of you.

I had a little draw just now and both by strange coincidence will fly off to Florida, United States!


The winner of the turquoise one is Luisa. Ann, the other winner didn't specify which one she wanted so she gets the creamy white one.

I'll e-mail both of you to get your postal addresses. Congratulations!

Hidden outdoor storage


We are in the midst of an outdoor project which I'll show you more of when we're a little closer to finishing. Now it looks like a bomb hit the front of our garage entrance. Not  really something to be inspired by.

What I can show you though is a pretty clever, if I do say it myself, outdoor storage solution.


We have steps leading up to the front door. There was sort of a trellis there when we moved in but it was ugly, rickety and useless in terms of hiding stuff as the squares were about 8" (20cm). We built a new one with 2"(5 cm) squares. One side is fastened solidly underneath the steps but the other side is removable.


I simply drilled holes in some of the vertical pieces of the trellis and hammered fat nails into the 2x2's we attached under the steps. The pre-assembled trellis is hung on the nails.


Because the squares are so small you can't see what's hiding inside the space. We keep extra roof tiles, the slate tiles we're about to use in our project and a few other yard bits and  pieces in there. Its' easy to get to them but you don't have to look at them all the time.